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  1. sorry but that is called being an enabler. somebody needs to call him on that behavior, not excuse it because he is a drunk.
  2. you quoted my post and part of your response addresses it, but other parts of your response have nothing to do with it. I mentioned nothing about "fishing trip" or "shtick". you are correct that I don’t know Rok, but neither do you. How can you be so sure your course of action is the correct one and mine is not?
  3. under his various usernames this poster has been coming into the FFA for 9 years. His pattern has been the same. he tells us how bad his life is and asks "what can I do?" he gets lots of advice and argues why he can't do it. then he lashes out at those trying to help by telling us nobody understands him or his circumstances. so is him posting in the FFA and others responding hurting anything? No. But, after 9 years with no change in the pattern, I think it is fair to ask if it is helping anything.
  4. help me to understand why you continue to single me out? youve come after me a few times in here for "throwing punches" in this thread and yet others dont seem to draw your ire. Ive backed off after Rok posted the link and suggested he was having suicidal thoughts. I encouraged others to also back off and not push him. of course he is back to lashing out at those that are trying to help him. it is a pattern that has continued for the last 9 years or so under his various usernames. in my opinion the only drawback to giving him the attention in the FFA is it acts as a crutch for him and prevents him from getting the assistance he needs in the real world. there are a lot of intelligent, well meaning people in this thread. But, they can't replace the expertise of a mental health professional or addictions counsellor. Rok won't see the need to get real world help until it is his last resort.
  5. of course not. until this thread falls to page 5 again and you realize you got to get some peeps interested to get it back on the 1st page.
  6. so this "everybody hates me because I hit on a co-worker" could just all be in your head. nobody has said or done anything, you just think they are acting different towards you. crazy thought, but do you think you might be overeacting to the situation by saying "you gotta find a new job now"?
  7. This is probably the first time their actions ,when it comes to school, do have consequences. Ollie hates school and is only their to play football. DJ Law showed in Episode 3 (I think) he can do the work (he impressed Ms. Wagner with his paper), he just doesn't want to do it. They must have been passed through high school without doing the work, so they expect it to continue.
  8. we'll have to agree to disagree. Get the help you need. you won't find the experts here to assist you. try some of the resources others have suggested.
  9. in your current state i am not looking to argue with you, but I remember clearly you admitting (with one of your early usernames) to being giants fan from FFT. i just thought it was funny curlynight mentioned you reminded her of giants fan. best of luck to you, hope you get the help you need.
  10. in the interest of you having complete knowledge of the person you are dealing with, Rok has had about 6 different usernames on these boards and he has been around for quite a few years. one of his early personas in the FFA admitted to having been giants fan from FFT.
  11. Guys, i think you should leave Rok alone and not push him right now. That link he provided is some scary ####. Whether his thoughts are real or not doesnt matter. Im not taking that chance and having him harm himself. i think we should all back out of this thread and encourage him to follow Quint's excellent advice.
  12. poverty?? Werent you bragging about the coin you were making as a recruiter?
  13. Guys, old Rok is gobbling up all these posts like PacMan right now. #musthaveattention
  14. Umm fellas, i think at this point we are just feeding the troll/ attention ho and helping him keep his thread on the first page.
  15. they cant be that good. Look at the lead singers shirt. he obviously cant afford to replace the one that has a bad tear in it. #oldguythatdoesntgetfashion
  16. he said the previous part was The End, this must be the epilogue. Its like the extra scenes in a movie after the closing credits. once it gets out there is an extra scene, nobody leaves the theater until they see it. this is like the opposite of that.
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