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  1. After Week 1 I was glad I took a TE early (something I never normally do) since then it hasn’t worked out that well. Hope Waller comes on strong to finish the season
  2. It’s been so enjoyable to see this local kid make an NFL roster and then score his first TD Sunday. 8 targets 8 receptions for 104 yards on the season.
  3. Oddly enough in Week 7 I’ll just be down a DST and a K. My opponent is only losing Thielen.
  4. Mixon looks to be out. Evans may get some opportunities to shine. oops Mixon back in. Evans still could be the 3rd down back/receiver.
  5. For me no greatest song list of any length can exist without some ABB. https://youtu.be/yRDivUb5EeA
  6. 6 catches for 120 yards today. the entire game was played in pouring rain. Bell looked maybe a little rusty after being out of action but did make a couple of nice receptions on Purdue’s final drive. Only had one end zone target that I saw.
  7. Bell is still in concussion protocol. A game time decision today vs Minnesota.
  8. Brown is done for the day. Colts have been done in the red zone all season.
  9. I’m leaning towards starting him over AB vs LAR.
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