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  1. They said I had to verify my account. I've been playing of DK for years so I don't know why it was suddenly an issue.
  2. They said i had to upload my license. I've been on draftkings for years and was never asked this.
  3. I sent a note to support. Only selling for about 2x so no big deal but imagine if it was the $1500 tiger? I'd be catatonic.
  4. I got to the page to buy one, got a message saying there was a problem with my account and wouldn't let me buy one. So pissed! BOOO
  5. https://www.wthr.com/article/news/verify/no-the-cdcs-vaers-database-does-not-show-thousands-of-people-have-died-from-covid-19-vaccines-coronavirus/531-952c2b9c-8b99-48cf-9b9a-ead716781b67
  6. Gretzky Carbon signed have been selling last few days a little over $2500. I say these will be higher than that. Maybe 5k?
  7. I was 3200 for the $25. Looks like good early resale value on the Jeter's. 10-15 times the original price for the 1st two.
  8. Cantlay has just been unbelievable. What can you say?
  9. Lance. I took him very high in 2 superflex leagues and am concerned he doesn't start at any point this year if the Niners roll out of the gate. Outside of a couple of wow plays, I thought he struggled during the preseason. Legit chance he sits this year outside of a few packages per week. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. I'm trying to buy my first one today but gas prices too high right now. The NFT is $128 but the gas is $200+. Hope it goes down soon because I really want and need that cartoon teddy bear picture!
  11. I'm trying to buy my first NFT today but gas prices are so high. Do they come down at a certain time of day? or is it just random?
  12. Thanks for all of the suggestions. We bought this one. Will let you know.
  13. Should be able to at least double your money on these today.
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