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  1. The sales since the reveal have been brisk. One sold for 60 eth another for 50 eth. 60 eth = $210,000. Some others for 30+. Still haven't looked at mine.
  2. I think they're just following the basic nft pattern. There's hype right before and after the drop that inflates the price. Then after that period the floor drops. Then it usually takes a month or two to get the NFT's out of the paper hands and the floor starts to rise. Autograph/draftkings haven't even released the info yet about what these things entitle you to. They haven't released any info about future drops. DK is trying to corner the market on these things. They look all in on sports NFT's. Have to give it some time.
  3. Are you looking on Metamask desktop? For some reason you have to manually input tokens on desktop. It's a glitch. They show up right away on mobile though.
  4. I held. The Meka's were revealed this morning so the floor drop was expected. It's 4.9 eth. Not too bad. Expect it to rise to around 6 in a few weeks. I have not looked at my revealed Mekas yet. Afraid to look.
  5. These suckers are at a whopping 8 eth floor. Reveal postponed until Tuesday. If they rise above 10 before reveal I think I'd be crazy not to sell one.
  6. Is the learning curve on the Ledger any issue? Have you had any problems with it? Do you store your NFT's in it?
  7. A mysterious old man hands you two boxes. He says "At this moment, each box is worth $20,000. You can decide to cash one or both of them in right now and I'll give you $20,000 for one or $40,000 for the both. You also have the option of not cashing in one or both in which case I will return some time in the not so distant future with a new and unique offer for each box that you still possess. For example, if you held on to both there is a chance my future offer will be something like $2,000 for one box and $4,000 for the other. Maybe I will offer close to the same amount I am offering now. There is a small chance I may offer you $100,000 for one of them and maybe even more, or less, for the other. There is even a much smaller chance I will offer you a million dollars or more for the right box. I'm not exactly sure what I will offer when I return but right now I'll give you $20,000 for one or $40,000 for the both. You can sell one and hold one if you like, or sell both, or hold both." - Assume that it is 100% definite that the man will return and make another offer if you do not sell now. - If you hold one or both boxes the lowest offer the man will make upon returning is $1,000 per box. - Both boxes are worth exactly the same amount right now but once the man leaves the prices of each box could fluctuate greatly. If you cash one box right now in you may be cashing in the box that could have wildly increased in value upon the man's return. - You can not look inside the boxes unless you decide to hold on to them. After the man leaves you can open them and see what is inside. At that time you may or may not see something valuable inside (and thus be able to anticipate what the man's offer will be when he returns). WWYD?
  8. I have about 20 other nft's that could all do well but I don't think any of them have close to this kind of potential. I kind of got in this nft game hoping for a moonshot and now I have two. I feel like I'm 55-45 hold both. Friends irl are split. It's a fun problem to have I guess but I'm really torn. Having them not be revealed yet is what really makes it a tough decision. Reveal is sunday or monday so still have some time to think it over.
  9. Appreciate the response. I'm trying to figure out what I could live with. Holding both and floor drops i would just lock them away long term. But if I sold one and it was a rare I would be so upset. Then again I would feel like an idiot to have this free money just sitting there and not taking it when i could. This is like a real life episode of Let's Make a Deal!
  10. Am I nuts for not selling one of these things right now? Floor is 6 eth. Can lock in a $20k profit and still have one to sweat for the reveal. Have to think post reveal the floor will drop for the non-rares. Or just lock them away and hold long term? What would you do?
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