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  1. Maybe this comes across as whining. If so....oh well. I'm the poster that wrote the email. Obviously this is my alias. If this post "exposing" that (not that it would be hard to figure out) results in this username being TO'd as well, so be it. See ya'll in a month. IMO, using my email as an example (while not giving me the courtesy of a direct response first.....or at all) is pretty disrespectful. You also left out the first part of the email, which I think is relevant to the conversation. In no way was I attempting to "big time" you with a "do you know who I
  2. Just make sure you don't compare Kyle kuzma's new look to Ellen Degeneres. They don't like that here....
  3. Starting to see more and more mocks where the Patriots land Fields or Lance (either through a trade up or just staying at 15) So yeah....pretty much my worst nightmare. And yes, Todd from Utah is back again for another month. Just in time for the draft.
  4. Man, this weekend was such a grind. I just can't seem to put the whole game together for one round. There's always one part of my game that isn't quite on (or I play great on one side and poorly on the other). Last year, my "good rounds" were in the 87-88 range with my "bad rounds" up around 92-93. I've posted 8 rounds since the 1st (first day of posting here in NJ) and all but one have been in the 85-88 range (had one 93 over 2 combined days where I was just awful). Its nice to feel like I played "badly" and still shoot an 88. Like yesterday, I started off 6-6 on our first 2 holes
  5. Maybe I just live in my own little world, but for the life of me....I have NO idea why anyone would rent their car out for 25 bucks a day (which presumably is split with Turo) Thankfully I'm in a position in life where 20 bucks doesn't make or break my day, but the whole concept is just strange to me. The upside is....$20 bucks? The downside is someone wrecks (or even just scratches) your car and then you need to spend all the time and effort to work the situation out. (even though it looks like Turo provides insurance) I was just curious and looked on the website and some dude in L
  6. Yeah, once you have a maxed out psyonic soldier and a few key skills and pieces of gear, the end game is mostly a victory lap if you know what you're doing. The sniper rifle you get from killing the chosen hunter makes most missions a joke. Still fun though
  7. WFT tagged Scherff. Not ideal for the Jets if they're looking to go after Thuney.
  8. Sucks that she was fired (and happy she already has other offers) but they're not being unreasonable, IMO. Its nice that they've allowed her to take a week off in the middle of the term every year, but for a teacher/educator.....its not unreasonable for them to deny it. (especially given the current circumstances) It kinda seems like that's what summer and spring break are for. I would agree that they're sort of cutting their nose in this situation (in that its a very challenging job that I can't imagine will be easy to fill) , but as others have pointed out, the school would catch a
  9. You're preaching to the choir here, my friend. Jacksonville was running Mike Glennon out there. That's all you needed to know. Not saying that Minshew is any good, but his ability to make plays out of nothing made him a much better option for a team with little talent that was trying to win. Of course, they WEREN'T trying to win, which was smart. The whole situation just sucked. And every day, some other member of the media was talking about how the Jets shouldn't tank and how "you play to win" and all that stuff. Funny how you NEVER hear that in other seasons when other teams
  10. Franchise tag for Maye. I dont hate it. The guy turns 29 tomorrow and they dont want to be in a bidding war without a safety net. (no pun intended) I'm cool with kicking the can down the road for a year if they can't come to a reasonable 3 year deal. The number is only $10.5M. I figured his annual average over a 3-5 year deal would be at least that. So this is just smart business.
  11. One of the weaknesses of the show is it seems like they're incapable of doing character development AND plot development at the same time. Its like they can't figure out how to flesh out the characters without an entire episode of flashbacks. Part of that is due to the size of the cast and the nature of the world they built, but it still hurts the show. By next week, I'll have completely forgotten what happened in the last "normal" episode. I know there had some speculation online that Daryl's character was gay (or asexual). This LIKELY puts an end to that theory, but they never
  12. A bunch of old, rich, European white men being racist certainly isn't a big leap to take. And I'm not sure I buy that things of this "importance" (the denial of titles and the benefits that come with them) COULDN'T possibly happen without the Queen signing off. She's 94 years old. But I do think the whole thing came off very choreographed. Some of Oprah's reactions were fairly hilarious (not the allegations she was reacting to, but just the facial expressions and exasperation) and right or wrong....Meghan's sincerity will always be scrutinized. She's an actress, after all. Every word, i
  13. I doubt this interview is going to help that.
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