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  1. This happened to me back in November, along with two co-workers. Another co-worker was home for two weeks after testing positive with COVID, so when three of us all had the sniffles, we were all sent home for the day and had to get the test and work from home (if we were up to it) until we got the negative test back. I spent the rest of the day (sent home around 11 am) trying to find a place to get the test and then got it, worked from home the next day, and by the following morning, I had gotten the negative test back, was feeling mostly fine and was back in the office. Good times.
  2. Who is Willie Mays? #wikkidpissahshtick
  3. I always liked the moments where the old school guys showed respect for the rules, like when Johnny Sack was letting Ralph vent to him about the Tony feud. He was more than willing to let him vent, but pushed back the instant Ralph said Tony wasn't leaving him a lot of options. Or later on when Tony was in the coma and Vito said how he wasn't thrilled about giving Tony's cut to Carmela in case he died and Phil advised against it. As hypocritical as all of those wise guys could be, I liked those moments of respecting the rules, even they all did bend them more than the Catholic Church.
  4. Okay, that is good to hear. Thanks for the clarification. And I am not convinced that "we" (the general we) have learned our lesson. I don't think Trump was the disease so much that he was a symptom, albeit a rough one, one that kicks your ### and makes you have diarrhea for weeks. The country has been off the rails for a while now with this reality nonsense. Heck, just look at how much the Kardashians are worth, and have they been a net positive to society in any real way? It was just a matter of time before "we" elected a reality star president, and I wouldn't be surprised to see an
  5. Honest question (leaving aside all of the nonsense since this post): do you think Trump should actually be banned from holding political office in the future? Because your post seems to indicate that you do. I, for one, hope neither Trump nor anyone in his family gets elected anywhere in this country again, but the idea of banning someone from even running in the future, on face value simply because we do not like them, goes against everything for which this country is supposed to stand.
  6. Johnny Sack was always one of my favorites. I have never watched the Melfi rape scene a second time. And never will.
  7. Chase made the right decision. That coda sounds kinda lame, and I think leaving it open-ended works better. Enough time had passed where it didn't matter what had happened to the Russian. What's funny is that was when the friction between Tony and Paulie began, which was all Paulie's fault yet he acted all pissy about it, and then started yapping to Johnny Sack. That was when Paulie started to become unlikable. It's still hilarious how badly he got played by Johnny Sack.
  8. While I agree in spirit, where does it end? I have no dog in the Columbus Day fight, but what's next, Christmas and Easter are lightning rods for non-believers, so do we do away with those as well? Thanksgiving, too, for obvious reasons?
  9. Leaning towards no. I don't think this is about money; it's about Rodgers, right or wrong, feeling like the organization has done him wrong and wanting to move on. Given his personality, I could see him retiring if they stand pat and refuse to trade him. Or they could fire the nimrod GM to placate him and keep him in GB. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.
  10. As much as I love hockey, it's an embarrassment to the NHL that Wilson is still allowed in the league. He should have been banned long before now.
  11. Yep. I saw that poll, which is once again based on an extremely small sample size, and I think it was like 30% or so of independents in the poll also think the election was stolen, which is scary if I actually believed it, but I don’t.
  12. On the one hand, that is a good point, but on the other hand, I find it hard to take anyone who is part of the Kardashian family seriously on matters of any importance. Agreed. Like you said, it seems like there is no one fair solution, and I think good points are being made from many all coming at it with different points of view.
  13. Understand. Here's hoping this is the start of a resurgence!
  14. I keep hearing that, but as long as the QB position is still in limbo, it is hard to get too excited about the team. I have zero confidence in Lock, and while Bridgewater is a solid starter who'd be an upgrade, his upside is limited.
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