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  1. I never played tag in my life but the object here is pick what you think will be the most popular answer. https://giphy.com/gifs/NFL-football-nfl-l3vRidFeUca8QZ9Be
  2. Has to be this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AjkUyX0rVw
  3. It's too bad it's his right leg and ankle that was injured. Not the preferred leg to be hurt for a right handed golfer. Without knowing the exact areas and severity of the ankle fractures it's impossible to predict if he can recover sufficiently enough to play on tour again. One thing is for sure, he'll get the best care money can buy. Haven't heard anything about his back so assuming he didn't further injure the area where he had surgery it could be a positive that now he'll have extra time for that to heal. Athletes return to contact sports after gruesome bone breaks all the time, granted he
  4. Doesn't look good. He's driving a tournament car so maybe he wasn't used to it? Early a.m., car is going faster than he thinks and going down a hill he loses control? Best you can hope for with multiple leg injuries/surgery is a few clean breaks and rods being inserted. Hope he plays again.
  5. Unscented soap = hands smell clean. Scented soap = hands smell like inside of a cab.
  6. I, of course, only buy unscented but about a year ago I mistakenly purchased something called Marula Oil scent because it looked just like unscented. Made me crazy for hours because i couldn't figure out where the horrible chemical smell was coming from. Threw that stuff out the second the mystery was solved. Took a day to get the stench off my hands too. Anybody that buys scented hand soap =
  7. I agree but with Congress moving to impeach and with more moving to distance themselves from him he may feel these people who stormed the Capitol are all he has left. On top of that it would be a final FU to all who didn't bow down to him. It's already been reported he almost instantly regretted releasing the taped message denouncing the violence. If there was a way to pardon all of them with the exception of whoever was responsible for the death of the police officer my guess is he would be at least considering a blanket pardon.
  8. Was the state department website hacked? https://www.state.gov/biographies/donald-j-trump/
  9. With a flurry of pardons coming in this final week and half of the Trump presidency I'm curious if the forum believes Trump will issue a blanket pardon for everyone involved in the Capitol riots. Taken from this site
  10. Question for the experts: What's the best bourbon I can buy for about $100? I usually stick to Buffalo Trace or sometimes Basil Hayden's but want to bump it up for New Years. Any advice appreciated.
  11. Any Bills homer know who Tre'Davious is going to cover today? The touts don't seem to know or care.
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