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  1. giantsfan, time to take this garbage back to FF Today.
  2. everybody can calm down now. Morrissey says if the "victims" had a great career as a result of the incidents, they would not be complaining. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/morrissey-harvey-weinstein-kevin-spacey-comments-victims-der-spiegel-interview-rape-backlash-a8063476.html
  3. i would ask if you kiss your mother with that mouth. but, as you have told us before, you have done much more than that.
  4. im sure your parents are very proud of you. you have accepted a job that hasn't been offered to you and you are going to be a groomsman in a wedding where a proposal has yet to be made and accepted. what parent wouldn't be bursting with pride with all you have accomplished?
  5. it sounds like you have everything planned out. i can't see how anything could possibly go wrong.
  6. maybe we should swap usernames? mine seems more appropriate for you given your stance in this thread. at a minimum Louis is gulity of indecent exposure.
  7. i think it is naive to think that Louis might not have implied that agreement from them would lead to him speaking highly of them to some of his connections in the standup/entertainment industry. he has worked with most of the big names in the industry. an endorsement from him would go a long way in furthering their careers.
  8. this sounds interesting. better than the rest of this thread, will you tell me more?
  9. this all happened in a couple of hours (based on when and what you posted)?
  10. sometimes when you are digging yourself a hole, your best move is to drop the shovel.
  11. why you gotta be so hostile homes? you gotta chill before you see your chiquita ese'
  12. the advice may be free, but it is worth more than most of us have. DW has held up a mirror and encouraged jason to look in it. of course this will result in DW being labelled a hater and the cycle will continue.
  13. that isnt why you look like the bad guy in your exchange with DW (he is beloved in the ffa though). why not take another guess?
  14. that suggestion involves more commitment and capital expenditure than jason wants. he seems more like one of those squeegee kids that cleans your windshield when you stop at a traffic light.
  15. jason, just a heads up. when people talk about self love, they dont mean masturbation. hth chief.
  16. think that website is where rok n role provides his content when he isn't posting in the ffa.
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