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  1. He has a mechanical engineering degree, but is working at a civil engineering firm doing software modeling for large infrastructure projects.
  2. My 25 year old just started a new, full time job this week. It pays $23/hr. to start, which, for a kid with little experience coming off a 10 month pandemic layoff, is a pretty good gig. He gets home from his FIRST DAY of work and proclaims "I think I'm being underpaid. I'll going to ask for a raise soon."
  3. It's so curious then why she conceded the election to Trump in November of 2016, and didn't lead any armed insurrections. It's fricken' March, and what has Trump done to aid in, or even acknowledge, the peaceful transition of power? And how are the last of all of those losing election lawsuits coming? Assuming that these losing lawsuits were the only thing preventing Trump from admitting defeat, isn't it now time for him to concede and recognize Biden is the POTUS? We know that isn't happening because Trump's fragile ego and "winning" image can't allow him to admit that he got
  4. Sorry, didn't see this. No snow in the forecast this week but sunny. Monday- Wednesday, get early start and hammer the groomers. Thursday and Friday get later start and chase the corn skiing (slopes that face more southerly, down Valley, aspects). Weekend weather is too early to tell.
  5. A lot depends upon when you are here and the conditions. If it snows or is snowing, hit Fire Trail, Central Park (the trees/glades on skier's right off Upper College, just past Upper River Run), the trees between Limelight and Upper Picabo's, and the glades/runs in the Frenchman's area. All will retain snow, be less crowded, and have decent visibility. If it's colder (highs of 32 or less) with no new snow, make sure to get on the lifts at 9 am and hit Lower College, Canyon, Mid River Run, Flying Squirrel, Greyhawk, and the runs on Seattle Ridge - all fast, fun, corduroy groomers, bu
  6. I suppose this means the end of Mr. Potato Head's side piece, Curly Fries with Special Sauce.
  7. Yeah, kids young and old are really struggling right now. I have 23 and 25 year old boys. They have both expressed how their social lives have been taken away and that they are in this weird limbo when they should be chasing dreams. The older one graduated college a few years ago, got a good engineering job, and then lost it when the pandemic hit. He struggled with depression issues, low self-esteem, anxiety about the future and was out of work for 10 months. He starts a new engineering job next week but is concerned about his inability to focus for long periods of time. I'm tryin
  8. I live 20 minutes from Sun Valley, Idaho. We've been here for 30+ years and I have a full (free) ski pass because my wife works for the company. I've only skied 3 days on the mountain this year, and have focused more on backcountry and nordic skiing. The mountain seems more crowded, and I'm still a little too sketched out about COVID. I'm spoiled, but I just don't feel comfortable with it. As for east coast skiing, I left in 1990 and have never gone back. Said goodbye to blue ice, skiing in the rain, massive lift lines, and crazy, scary road trips. Altitude is everything.
  9. He was impeached by the House, and 57 Senators voted to convict. Even McConnell stated that Trump was guilty, but took the jurisdictional exit door, and it is highly likely that many more took that same tack to avoid the culpability question. That legal technicality, which is disputed by most legal scholars and directly contrary to Senate precedent, has no bearing on the President's guilt.
  10. Even assuming that Trump's January 6th speech can be generously construed as political rhetoric, how can one defend his lack of action once the mob attacked? He did nothing for hours, and even then, his on camera remarks praised the attackers and failed to condemn a direct attempt to violently prevent Congress from performing its Constitutional obligations. To me, his failure to act is a damning admission that the mob attack is precisely the result he intended. He cannot claim innocence for his indifference, dereliction of duty, and failure to defend the Constitution.
  11. I'm all for student loan forgiveness, but want to see it tied to some sort of public service. I'm all for a $15/hr minimum wage and am happy paying an extra quarter for my chalupa.
  12. I prefer the precision of a rangefinder over the general front/middle/back distances of a GPS. I also use it for carry, hazards, trees etc. which is especially valuable on courses I have not played before as course architects often use optical tricks. With that base number, I can then add/subtract for wind, slope, firmness, warm air, etc. to figure out a "true" yardage and what club to hit. The only trouble I have is with blind shots. For high handicappers, a GPS is all you need as the middle of the green should usually be your goal.
  13. It's only compromise if both sides vote for it. Giving away your position just to have the other side walk away is foolish.
  14. If Biden and the Democrats scale this back as you suggest, do you think Republicans will vote for it? I don't, and they've shown time and again that they won't. So why bother? It just adds delay.
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