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  1. If you're eating a ton of meat/eggs/dairy, you likely don't need the protein shakes anyway.
  2. They can't handle me. It was your advice that got me doing Stronglifts And I think I phrased it wrong... I want to get 36 over 3 sets. Not 3 of 36.
  3. I'll be attempting birthday squats in a couple weeks. I think I may die... Age x Weight (36x185lbs). Goal is 3 sets.
  4. IIRC, Edwin was always terrible in April and early May... Then he'd single handedly carry the team for a month.
  5. Tongue in cheek... they did nothing to improve the team this winter and, as with every GM, they want to "put their stamp on the team". Time for the fire sale. Keep Sanchez, Osuna and Stroman. Get what you can for the rest. As awesome as Donaldson is, now is the time to deal him in hopes of a quicker rebuild.
  6. Just being realistic. I'd like to think they can turn it around but it ain't happening with this roster... Which is a watered down, older version of last year. Donaldson probably going to visit the DL.
  7. So... that's it? Lineup gets worse. No improvements to defence... or rotation... or bullpen. Must have saved a few bucks though, right?
  8. ####### hell. Edwin signs for pennies and we're stuck watching Smoak and Morales for about the same amount. #### off Shapiro. Back to being a bottom feeder it looks like.
  9. Would like to see them stretch Biagini out but keep him in the pen for now. Use him how Miller was used in the series.
  10. Feldman will just see mop up duty. Loup will get a batter a game most.
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