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  1. https://theathletic.com/2344557/2021/01/25/caden-clark-rb-leipzig-mls/ As expected Clark is moving to Leipzig once he turns 18. 2-3M does seem really low though. I get why other clubs might be annoyed, as there's obviously shared ownership between the 2 clubs.
  2. Yeah....at first listen, the fan in me wants to be like "well, why should money be the main motivation?". But then I snap back to reality that this is a business and most of the guys dont have a very long time to earn. And if they're earning a lot, and not named Trumaine Johnson, the odds are that they're performing pretty well. So its a win-win. And at the end of the day A) its not MY money and B) players generally make around what they're worth in a hard capped league, so whatever. I'm trying very hard not to get too excited about the Watson situation. At the end of the day, i still ju
  3. Yes, I am VERY much looking forward to making this trip some day soon. I unfortunately dont have any real serious golfing friends (play fairly regularly with a handful of guys at my club, but wouldn't consider them "friends", at least not the kind I'd take a trip with) so my dad, brother and I are trying to find a way to make it work. The courses just look like an incredible experience. I do worry that I wouldn't play especially well (I'm like a 12-13 handicap at this point and tend to lose confidence when I'm not familiar with the course I'm playing on,especially off the tee) but I'd hav
  4. Ah yeah....I remember hearing tessmans name before. Ok,that's something that might be interesting
  5. excited to watch the match, but I don't like that group of midfielders AT ALL. I'm sure Lleget and Yuell will play (and be fine against this level of competition) but the rest? Bleh. Hopefully they play a formation that allows them to get more guys from the forward pool on the field. Excited to see Dike and more out of Mueller. I assume Nips will play as well. I know that Ferriera hasn't been super bright this year, but he's still young, so I hope he gets some opportunities.
  6. Not a lawyer, but generally, they're not enforceable. (at least in my limited experience. Obviously it will depend on language and jurisdiction) Also, even trying to put one on a kid straight out of college just seems really weird and incredibly punitive. Its not he's some high level executive (who might be poached and bring trade secrets) or in an industry where he could take clients with him if he left (I work in insurance and we see this a lot with producers/sales people. Agencies dont want them to leave and take their book of business with them, which is reasonable) I get tryin
  7. Unfortunately, even though one of the main reasons I buy it is now gone (or will be soon), the price of my Direct TV package certainly wont go down at all (now that NBC sports dies) That's the part that pisses me off. They've been milking the customers for decades and now that we have the technology to push back a little bit, they split everything you want to watch over multiple different package tiers, streaming services, etc and just milk us even more. I have like 25 channels I watch (and that might even be generous). In order to get those 25 channels, I have to buy like 300. And
  8. https://twitter.com/cnnbrk/status/1352727151947231232 Maybe if you didn't put half the decent games on ####in Peacock, this wouldn't be necessary. Unfortunately, I'm guessing this probably means MORE games on Peacock. Quickly losing interest in the EPL as a result.
  9. Jeff Ulbrich announced as DC, will call the plays on that side of the ball. A little underwhelming
  10. Watching the Saleh intro presser. They've fixed the reporting structure.... HC--> GM---> Owner So that's a win already.
  11. Morris out of the January camp. No reason given. Seems likely to be related to the reported Swansea move. Good for him. Hope it works out and he can take another step.
  12. Yeah, I'm sure Williams' feelings were hurt when Tiger dumped him (and if you believe Steve's side from the documentary, it was pretty lame to fire him) .....but the guy made $12 Million dollars on his bag. If Tiger just cut him off with no communication for no reason....jerk move. But still......$12 Million dollars to carry his bag, read a few putts and give him some encouraging words every once in a while. Unless the guy banged your wife, just be thankful and keep your mouth shut.
  13. Yeah, I sort of thought the same thing. Then they showed a picture of them together at the end that didn't look especially "familiar" (It looked like every picture you see a celebrity taking with a non-celeb). So yeah, who knows. I didn't think it was a hatchet job either. I thought it was fair. Other than the whole story with Earl and his friend banging chicks in a Winnebago at the golf course while Tiger practiced, I didn't really learn anything new. They obviously went out of their way to reinforce the idea that Elin wasn't a gold digger and that she truly loved Tiger. I still do
  14. so yeah.......we're playing trinidad in 12 days
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