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  1. this is all about perspective. U should see it as an opportunity, not a problem. #success
  2. rok wont realize it in his current state of mind. But,if DW is removing himself from this thread, that is a significant loss for him. you can learn from this guy. Hell, i can learn from this guy.
  3. i have a picture in my head now of you being a cross between Frank Booth from Blue Velvet and Hunter S Thompson.
  4. thanks. Dont hesitate to throw a like at my post if you dont mind. those "likes" are hot currency around these parts.
  5. how about this ( it is my first attempt at the Marley/Pink Floyd combo)? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds. The child is grown The dream is gone I have become comfortably numb. both relevant imo.
  6. its obvious. As someone pointed out a while ago in this thread, once the supposed "villians" leave this thread, he will lash out at whoever remains. And so it begins..... in his bluemagic days didnt he threaten you with a beating?
  7. When he was on Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars..show on Crackle, he commented what a sweet gig it was for Jerry. Guess he was looking for something similar and not the usual talk show format.
  8. Yeah, sorry to disappoint you. Its obvious Im the problem here. Sometimes i get tired of taking crap and I give it back. #imonlyhuman
  9. Right. Because of course the kid is standing next to his brother, so he deserves to get hit. Don't deal with the kid doing the hitting and teach him that's wrong. Teach the one that is getting hit,that by standing by his brother, he's asking for it. That makes perfect sense.
  10. I understand my mistake. I didn't blame my posts on the fact I'm an alcoholic. That just explains them away and I can post whatever I like. I'll just cancel my subscription and move on.
  11. "Maybe"? Really. Did you read what he posted? If someone said that to my face, they wouldn't make it to the second sentence.
  12. Okay. Cool, I get it now. Rok gets to attack me, his post gets deleted and I get slammed for retailating. I express outrage at what he did, he acts like the innocent victim and this thread keeps going. Got it. the thread is 80 pages long filled with violations of Joe's Manifesto and it keeps rolling. Makes sense.
  13. That's it? Thanks for showing me there is a double standard as far as enforcing the rules on these boards.
  14. As you always say to others in this thread, show proof to me. show me the dozens of attacks I've made towards you that resulted in the attack you made towards me. And don't go back for weeks and weeks in this thread to justify your attack about 8 hours ago.
  15. Help me understand this. I direct a post to another person in this thread and get a post from Rok that can be only taken as an attack. I try to keep my cool, but I'm human and lose my temper and fight back. His original post attacking me gets deleted and you respond with this? So, Rok just gets to post whatever he wants, it gets deleted and we all pretend it didn't happen? Is this guy related to Joe or something? I think he's violated a lot of things in Joe's Manifesto and he just walks away clean? 8 hours ago, RokNRole said: It's foreign because you are an idiot that hasn't come to terms with what a ###### you are. You are the biggest loser here. The only admiration I have for you is that I feel better reading your posts and can be happy I'm not you. Look at your posts. Look at your photo. You are as insignificant as they come. If " the walking dead" became a reality you wouldn't be worth keeping around because you are completely useless. If I have a daughter one day and she brought home a "man" like you I would be very alarmed.
  16. What truth is there to reveal about your childhood? We all love our Mothers, you just took it a lot farther than the rest of us do.
  17. first of all that post was directed at CurlyNight and not everything is about you. second I consider the source of the insults you spew and it just makes me laugh. oh and btw in order to have a daughter you would have to find a woman that could stand the sight of your vile self long enough to impregnate her or were you considering adoption?
  18. i would say he doesn't turn hostile towards you because he understands your standing on these boards. you have a ton of posts, are a long time member, people associate you with your funny stories and have positive feelings towards you.rok is smart enough to realize turning hostile towards you will result in a hell he doesn't want to think about. you might return fire and a lot of pissed off people will turn on him and potentially run him out of the FFA. rok is smarter than that and carefully chooses who he engages. regarding the story you posted about helping the kid with Tourette's, as hard as it may be for you to believe, i am also the champion of the underdog. I was bullied as a young child and decided that i wasn't going to let it happen to me or anyone else again. so, i stood up for myself and others and we soon found that bullies liked to pick on an individual and werent so keen to take on a group. so the bullying stopped. what has always irked me is someone "saved" from bullying that runs their mouth or flips the others the bird when their protectors are around. that imo is the situation we have here.
  19. help me to understand your point. disturbed individuals can be mean to others because they can handle it? how do you know they can handle it? you're assuming, arent you? Rok's level of sharing is foreign to me. I can't imagine sharing some of the things he does on a message board. There may be others on here that would agree with me. So, because they don't post they are having suicidal thoughts or reveal every intimate detail of their life, rok can say whatever he wants to them? Maybe they are going through similar stuff in their life as rok. If they don't tell us, how would we know? Why doesn't the rule of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" apply here or two wrongs, don't make a right? ive seen you refer to this thread as rok's house and if people don't like what he does in here, they can get out because he can do whatever he wants in here. but, that's where you are wrong. the FFA is Joe's house and a thread is like a room in the house. The same rules apply to every room in that house. your posts in this thread seem to be more about you than Rok. you mention cliques like GM's TAN thread,not getting as many t & p s as the more popular people do when you said you had cancer,etc. do you have a overall issue with the FFA and your place in it? You seem to be directing some anger towards this place.
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