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  1. Gotcha. Somehow, despite being very much an 80s guy, I never saw that one.
  2. About half of October is a bit of a blur for me, but it does have a few notable songs (none of which I do not believe we have seen yet here, so that is good). It is one of the few U2 albums that never gets full listens outta me anymore.
  3. Honest question: how and where is Pretty in Pink racially insensitive to Asians? I haven't seen that film in a while and cannot recall. I don't recall it objectifying women, although the character Steff (the villain of the film) certainly did.
  4. I think is a great take. The problem is you get this approach where they make a list of demands (which using that word in itself sounds too aggressive) and when they do not get all of them, they act like there is a war on them, and anyone who isn't in lock step with every little thing they want is viewed as "against us." I think most reasonable Americans would be on board with a reasonable list of things to help the progression of their rights in a fair society (which sounds a lot nicer than "demands"), but it seems like the approach far too often is what many would deem as unreasonable, and it hurts both their cause and their chances of acceptance on a broader scale.
  5. I was a huge fan of Sleep Like a Baby Tonight when Songs of Innocence first dropped. I still like it quite a bit, but wouldn't put it as high I would have a few years ago. Top 5 tune from that record.
  6. What is shocking to me is that the only true you-know-what stain on Songs of Experience has yet to show itself on this countdown. The fact that they played this late in the 2nd set on that tour is still one of the most baffling things ever. Seems like most fans did not care for it, and the live crowd was bored as hell until it mercifully ended. One of the few truly awful songs the band has done.
  7. Email was probably not in great taste, but offensive? Nah. I cannot imagine reporting something that minor to HR, but everyone has their own level of what offends them in 2021.
  8. Yowza. Red Flag Day was wildly popular with the U2 diehards on all of the sites when Songs of Experience came it. Seemed like it was a consensus top 3 pick from the album, and I was in that camp. I guess the "old U2 great, newer U2 bad" trend continues. Also, it is notable that the guitar riff that kicks off the song is nearly identical to the one from Taylor Swift's song I Knew You Were Trouble (that came out in 2012).
  9. Seems strange to have seen nothing so far from All That You Can't Leave Behind which is kinda top-heavy with some big duds, but such is the life. I like Crumbs from Your Table more than you guys seem to, I guess. That guitar lick is classic Edge, and there is a warmness to the song that is quite nice.
  10. Yeah, it's cute when some act like you change a significant play in a sporting event and then assume everything plays out exactly the same way.
  11. Vote for Biden again? I would say the odds of Biden running again in 2024 are slim to none.
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