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  1. She looks like the Joker. A 40 year old Joker.
  2. Does Emily have a personality? Aren't 24 year old blonds supposed to be fun and whorey? Your baby daddy died years ago, move on, witch.
  3. I've had just about enough of you goons talking bad about Chantel O.
  4. It's becoming really hard to feel special in here. It's just that, Nigel's been hurt before... and he looks stunning in that racing outfit.But it's like the rest of us are just standing around watching a thread between Pickles and Nigel. It's so stupid that I feel this way.
  5. Any ideas no how Michelle got her black eye? (or has this already been discussed?) BTW, she needs a sammich.
  6. Those look good. I wear low-rise, straight leg.
  7. Brad has terrible taste in swimming trunks. :confetti:
  8. Is there a video with just his jokes from the show?
  9. Hair Stylist reminds me of the crazy chick from The Bachelor Pad. The one with the bad boob job who had the boyfriend playing too. The one who teased Jake.Vampire chick is growing on me, Uncle Owen.Southern Belle :thumbup:Something really hot about the vampire. She looks like she's permanently on ludes.Agreed. I wasn't fond of the shtick at first, but now I imagine her playing tennins and speaking with a slight Russian accent.
  10. this was my strategy.. but after playing that demo I might be picking it up sooner than expected.20$ on Xbox 360. PS3 only It's worth every bit of the $60, especially since it comes with the 3 main DLC episodes included.I was not aware of this.
  11. Mass Effect 2 is coming out for PS3 next week. I really want to play it, but I'll wait for a price drop.
  12. the girl that got the first impression rose reminds me of Tenley.
  13. U.S. broadband getting smoked by S. Korea. I don't even know what 1 Gbps would look like.
  14. EA Sports Active 2 is no joke. They have some serious workouts to burn calories, improve flexibility and strength. It'd be good for some of you chubby couch-riding gamers.
  15. I agree that for superfight purposes, throwing GSP right into a title fight makes sense. But if GSP seriously want to move up a weigh class, he should earn the #1 contender spot. For what it's worth, on MMA Live, both Rashad Evans and Kenny Florian believe GSP would beat Silva.
  16. This was one of my favorite episodes in a while. More Zach and less Blossom please! Penny in the Wonder Woman costume.
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