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  1. I can definitely relate. A few years ago I was at a baseball game between two teams I didn't care about. The visiting team hit a bunch of home runs, and the fans dutifully threw the balls back on the field. My first thought was that if that happened to me at Comerica, I wouldn't feel any obligation to throw the ball back. My second thought was that I also wouldn't care enough about the ball to keep it. 😀 I was 14 when Bird stole the ball from Isiah in the Eastern Conference Finals. Short of the deaths of family members, I don't think I've ever been as inconsolable as I was at that moment.
  2. My 79-year-old father just survived 10 days in the hospital with COVID. Four years ago he had another near-death experience when he came down with encephalitis. Dad was born and raised in Detroit, and even though I grew up in New Jersey, somehow he raised my brothers and me to be Lions fans (thanks a LOT, Dad!) If the Lions made the Super Bowl, I would move heaven and earth to get him tickets and go with him. And if I couldn't, I would fly to wherever he was so we could watch together. Honestly, it's a nice feeling to close my eyes and imagine it happening, especially after what
  3. I know we have the draft coming up and all, but if you'll all indulge me just a few minutes for something completely unrelated to the Lions, this Jeff Daniels tribute to Al Kaline is absolutely beautiful: "My hero died today, along with a little bit of me."
  4. Since he can play multiple positions and the Lions have a lot of holes to fill, it makes perfect sense. If you need to fill multiple holes, it definitely helps to have one of those ... I meant a player like Simmons, not what @Ilov80s was referring to!
  5. Good point. I was thinking more Lions : NFL playoffs :: Socialists : US elections
  6. Geography aside, wouldn't it kind of be appropriate if he were a Lions fan?
  7. Yeah, I thought that was a stretch. He says it's Patricia because he was the one who came up with the game plan to slow down the Rams that the rest of the league has since copied. Of course, the Lions gave up 30 points and lost that game, so
  8. In possibly more encouraging news, Bill Barnwell identifies the Lions as one of five teams best positioned to be next year's version of the Niners. You can read the whole thing at the link, but here are the bullet points:
  9. Posts like this make me want to petition the mods to add an angry response button alongside Like, Thanks, Love and Laughing. Guess I'll just have to settle for this: Amazing to think that the Lions were perfectly positioned to take both DeMarcus Lawrence and Donald but instead ended up with Charles Rogers and Ebron. And this isn't 20/20 hindsight; everyone at the time was saying they should have made those picks. As for Sherman, I can't argue with his logic.
  10. I was ready to dismiss this "Tua to the Lions" speculation as crazy message-board talk, but I guess now it has support from the physical manifestation of NFL conventional wisdom, Peter King:
  11. It makes you realize in retrospect how lucky the Cowboys got with Dak (especially given that they only took him after missing out on Paxton Lynch and Connor Cook). So the Lions just need to draft a late-round QB who becomes the surprise starter. Instead, they got Blough.
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