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  1. it is impossible to find cute kitten pics online. https://goo.gl/images/fPni37
  2. but....jason is a genius and he may have some mental health issues and some bad things happened to him when he was younger...rules should not apply to him.
  3. first time in here or in any of his threads? it has been this way for 118 pages here and in every previous thread. in other news, water is wet.
  4. you have fallen into the same trap as so many others have in this thread. the OP is impervious to logic and incapable of accepting or acknowledging things that are clearly laid out in black and white. it is much easier for him to ignore the relevant information and input provided by others and just continue to yell at clouds.
  5. will rockaction be taking control of this thread in the future? :fingerscrossed:
  6. nah, i wont. i realized long ago i was going to have to put effort into getting what i want in life. so, i worked hard and saved to put myself through school. i have a career now and minimal debt from my education (which i am paying off btw). im putting in extra hours at work because i know i have to pay my dues to get ahead. im also in a long term relationship with a great girl. but, everyday i have to hear about being one of those effing millenials that doesn't want to work, only thinks of themself and thinks the world owes them something and complains about everybody else having it so easy. does that sound like anybody around here?
  7. geez pops you mean someday i can be a stud like you? a guy in his mid 30s that lives in a crap apartment, living pay check to pay check, working about 30 hours per week in a deadend job, not in a relationship (because women can't meet your high standards - yeah right!) , trying to dull his constant pain about the state of his life with booze and drugs. wow where do i sign up for that? it sounds like heaven!
  8. the words of the poet A Winehouse seem appropriate here: They tried to make me go to rehab I said, no, no, no
  9. im sure the ladies are lining up around the block to get next to this guy.
  10. not sure which one though: DANGER Live Wire DEFECTIVE - DO NOT USE Handle With Extreme Care. Caution: Contents Under Pressure!
  11. www.tinfoilhat.com , www.justbecauseimparanoiddoesntmeantheyarentouttogetme.com, www.nosmellycrotches.com, www.imnottheproblemyouare.com
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