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  1. Yeah too bad the good movies he made ended long ago. Doesn't change what he did. I'm a sucker for Indiana jones
  2. Those three first rounders, if we get three, will be a good start but man we need way more than that on d plus new coaches. These young guys blow
  3. Yeah man. Where was running the ball in the first. This coaching staff blows
  4. What! If the bucs wanted to we would have lost this game by 4 or 5 scores. That was a mercy killing
  5. Eagles have some #### coaches and alot of #### players. That is all
  6. Nah. Tampa just knows how to cover up his bs
  7. Why do we not try to run the ball earlier?
  8. Eagles get one more garbage td here at the end
  9. Wish we would have tried to run the ball earlier. Like all our games.
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