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  1. Brown is done for the day. Colts have been done in the red zone all season.
  2. Ray Lewis on the Week 2 show was the best guest segment yet imo. But a big part of the reason was Peyton busting on Eli about his miserable performance against the Ravens his rookie year.
  3. Got twisted up on a tackle was helped to his feet and has gone to the locker room
  4. He’s gone to the locker room. He was twisted up on a tackle but was helped up to his feet.
  5. Rams botch punt snap Colts TD recovery!
  6. Colts still in it. TD to Pascal and 2 pt conversion.
  7. How the Colts are only down by 4 at halftime is a mystery to me.
  8. But can’t get it in on 4 plays from the 1. 😡
  9. Colts out of the gate hot. 33 yards on first 3 plays.
  10. Ramsey pretty much shutdown DK in both games last season. That’s a proceed with caution matchup.
  11. I feel like he’s definitely a hold onto WR. Fortunately he’s on my benches as a bye week fill in or injury replacement.
  12. He’s been spreading it around. 7 different guys have receptions so far I think.
  13. Wentz 9 completions on 10 attempts so far.
  14. He’s standing on the sideline appears to be ok. I’m
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