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  1. I hope this doesn’t turn out like Mixon last year where every week his status was up in the air and then he’d get ruled out on game day. Weeks later they put him on IR when they could have done so much earlier.
  2. Per this Ben Baby tweet it looks like they are going to further evaluate him tomorrow and may upgrade him to questionable. tweet- Bengals coach Zac Taylor said WR Tee Higgins' shoulder soreness, pain level will play into Sunday's availability. Will be checked tomorrow, as well. Taylor: "We’ll try to give him every second we can give him before he tells us one way or the other."
  3. The side effects of a stuffy nose these days is a problem. When I take Viagra or Cialis and get the stuffy nose the wife starts asking me if I think I have COVID. SMH.
  4. This. I got like 30 20 mg Viagra for like $13. Go find a coupon and it makes the cost really cheap.
  5. I am seriously mulling over whether to start him over Taylor this week - especially if Wentz doesn't play. I see Tenn stacking the box and last week Mack starting getting mixed in with carries. Ty'Son will have a split but the Lions matchup is juicy and the game script should favor a heavy dose of running.
  6. I would put the Bears on the list. Dalton is a turnover machine and Fields will have some growing pains.
  7. I was offered Robby Anderson in a nonPPR and declined. I would rather hold him and see what develops.
  8. This isn’t good. Cincinnati isn’t exactly very forthcoming with injuries. Already dealt with that as a Mixon owner last season.
  9. Anyone seeing any recent trades for him? Just trying to assess his value as I am getting offered a trade for him.
  10. He is sharing touches with Hines but I was really encouraged by his usage in the passing game last week. That was a pleasant surprise. Mack looks like a non-factor too. Had a one yard TD called back by a holding penalty too.
  11. I am in the same boat with losing Jeudy. I can IR him though. But the other options in Denver intrigue me. Last year I owned Patrick part of the year and he did reasonably well. The main difference I see between him and Hamler is that Hamler is more of a go deep guy. I think with Teddy at QB the WR who runs the more intermediate/shorter routes are going to get targeted more as Teddy is not an air it out kind of QB. For that reason, I am prioritizing Patrick over Hamler.
  12. First player that comes to mind is Steve Smith. He was blazing fast and a tough SOB though.
  13. I dropped Tony Jones for him. A crapshoot but it seems like Jones will split with Murray while Williams has a better path to touches behind Edwards.
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