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  1. Wow, the official was literally staring at the Chiefs LT blatantly holding the pass rusher on the edge so he couldn't get around to get to Mahomes and did nothing. Huge win for the Chargers.
  2. I am not really a DP fan, so I cannot speak about that, but I've been a Priest fan since the 90's and it is impressive for sure how well Halford's has held up considering his singing style. In fact, I saw them in '09, and he was struggling a bit then. He sounded far better last night.
  3. If you have a chance to see Judas Priest on their current 50th anniversary tour, do not hesitate. Rob Halford's voice is still in very good shape, and the set list is ridiculously good. Not a long show, but it will kick your a$$.
  4. Makes sense. The labeling can get tiresome. Karma talked earlier about it's supposedly always the right who talks about Maher now, but I wonder if that is really true or if he is just another one of those "what, you're not as left as me? Oh, okay, that makes you a rightie then!" peeps (and you can flip the script and some on the right are just as bad). It's maddening. It's like, instead of addressing the points, some would rather question the allegiance of the poster, which is usually a nice dodge, to get out of addressing the larger point.
  5. Nah, I think he is still pretty liberal. He is just a common sense one, not one off the reservation who subscribes to all of the far left overly emotional stuff. Many on the right have drifted pretty far right as well, so nowadays it comes off like anyone who isn't extreme must belong to the side (when the idea of there being only two sides is gross).
  6. Me In Honey is probably the reason I finally became a big R.E.M fan two years ago. I was at work and it was playing on the radio at work in the background, and I was like, damn this is a good song (I had never heard it before). I googled the lyrics right then and there, found out the name of it, and there begun my long-awaited deep dive into their discography after 30 years of liking a few of their hits, but not wanting to bother with anything else. Better late than never.
  7. Guerrero is a fraud. I am sure the GOAT coach really cares what a guy who was once busted for pretending to be a doctor thinks.
  8. Well, sure, but you make new fans along the way. My 14-year old niece loves Taylor. My 42-year old male cousin is a fan. I know a guy from NY who is mid 50's and has also become a big fan in the last year. Even if her core is what you say it is, and that might be the case, you do not stay as popular and relevant as she has for this long now without constantly picking up new fans.
  9. Not to my knowledge. Perhaps, but there is a general rock forum I go to (another forum!!), which is mostly men in their 30's and older, and there are quite a few Taylor fans there. That is what got me interested, as I kept seeing her name get mentioned like in threads about favorite lyricists or favorite songwriters of the 21st century, stuff like that, so I was like, hmmmm, I must be missing out on something. Turns out I was. Check out her two 2020 albums, Folklore and Evermore. Both are outstanding. They are not as immediate as her pop hits, but the more you listen, the more you get lost in that laid back vibe. There is almost no country or pop on those records, it's more like laid back folksy indie rock (but the records do not rock at all). And they are both brilliant lyrically. She gets crap for supposedly always writing about exes, and for sure she has written her share of those, but the lyrics on these two albums, while occasionally pulling from her own experiences, are mostly fictional narratives. I would also highly recommend her 2012 album, Red, which has the most variety of any of her own albums. She was (thankfully) drifting away from country, but there are still tinges of it at times. And she had gone full pop yet like she was on her next album, but there are songs where she starts to run in that direction. And there are songs that rock as well (not rock like Metallica rock, but more like U2 in the later 80's rock). The biggest hit off this album was her first number 1, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, which is a fairly silly song, so if that is the one you hear first, do not let it discourage. The opening five tracks are just one great song after another, culminating in what is probably her most loved song, All Too Well (this was her highest ranking song in that recent Rolling Stone 500 greatest songs list), which wasn't even a single or a hit. It is not too often where a hit maker's most popular song is a deep cut.
  10. If I had to somehow do a top 500 songs list, The Boys of Summer would be top 25. I am not even a huge solo Henley or Eagles fan, but that song is bleeping amazing.
  11. FYI, you can mark me down as another adult male who actively listens to Taylor Swift. I didn't start until last December, but her two 2020 albums are both fantastic and anyone who is a music fan should give them a listen. Also, go look up her sales over the years, especially of physical product. She moves more CDs and vinyl than just about anybody these days, and you don't do that by appealing to just teenage girls (which is the stereotype). People of all kinds listen to Ms. Swift. Get on board, there is plenty of room.
  12. As is its sister, Evermore. I still spin both regularly.
  13. One bad week and people are bailing already? Yikes. He has had 17 target in two weeks, had a double digit Week 1 in PPR, and Lawrence is likely to improve as the season goes on. He has hold written all over him, not drop.
  14. The problem there is he could easily hold out if you franchise him too many times. We are seeing that more, where players get ticked off when franchised too many times. On the flip side, it looks like he hurt himself a little on that stupid flip on the winning TD. Sounds like he is just sore and will be fine to play, but a QB needs to have better sense than to hurl himself like that and risk getting injured just for the sake of showing off. That kind of judgment makes me pause a bit with him.
  15. He did a great job on Sex and the City (very good show, especially early on in its run). He was also great in his limited role in There's Something About Mary ("You're a bleeping liar!"). R.I.P.
  16. Hey now, the 35 people in the world who bought albums by the Velvet Underground when they were actually a band are loyal, so be nice.
  17. I disagree. Even if his career isn't as long because of his style, you maximize your chances of winning with him now. He will never be a great passer, but he is as good a playmaker as there is in the league right now. He is not a conventional QB, but he makes plays and wins A LOT. The Ravens would be wise to pay him.
  18. Gutsy call and win by the Ravens. Nice work. I don't care how great Mahomes is, the Chiefs are not winning the Super Bowl this season with that crappy defense.
  19. Maybe, but with Mahomes and their ability to score at will, I don't want him getting hurt on some fluke play cause the center hiked the ball over his head. Let him avoid a hit from a bad or twisted ankle, give the 2 points, and live to fight another down.
  20. Call me crazy, but Mahomes should just kick the ball backwards for a safety, no? Better than chancing an injury be getting hit in a weird position when trying to pick it up quickly and throw it away. Now you will punt and they are all but in FG range most likely, so give them the 2 and punt it deep. With the Chiefs offense, you can afford to lose 2 points rather than risking your all-world QB getting hurt.
  21. Collinsworth prepping his excuse for Lamar again, as he was in full blown apologist mode from the start.
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