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  1. He is sharing touches with Hines but I was really encouraged by his usage in the passing game last week. That was a pleasant surprise. Mack looks like a non-factor too. Had a one yard TD called back by a holding penalty too.
  2. I am in the same boat with losing Jeudy. I can IR him though. But the other options in Denver intrigue me. Last year I owned Patrick part of the year and he did reasonably well. The main difference I see between him and Hamler is that Hamler is more of a go deep guy. I think with Teddy at QB the WR who runs the more intermediate/shorter routes are going to get targeted more as Teddy is not an air it out kind of QB. For that reason, I am prioritizing Patrick over Hamler.
  3. First player that comes to mind is Steve Smith. He was blazing fast and a tough SOB though.
  4. I dropped Tony Jones for him. A crapshoot but it seems like Jones will split with Murray while Williams has a better path to touches behind Edwards.
  5. Option 1. Regular season through week 14. Playoffs are week 15-17 with Super Bowl in week 17. It actually worked out well in our league since we previously had it where teams played others in their division twice and every other team (except one) once. Now every team has to play each other at least once during the regular season.
  6. I remember Shockey having a great rookie year for the Giants. 74 rec, 894 yards and 2 TDs. That was almost 20 years ago in an era that was far less friendly to the passing game.
  7. I have it Pitts, Hockenson, Andrews. Pitts has the best QB of the three and most upside. Hockenson should get a ton of targets so he's next. Andrews should be solid but I have him at the end of the tier. It wasn't that long ago that it was a reach to take rookie WRs in redraft. We always waited until the "year 3 breakout". Times have changed with the fantasy impact of rookie WRs. So why can't that evolve to someone like Pitts who has a good QB, targets vacated by Julio, and the draft capital/talent to make an impact?
  8. Always the last Sunday in August at Noon. Going on 21 years now. People know to keep their calendars open that day, it doesn't clog up Labor Day weekend, and most of the preseason games are done by then.
  9. Thanks this is helpful since the Top 3 has a pretty uniform order of Kelce, Waller, Kittle. Where did Hockenson go? The 4-6 clump seems to vary in order based on those wanting to take a chance on Pitts, trusting Hockenson in the Lions offense, or expecting a better year from Andrews.
  10. Well if half my 12 team league thinks this way next weekend when I draft then I will be able to get one of the top 6 🙂
  11. Any thoughts on Edwards? Injured last season me no training camp. With Agholor going to NE and Waller drawing attention one of the WRs has to fill the void. He’s either not getting drafted or drafted very late. Very little buzz for him this year. He seems like a guy with upside who is worth a flier late to see how he can produce early.
  12. My current keeper league started in 2001. Some of my players I remember are: Jake Plummer Jerome Bettis Tomlinson Fred Taylor Shaun Alexander Tony Gonzalez Ed McCaffrey Isaac Bruce I started playing fantasy in 1990 and remember having these players: Warren Moon Mark Rypien Eric Green James Brooks Haywood Jeffires Cleveland Gary Gary Clark
  13. We ended up having a great trip. Wonderful town, great atmosphere and people. I am really glad to see the city reopen and for the businesses to get their customers back. A few of my takeaways: Dickie Brennan's wasn't that great. I know others in this thread had mixed feelings about the place but put me in the "go somewhere else" camp. Mr. B's was great. I never ate drum fish but I had it there and it was phenomenal. Wife liked their blood orange margarita too so we went back later in the trip to get drinks at their bar. Restaurant R'evolution and GW Fins were wonderful and the service is out of this world. For what we spent I didn't expect anything less but thanks to all who recommended both places. We hit Cafe DuMond when we got down on a late Wednesday afternoon which was good timing. We went to the back takeout window and were like 5th in line. The line was nuts the rest of the trip, particularly once more people came into town on Friday night and Saturday for a weekend stay. We also got beignets are Cafe Beignet. Both are good but I liked the DuMond ones more. Breakfast at Ruby Slipper was good. Just make sure you get on the wait list in advance. The roast beef Po Boy at Johnny's was out of this world good. The muffaletta at Central Grocery was also great - we had it twice while down there. I am not a fan of olives but I actually liked the olive spread. Ate some Voodoo chips with the sandwich too. We did the free tours by foot walking tours and they were okay. Learned some cool info but they were pretty basic. For the Garden District tour we took the St. Charles street car to get there. We ended up going up and down the entire St. Charles line to look at stuff as it drove by. Really cool experience. Apparently the Manning house is in the Garden District because they showed it to us when we were walking around. Zion also bought his mom a house there too that he is supposedly trying to fix up - no For Sale signs on it yet so maybe he will return to the Pelicans next season We missed out on Camellia Grill while in the Garden District. Maybe next time... Oak Alley plantation tour was okay. It was a nice break to get outside the city for a bit and see the surrounding area. But it took up a lot of time that in hindsight we may have been able to spend on other stuff. Never got to sit at the Carousel Bar. Every time we went it was jammed with a line. We did have a frozen Irish Coffee at Molly's that was okay but nothing special. We also got a Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's. The wife also really liked getting frozen alcohol drinks at the French Market when we went there. It was insanely hot and humid when we were down there the first few days. Royal Omni Orleans hotel was a great location. We could walk anywhere or get to the Canal Street stop for the St. Charles streetcar to the Garden District. Thanks to everyone for sharing their recommendations/advice in this thread and helping my wife and I have a wonderful trip together!
  14. I lied. A few more: Look to the cookie. I use this a lot these days. If you’re one of us you will take a bite. That’s a lot of potatoes! Frankly it sounds made up. It’s all about me, everybody look at me, I am so pretty, love me, want me... No soup for you!
  15. One last one and then I will stop clogging the thread: Human Fund. I use this one all the time around the holidays.
  16. I have a friend who is dating a Polish girl. When she told him once she grew up in Poland he asked her if she had a pony and she looked at him like “WTF are you talking about?”. Somehow they’re still together years later and he showed her the Seinfeld episode eventually to show her what he was talking about.
  17. When looking for parking spots I always tell the wife I have a foolproof system of going for the best spots first and then going in concentric circles until I find the next best one. That’s a shame is used a lot by me too.
  18. I’ve also had “ a coincidence is a coincidence there are no large or small coincidences” conversation with people before too.
  19. I’ve used the uromysatisis excuse on the wife too when I’ve had to piss while driving on a road trip. Told her I could die if we didn’t get off the road soon. She even tried googling it to figure out what I was talking about.
  20. Whenever I order a hot dog I do the Kramer movie theater “one hot dog!” when I order. Then I bite in and say “interesting texture”.
  21. The writing in this show is so brilliant. This happened to me at a rental car place once too. I wasn’t as calm as Jerry about it but this scene totally came to mind as I dealt with the situation.
  22. Coworker and I are huge fans of the show and quote stuff all the time. We are in HR so it’s usually related to some goofy scenario at work. Examples: Serenity Now! (I use this all the time since I deal with unions at my job. I even have a button at my work I can press that has Frank Costanza say it for me - and yes, I know, insanity later). Thats’s gold Jerry gold. My coworker actually saw Bania in Vegas one year and got a pic with him and had him say that for him. And you want to be my latex salesman. Sidler. We have a coworker that does nothing and that’s been even worse since the pandemic hit so we call him the sidler. I even gave him a pack of tic tacs one day and he didn’t connect why I was giving those to him. Giddy up! Was that wrong? Was I not supposed to be doing that? Because I tell ya I’ve got to plead ignorance then... Hoochy Mama Anytown USA I always do the Kramer “why don’t you just tell me what movie you want to see...” when he was trying to be Moviephone. I usually use that with the wife when she is trying to figure out where to eat or do and isn’t offering any ideas. Those are just the ones off the top of my head. I use a bunch from Curb Your Enthusiasm too since the shows are so similar due to Larry David.
  23. No. Since I always get up to piss in the middle of the night I always sleep on the side closest to where the bathroom is whether we are at home, or at a hotel or friend/family visiting.
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