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  1. Yeah, but the amount of cool weapons you would have from history would easily outweigh that. I know there are a lot of gun nuts out there, and Napoleon Dynamite types who collect knives and swords, etc., but I know the Art Museum in Philly has all kinds of stylish weapons. Not sure how sharp the swords would be, but you have full body suits of armor, and the morning stars and such should be sufficient. I have to think if you put on a suit of armor, you should be good to go, no?I'd hate to meet more than a couple zombies in full-plate, not enough maneuverability. I would look to get some chainmail or the chainmail they wear around sharks. It would be good to fortify a castle or old fort, armor up and then lower that person in a shark cage over the wall to jab zombies with a spear or polearm.Police riot gear IMO.
  2. This could make sense. The 2 we know of that turned (well 1 definite, the other is assumed) is Andra's sister, and the mechanic guy from the first season who they left at the tree. Andrea's sister didn't look like she got too bad of a shot or anything, but she turned with-in 11 or 12 hours or whatever. The mechanic guy also didn't have too bad of a bite, but he was getting real sick, and they were giving the impression that he was dying from it. So if this theory is plausible, then the guys who Rick shot in the bar would have turned back into zombies if he didn't shoot them in the head. But does it work if you shoot the people in the head before they turn into a zombie. Seems to me, a lot of questions surround said theory.... I think that's the exact reason he shot them in the head. When you cap someone in the head, their brain basically liquefies. This all leads back to what the scientist whispered to him at the CDC.
  3. You've split the difference....at least in regards to WWZ. Part of the US government operates out of Hawaii....so it isn't bad. Iceland is the most infected place on the planet.I've never read or wiki'ed WWZ. Just saying. In a world infected with zombies, I don't see how Iceland would be bad unless the germ originated from there. On the other hand, I would look to inhabit Hawaii and clear it of zombies. After a decade or so, with conservation, and with Hawaii being secured, I take a party out and head for New Zealand. It is a least closer to other islands and more importantly closer to Austrailia. Yes, Austrailia will be infected with millions of zombies however given 20-30 years, kids will have grown up and my party is larger. Two methods. If we are able to retrofit a cruise liner or ferry of some kind, dock in a port, lure zombies to said port, tease them into the. Oat and set sail to some other island that will be the "dead zone". Rinse, repeat for years with multiple ships doing this and Austrailia will. E clear of zombies. Sure, there is a need for fuel and reconnaissance for fuel will be a high priority. But, that leads us to option two and that is killing zombies with weaponry and so forth. Give people a couple more decades and living in Austrailia will be free of zombies. Do this all across the pacific rim and in a couple generations, the pacific islands will be habitable. As far as clearing the mainland continents, that would take many more generations and many more reconnaissance missions for fuel, food, weapons.
  4. Not sure he wasn't already dead when run over.The gun through the dead zombie head was pretty sweet. They showed it crawling a little before they ran it over. And the mouth shot was sweet as hell....The special effects are as good if not better than any zombie film ever made...top notch Reason i think we don't see too many zombie scenes. With effects that good, it's got to be time and cost prohibitive.
  5. Not sure he wasn't already dead when run over.The gun through the dead zombie head was pretty sweet. They showed it crawling a little before they ran it over. And the mouth shot was sweet as hell....
  6. Or Hershel, Carol, Dale, Daryl or GlennIn the preview for next week, they show Daryl. Doing unscrupulous things. So all is right with the world
  7. Guacamole Vegetarian Buffalo chicken wing dip (tofu instead of chicken) Hankey Pankey (ground beef, salsa, honey, cheese) Potato skins Homemade pizza 7 layer bean dip
  8. I thought it was great. It not only added to the belief all was lost and there's really nowhere to turn for help but it also raised the moral/ethical question of whether it's better to just off yourself now or keep fighting despite how bleak everything looked. Plus, I'm interested to find out what Jenner told Rick that caused him to look like he'd just walked in on Shane drilling Laurie.Great stuff. Really? I always assumed it was something like he was some sort of walker hybrid. Like he really did die in the hospital and came back to life.Hmmm, could be.Based on Rick's reaction to his wife telling him she was pregnant and that she slept with Rick, I am not sure the CDC guy told him about the pregnancy. Seemed like he was surprised, but he kind of knew about Shane.I think there are three possibilities:1. He told him that he saw Shane/Laurie when Shane tried to jump her (security cam).2. He told him that Laurie was pregnant.3. He told him something like your post, i.e. someone was infected and not turning. This.
  9. But seriously, I like seeing all his plays, not just the highlights. And he does look good on the stripe. But, he looks a little thin in the legs. And he doesn't seem too explosive.
  10. I've done a 360 degree turn on chief. I hated it so much I started calling people it jokingly, now I use it all the time. I may get that tattoo. This.Gotta agree with Joe T here. Calling someone "chief" is definitely ######## move. Do adults actually call other adults "sport" though? I thought that was reserved for kids. I have no problem with someone calling a kid "sport", but calling an adult that is indefensible. I'll add "boss" to the list as well. I avoid this mess by calling every adult I deal with "Sweetie"I got "guyed" the other day by one of our cheese-dick salesmen. I had a full head of steam headed for the pisser; however, and wasn't able to give him a proper "#### you" in reply,I got no problem being called "guy". guy >>> chief, boss, sport No way. Guy, sport, chief, Chachi, etc are all someone's way of trying to assert themselves as dominant over you. If someone addresses you in this way, you must call them on it.Often it's because they don't remember your name.That's why I just use 'dude' if I don't remember someone's name. It's not derogatory like those other terms. Makes you seem like equals...
  11. Got Bills beating the Patriots drunk. Then went to the bar. Then came home and drank more. Then passed out for a few hours. Then woke up and have been drinking since.
  12. Going to give some srunken fantasy advice! ACF, ho.....!!!!
  13. kinda drunk. Just watched the movie Paul. cute....
  14. Mark Kelso's helmet.What was the deal? More on the Great Gazoo.
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