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  1. For sure. They also weren't sending help for Butler/Harris till later in the series. Simmons certainly played Kawhi tough, not knocking that part of his game. It's the other end where he cripples the team.
  2. Sure. But in this scenario they're going from basically nothing from Simmons to CJ averaging 20+ and spacing the floor for Harris, Butler, Embiid and Reddick. It's a win for every other Sixer.
  3. Butler or Harris + lots of doubles. The rest of the Raptors were bricking every open look and Kawhi isn't the best passer out of doubles.
  4. And, you know, teams actually have to guard CJ in the playoffs.
  5. Sixers are in the ECF this year and last year with CJ instead of Ben. Zero doubt. The biggest flaws the Sixers have are not having a PG and running out a complete none shooter which hampers their best player. Good teams expose that.
  6. Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid: 'I'm the most unstoppable player in the league' Can't post up Kyle Lowry
  7. Yes. They can beat trash teams with good D + Kawhi. They can't beat the Bucks like that. If they shoot the 3 like they did after the ASB (pretty sure they were 1st in %) they can win. If they're bricking wide open shots like they did for pretty much the entire first two rounds, they're done. I don't have much faith that they turn it around. Gasol dad dicking Embiid and Vucevic was a massive plus which won't be there vs the Bucks. So yeah, Bucks in 5.
  8. Just here for a good time (trolling Sixers fans), not a long time (Bucks in 5).
  9. If only they had a PG who could run an offense and avoid those 3 shot clock violations.
  10. The guy that took 5 shots and had 5 TOs in a game 7? The guy that's scared to take a jumper? Yeah, they should probably fire up the process again.
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