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  1. Maybe this comes across as whining. If so....oh well. I'm the poster that wrote the email. Obviously this is my alias. If this post "exposing" that (not that it would be hard to figure out) results in this username being TO'd as well, so be it. See ya'll in a month. IMO, using my email as an example (while not giving me the courtesy of a direct response first.....or at all) is pretty disrespectful. You also left out the first part of the email, which I think is relevant to the conversation. In no way was I attempting to "big time" you with a "do you know who I am???" mentality. Not sure why you took it that way. I was merely trying to provide some context for my frustration. My frustration is not with the "change" we've seen in the forums.(in terms of what is and isn't allowed) It wasn't even with the suspensions themselves (The PSF is volatile, so my language wasn't great. My Kuzma joke the other day could certainly be considered offensive to some...at the very least, the individual who felt the need to report me). My frustration was that....by simply banning posters without any sort of warning or explanation (not that I couldn't figure out why I was banned) you're essentially saying that...in your mind.....our years of supporting your business and helping you build this community (which, whether you accept it or not.....helps drive your business) dont even justify spending 30 seconds to send a PM saying "hey, that's not appropriate. Please knock it off". I think there's a difference between expecting "special treatment" and hoping for a little leeway when you make a small mistake at a business that you've patronized for DECADES. I know not to expect that now. I'll adjust my behavior accordingly (regardless of what name I post under) and as I said....I'll be voting with my wallet. My business clearly isn't valued, so I'll respectfully take it elsewhere. TLEF
  2. Just make sure you don't compare Kyle kuzma's new look to Ellen Degeneres. They don't like that here....
  3. Starting to see more and more mocks where the Patriots land Fields or Lance (either through a trade up or just staying at 15) So yeah....pretty much my worst nightmare. And yes, Todd from Utah is back again for another month. Just in time for the draft.
  4. Man, this weekend was such a grind. I just can't seem to put the whole game together for one round. There's always one part of my game that isn't quite on (or I play great on one side and poorly on the other). Last year, my "good rounds" were in the 87-88 range with my "bad rounds" up around 92-93. I've posted 8 rounds since the 1st (first day of posting here in NJ) and all but one have been in the 85-88 range (had one 93 over 2 combined days where I was just awful). Its nice to feel like I played "badly" and still shoot an 88. Like yesterday, I started off 6-6 on our first 2 holes (2 of the easiest on the course) and didn't make a par until the 6th hole.(a really nice 2 putt after a bad drive) I was fighting the driver on the front 9 and just could not make a putt all day. Ended up going 44 on the front (good score for me is a 40) and 44 on the back despite having to re-tee on 13 (yanked by drive OB). Had multiple lipouts and like 5 edge burners and just a horrible 3 putt on the last hole. I just feel like I've got a low 80's round coming (my personal best is an 82, which I think I've done like 3x). One of these days the putts are going to drop. The only wrinkle here is that our greens obviously haven't fully sped up yet. So that could create a wider range of results on days when my touch is off (or I short-side myself)
  5. Maybe I just live in my own little world, but for the life of me....I have NO idea why anyone would rent their car out for 25 bucks a day (which presumably is split with Turo) Thankfully I'm in a position in life where 20 bucks doesn't make or break my day, but the whole concept is just strange to me. The upside is....$20 bucks? The downside is someone wrecks (or even just scratches) your car and then you need to spend all the time and effort to work the situation out. (even though it looks like Turo provides insurance) I was just curious and looked on the website and some dude in LA is willing to rent out his Lambo for $320. It looks like Turo takes 25%. If you have the means to own a Lambo (and presumably dont need it all that often, as you're renting it out) why do you need $240 so badly?
  6. Yeah, once you have a maxed out psyonic soldier and a few key skills and pieces of gear, the end game is mostly a victory lap if you know what you're doing. The sniper rifle you get from killing the chosen hunter makes most missions a joke. Still fun though
  7. Golloday NOT tagged. Hes my top choice. Guy is a stud.
  8. WFT tagged Scherff. Not ideal for the Jets if they're looking to go after Thuney.
  9. Sucks that she was fired (and happy she already has other offers) but they're not being unreasonable, IMO. Its nice that they've allowed her to take a week off in the middle of the term every year, but for a teacher/educator.....its not unreasonable for them to deny it. (especially given the current circumstances) It kinda seems like that's what summer and spring break are for. I would agree that they're sort of cutting their nose in this situation (in that its a very challenging job that I can't imagine will be easy to fill) , but as others have pointed out, the school would catch a ton of #### if she came back from an overseas trip with COVID and transferred it to students. I dont necessarily AGREE with their stance (about denying the time off) but I understand it. As others have said, you're essentially taking 3 weeks off at that point (if they insist on a 2 week quarantine) not 1. Sucks, but that's the reality right now. Reminds me of a woman I used to work with (not saying your wife is like this, just reminds me of the story). Her name was Bernice. It was my first job out of school and one of my colleagues was an African American woman in her late 50's/early 60's. She was very close to retirement and not especially great at her job (mostly just due to not caring so much, due to her upcoming retirement). Mid-december to early January is the busiest time of the year for our industry. Every team has to coordinate time off to make sure there is adequate coverage for any particular day/week. (even if you get your work done, deals can go South quickly. So someone needs to be there to adjust things) People can still take off (and a lot do during the X-mas to NYE week) but you have to have cover and some years, you dont get to take many days. Usually its something like "well, I took the whole week last year, so maybe this year I only get to take 1 day". Bernice....... did not subscribe to this theory. Every year, on ~December 18th or so, she would head down to South Carolina to spend 2 weeks with her extended family. Never put in for the time....never asked.....just left that afternoon (and made a BIG show of it... "BYE Y'ALL. SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!!!!!") and didn't come back until the new year. Our boss (a white guy of around the same age) was TERRIFIED of her personally (she had a short temper) and terrified of any sort of racial blowback (Not sure if this was real or imagined. I dont remember her ever playing the race card) so he just let it happen. None of us liked having to cover for her, but seeing our boss (who nobody liked all that much) so brow-beaten and demoralized as she strolled out the door every year was worth having to do ~20% of her work for the holidays.
  10. You're preaching to the choir here, my friend. Jacksonville was running Mike Glennon out there. That's all you needed to know. Not saying that Minshew is any good, but his ability to make plays out of nothing made him a much better option for a team with little talent that was trying to win. Of course, they WEREN'T trying to win, which was smart. The whole situation just sucked. And every day, some other member of the media was talking about how the Jets shouldn't tank and how "you play to win" and all that stuff. Funny how you NEVER hear that in other seasons when other teams were crapping the bed. The media LOVES having the Jets as a punching bag.
  11. There's simply no chance the Jets are that lucky. None.
  12. Franchise tag for Maye. I dont hate it. The guy turns 29 tomorrow and they dont want to be in a bidding war without a safety net. (no pun intended) I'm cool with kicking the can down the road for a year if they can't come to a reasonable 3 year deal. The number is only $10.5M. I figured his annual average over a 3-5 year deal would be at least that. So this is just smart business.
  13. One of the weaknesses of the show is it seems like they're incapable of doing character development AND plot development at the same time. Its like they can't figure out how to flesh out the characters without an entire episode of flashbacks. Part of that is due to the size of the cast and the nature of the world they built, but it still hurts the show. By next week, I'll have completely forgotten what happened in the last "normal" episode. I know there had some speculation online that Daryl's character was gay (or asexual). This LIKELY puts an end to that theory, but they never REALLY showed them hooking up.
  14. A bunch of old, rich, European white men being racist certainly isn't a big leap to take. And I'm not sure I buy that things of this "importance" (the denial of titles and the benefits that come with them) COULDN'T possibly happen without the Queen signing off. She's 94 years old. But I do think the whole thing came off very choreographed. Some of Oprah's reactions were fairly hilarious (not the allegations she was reacting to, but just the facial expressions and exasperation) and right or wrong....Meghan's sincerity will always be scrutinized. She's an actress, after all. Every word, inflection and facial expression just seemed very carefully orchestrated to me. And as for Harry....it certainly wouldn't be the first time a guy got whipped by his hot wife and turned his back on his family. Being royal doesn't prevent that from happening if the circumstances are right. Mental health, suicide and allegations of racism (against a then unborn child no less. Awful) are nothing to dismiss lightly. So if its all true, shame on the people that drove them to this. I found it interesting to watch last night but I probably wont give it another thought once this thread falls off the front page. Doesn't affect my life at all and I dont really have a strong opinion on it one way or another. At the end of the day, just hope everyone's happy. The Royal family "losing" Harry means basically diddly squat. He was never gonna be king anyway, so its just one less smiling noble that they can trot around to drum up interest in their causes. I think they'll get over it.
  15. I doubt this interview is going to help that.
  16. Oh, Jordan is an absolute wreck. He's openly flabbergasted every time he hits a shot and it doesn't work out exactly how it hoped. I mean....he's basically like all of us, so I certainly dont hate him for it. But it cant be conducive to winning. At this point, him freaking out and choking is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  17. Basically this. Everything has to be JUST SO with this guy, so I assumed that when push came to shove (in a tournament that REALLY mattered) he'd fall apart the first time his little world got shook up a little bit. But he didn't. He won the US Open and he's kept on winning, so good for him. I do think its gonna be hilarious (although annoying, because obviously I root for us) 2 years from now when he plays his next Ryder Cup in Europe. You think they tweeked the course to hurt the American style of play in Paris? Next time around, the fairway is gonna be 10 yards wide once you get 320 yards from the tee. Rough up to his shoulders.
  18. Yeah, her whole persona just seems fake and manipulative. But the idea of a royal family in 2021 is beyond stupid, so good for her. Are they totally cut off financially? I find that hard to believe.
  19. So apparently they got 7 million dollars for the interview. Insane
  20. I'll never get over how thick the rough is on tour. It's insane
  21. So I've been a bit lax on the rower the last couple of months after a strong start in October-December. (this is TLEF by the way....for 1 more week until my absurd 2+ month TO is over) Work was busy and I had a couple of minor injuries and probably a little bit of seasonal depression. But I'm back at it again and trying to use Asensei to ramp back up and keep my workout fresh. I started with the Eric Murray beginner program and it seems pretty clear that despite the break I took, its probably just too casual for me. Even turning the damper settings up to like a 6, I just can't force myself to go SLOW enough at the start of the ladder workouts. Going less than 26 strokes per minute is a total snooze fest. So I struggle to stay at that pace unless i barely pull on the handle at all. Any sort of drive at all and there's just no way I'm going less than 26 (let alone 20). So I can get through like 3/4 of the workout without any effort at all. I think part of it is that Murray is much taller than me (I'm 5'11 and he's like 6'5) so he's got a lot longer to go. So I guess my question is....does it get hard enough that its gonna be worth it or should I just jump to one of the other plans on the ap? I honestly just have no idea how he goes so slow on the way down. It feels like he's recovering FOREVER. No matter how hard I try, I'm back at the bottom of the stroke in like half the time he is. I'm sure part of is experience and core stability/practice, but to me, its just going REALLY slow. Tall guys suck.
  22. The original is easily in my top 5 favorite comedies....maybe #1. I was worried it was going to be awful, as Murphy really hasn't been funny in quite some time. Plus, I can't stand Leslie Jones and I feel like Tracy Morgan is just too much to take some times. But I really liked it. Its not laugh out loud funny all the way through, but I thought it was well done and there were definitely some laughs. They brought back nearly everyone who is alive (looks like the woman who played the queen died back in 95) and there were some good cameos as well. Obviously nothing revolutionary with the plot, but definitely some laughs and I think it did the original justice. edit: Not surprisingly, the reviews are pretty awful and everyone is harping on the stereotypes and lack of social awareness. It must be real hard to be someone who can't laugh at anything.
  23. Yeah, similar story. If I finish a round with a ball, it inevitably gets lost early the next day. My course has multiple forced carries and all the holes are mostly split up by pretty dense woods or the edge of the property. So there really aren't any "miss it WAY right and just hit from the opposite fairway". If you lose one, its over a fence or into the woods and its gone. The worst is when I take out a brand new ball and then within or 2 holes I hit a tree or rock or cart path and get some sort of huge mark on it. Big and/or deep enough that there's no way its just cosmetic and would likely affect ball flight. I have a bucket in my garage with probably 75 nearly brand new looking Chrome softs....except for the giant black mark it picked up from hitting the cart path.
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