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  1. I had a headache for a day and was tired for about 36 hours. It was awful.
  2. 3 weeks ago, Patterson was for me in a short bench, ppr, Yahoo league where he has WR/RB eligibility. Colossal pick up as he is now WR7/RB3 and aside from bye week, he is going to be a major part of that offense going forward.
  3. Become a physical therapist or get a masters in public health/administration.
  4. We all have that friend who sends the disgusting email or text to everyone he knows, thinking it is funny. When I say "don't send me that garbage", the response is usually "Lighten up Francis" or "What's the big deal?" The content doesn't necessarily establish the guy as a blatant racist, homophobe, or misogynist, but the act of hitting the send button shows an inability to comprehend that others are likely to find the content offensive or disturbing. To me, Gruden is that guy. Sad to see him go down this way, but he should've known better.
  5. Yes, I was being sarcastic. So many of the questions Fauci has to answer are not black and white, and the answer depends on the circumstances. If he and his immediate family (5-10 people), who are all vaccinated, get together for Christmas dinner, they are fine. If a family of 50, consisting of vaxx'd and unvaxx'd, get together for an entire weekend, including asthmatics and 90 year old Aunt Edna, it's going to end badly. A lot also depends upon current vaccination and infection rates in that particular area in December. Instead of considering all of these variables, it's far easier to just label him a liar. That is the toxic messaging that appeases those who refuse to get vaccinated, or those who view a pandemic as a political issue.
  6. I wish he would just tell us when COVID will end. The guy is such a moron.
  7. Poor overly politicized Justice gets upset for being called overly politicized. I have no faith that this Court will follow the rule of law.
  8. Wait, we care about our allies now? Or we care about lying now? Or we care about the debt ceiling? Or we care about the filibuster? Or we care about the sanctity of our elections? And on and on.
  9. I'll grow a goatee every 2 years or so, and then convert it into a moustache. I keep the goatee for a couple of months as it looks pretty good, and ditch the moustache after a week because it makes me look creepy.
  10. When someone mentions me in a text thread Pretty much whenever someone has to go to the doctor Endless Applicability
  11. The big takeaway here is that educated women are going to have to drop their standards or go it alone. Faced with having to marry what they perceive is a substandard mate and make career sacrifices to have a family with that substandard mate, many will probably choose to go it alone and succeed in their career. Those decisions are going to have broad societal consequences that are beyond my depth of field. it would be interesting to see if the declining numbers of educated males is causing a corresponding increase in the number of males entering the trades. Anecdotally, that's not happening where I live.
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