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  1. Three months ago, I couldn't name a song by her (honest!). Today, I have become a fan, largely thanks to her two 2020 albums, Folklore and Evermore, both of which are tremendous. Some of her pop stuff is quite good as well. I can't get into to her early country stuff, but I get the appeal for others. Maybe I am fanboying already, but it feels like a lot of the criticism thrown her way over the years is unfair (not all of it, but a lot of it). She is a helluva lyricist, and seems to have a really good head on her shoulders. And yes, she is very easy on the eyes, which never hurts , but s
  2. She makes Frank Drebin sound like Freddie Mercury.
  3. Pretty average song until the guitar solo at the end, and even that is a major tease. Feels like he is just about to let her rip and then it fades out and just ends. Blah.
  4. So what you're saying is, the crowd is buying Trump's fake news, right?
  5. Yep, that is poor form. Even when we know what songs are coming, the courteous thing to do is to let their thread runner list them instead of playing spoiler.
  6. I thought this guy was still gonna be a stereo salesman when he was 50?
  7. Stone in Love is a great one. Definitely one of the five best songs Journey ever did. Big Styx fan, and I like Too Much Time on My Hands a lot, but it's one of those songs that I rarely have the urge to hear anymore. Still a great tune, just one I got burned out on years ago.
  8. Assuming the numbers Cowherd put up Friday are correct, here is how much of the cap the starting QB on recent Super Bowl winners have counted for on their teams. 2020 Brady 13.9% 2019 Mahomes 2.3% 2018 Brady 12.2% 2017 Foles 0.9% 2016 Brady 8.6% 2015 P Manning 11.6% 2014 Brady 10.6% 2013 Wilson 0.4% 2012 Flacco 6.6% 2011 E Manning 11.6% If Dak gets franchised, he will account for 20% of their cap space. In most cases, I have no problem with a player trying to get as much money as they can, but Dallas is out of their minds if they keep Dak and pay him that much
  9. I don't think he lost his mind; he knew the team needed a spark and ignited one when leaving the ice. I am zoning out on what team it was, but he did a similar thing in a game last season when the team looked lethargic. He started a pushing contest with an opposing player for seemingly no reason and the team woke up.
  10. I like plenty of songs that are high on the cheese factor, but that one...pass. "And without that pledge pin!"
  11. There is no way on God's green earth that there were 69 songs better than Unchained in 1981. Sidenote: there were four songs better than it on Fair Warning, but since Unchained was the only real hit from Fair Warning, I will doubt we will see the others unless Tim's moves the goal posts again on his deep cuts rule.
  12. It actually was his biggest hit ever, and did well at the time, but I think once his creativity dried up, it was easy for people to point to that video and say, "It ruined his career!" No, not writing any more good songs ruined his career.
  13. Same here! Starrider is the one of the few songs by them I will occasionally seek out on its own. I Want to Know What Love Is is blah, but I will admit to liking both Waiting for a Girl Like You and I Don't Want to Live Without You. They are nice ballads. As bad as that video is, it's still a damn good song.
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