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  1. I got that wrong...lol. I was thrown off by Dom the traffic cop saying he looked nothing like his license picture. Overall a pretty fantastic, trippy conclusion to the series. This series goes down as one of my all-time favorites. Amazing acting, great variety of storytelling and excellent use of music. Going to really miss it.
  2. So still about 50 minutes left but I guess he really is Tyrell?
  3. Seems like odd timing for a debate, most people are quickly going to tune out politics and focus on the holidays. The first hour was a snooze, be interesting to see how many people tuned in. Warren and Sanders need to make a deal and one needs to drop out and support the other. Right now they are just bleeding off support from each other.
  4. Jack is subbing at my son’s school and all the teachers love him. We are in RI and apparently he moved here because he is dating Elizabeth who is from our hometown.
  5. Would you pass up a lap dance from her?
  6. Went down to a 15-year loan recently, locked in a 3.0% and pretty pumped about it. Meeting with my financial advisor in January to see what it would take to pay off in 8 years as that is when my oldest goes off to college.
  7. She is hot and as such deserves everyone’s support.
  8. So the vast majority of Americans would have supported censure. I sense it would have been truly bipartisan. I might be wrong but I think Democrats are going to regret not going that route.
  9. Which article of impeachment they just passed was bribery?
  10. I’m having a really hard time seeing how Trump isn’t re-elected if the Senate acquits him. The economy is roaring and if somehow Warren or Sanders is against him in the General I can’t see how they win on a platform of transformational change at a time of historically low unemployment. I really like Mayor Pete but the progressives hate him and I don’t see how Biden inspires the base. Seems beyond belief and a lot can change in 11 months but amazingly Trump is in great shape to win again.
  11. Sam better not LOST ending this or I’m going to be really pissed. Looking forward to his new show, my type of quirky.
  12. You can make that argument all day long but it is irrelevant to the fact that there is bipartisan support against impeachment. Overall, that is a tough position for Democrats to defend and it becomes a winning argument for Republicans. Right or wrong, politically I think you will see that play out as overall support for impeachment will continue to erode over the holidays.
  13. National polls will actually mean something if we ever have a national primary but since we don’t they are meaningless
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