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  1. Yep that’s right. No nude island. Got my Couples resorts mixed up. We have 4 kids so the time away without seeing any is wonderful. A whole different vibe and more relaxing. We both like snorkeling so hopefully that’s an option when we get there.
  2. Wife and I are going in November so I would be interested to hear about your experiences. She already told me there is no way she is going to the nude island though.
  3. Wife and I did Couples Sans Souci in 2013. Did some Sandals resorts in between in Negril and St. Lucia, and also a Riu resort in Costa Rica. The service and experience just wasn't as nice as the Couples resort. So we just booked a Couples all inclusive for their Swept Away resort in Jamaica. We are looking forward to it since it has a lot of great reviews.
  4. Current wife and I have one. It’s a second marriage for both of us so we both went through the misery of a divorce proceeding. I was married 5 years and she was married 10. We were both good friends for almost ten years before we dated and then got married. We both have professional jobs and a chunk of assets to our names so we talked about how we wanted to handle that. Decision was to get a prenup to identify what our premarital assets were - so what she had before marriage is hers and what I had is mine. When we got married we both put in 50% towards the house. We
  5. I got Moderna #2 about 24 hours ago. Slight pain in the arm and I feel a bit lethargic today. Still did all my zoom calls for work without issue. No fever or body aches. My coworker who got her #2 when I did was bedridden all day with a 101.6 fever. When I got Moderna #1 all I had was a bit of a sore arm. I typically get that when I get the flu shot though. Wife got Pfizer. Sore arm only for first shot. For second shot she had some body aches and chills while sleeping that night but was fine the following day. We have plans to fly to Colorado in May and
  6. A few years ago I ordered Cialis on one of the sites posted here. It worked very well but I had bad headaches, stuffy nose, and flushed face. Decided to stop using it. 45 years old now. I got put on beta blockers about two years ago. Those have impacted my virility. Decided to tell my doc and he gave me a prescription for viagra this past week. He gave me 100 mg tablets and said they cost the same regardless of the number of milligrams. He told me I could break the tablet to start out and see how it does. Tried it this weekend and it worked great. Was able to ha
  7. Has anyone tried to take a TV back to Costco? I got my 75 inch Samsung, set it up today, and when I turned it on it had horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen. I just got it so I’m hoping it’s an easy return.
  8. I’m going to float his name around and see what I can get in a non-PPR. I have Taylor and Akers to build around so if I can move him for someone worthwhile I will. I worry about his productivity without Brees. Will still be a first round talent but I no longer see him as a top 3 pick.
  9. Correct. Lions fan here. Stafford hasn’t even won a playoff game in Detroit.
  10. Once. They lost to Detroit at home the game after Patricia was fired. If Swift didn't drop that TD pass in the opener the Bears would have been 0-2 vs. Detroit this year - which supports the point of view that Nagy should be fired.
  11. Watching “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” on Hulu. It is a documentary on a guy who authored a book about how he went looking for his birth father and then believed he was actually the Zodiac Killer. I’ve always been fascinated by the Zodiac case so it’s been an interesting watch so far.
  12. 12 team start 2 no PPR. Evans carried me early and I had Jonnu Smith early in the season too so that helped. Kamara carried me all season of course. Picking up Herbert saved my season.
  13. QB - Herbert and Hurts (drafted Wentz and Jones so Herbert bailed me out but time RB - Kamara, Taylor, Mixon, Gallman, Akers WR - Diontae Johnson, Chark, Agholor, Coutee Pittman. Had Evans for most of the year but traded him away TE - Goedert K- Blankenship D - Baltimore
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