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  1. Garcia (+3 thru 7), Poulter (+5 thru 12), and Westwood (+3 thru 6) were all considered pretty safe sleeper picks. All good ball strikers, in recent form, with good Masters history. Not looking so good at the moment.
  2. After two days of camping, hiking, and mountain biking, wake up in my truck camper to the sound of a mountain stream, have a quickie with the Mrs., enjoy a fresh brewed coffee basking in the early sun and mountain air beside said stream, do some light stretching, working on my deep breathing, so that I feel limber and relaxed, pack up the camper and drive towards home calling both of our adult-aged boys about their happiness and contentment, wife drops me and my bike off at the golf course for a noon tee time with my buddies, play 18 holes in 3.5 hours, shooting a
  3. Friday night beers with vaccinated friends on the outside deck of my favorite watering hole. Wife (1 shot of Moderna) and I (fully vaxed) went out to a restaurant for dinner (outside) for first time in over a year last night. Not wearing a mask in offices with exception of when we are around the last vaccine holdout in the office - It doesn't sound like much, but it is hours every day of not having to wear a mask. Still wearing a mask inside grocery store and other establishments. Don't feel like I need to, but it isn't a big imposition. Mask mandate still in place. Local off
  4. In a sense, yes. These little hurdles (transportation, small fees, required documentation, long waits to be issued ID) add up, and are designed to discourage poor people, who often don't have cars and don't have state-issued ID, from voting. Take away mail in and absentee voting and it gets harder. Purge voter rolls to require these people to go through the process anew and it gets harder. Eliminate precincts and voting stations, leading to longer wait times, and it gets harder still. It's all part of the Republican strategy to disenfranchise, and it seems reasonable to many with the mea
  5. We haven't required vaccinations here in my government office, but 7/9 of us have been vaccinated. Two holdouts are (1) woman who was too lazy to make appointment (she's scheduled for shot 1 Thursday); and (2) "I'm not taking anything that's not found naturally" woman who got COVID in January on trip to Mexico and has son who got COVID on another out of town trip over Spring Break. She was really angry when we told her she had to get a negative test before coming back to the office. I can see how requiring the negative test opens management up to criticism when most in the office have
  6. I'm getting a bit tired of the Scoop There it Is! commercial (in fact, I have no idea what they are advertising), but then I notice something that makes me chuckle anew and my self-loathing over being so easily manipulated just festers.
  7. Might be a major motivator to act on climate change.
  8. There's one woman in our office who is an anti-vaxxer and thinks that every cure for every medical problem exists in nature. After getting COVID in January, travelling to Mexico, and infecting her son's entire hockey team (coach has lingering issues), she says she has no intention of getting the vaccine. At least she has antibodies for another 4-8 months.
  9. Have never rented, but I have a truck camper and live out west. There's a lot to see. Start planning now. Campsites in and around the national parks fill up months in advance. I'd also consider flying to Salt Lake City and renting there to avoid driving across Kansas/Nebraska/Wyoming/Eastern Colorado. Try Outdoorsy to get a good idea of what to rent and how much it costs.
  10. "I'm tired of talking about it" is the white person's selfish way of saying "I don't care because it doesn't affect me". Having black friends and being nice to black people is great and all, but do you really think holding the door open for the little black woman entitles you, as a white male, to think "Mission accomplished' and allow you to turn off the national discussion on race? You think black people can just turn it off when they are driving through a predominantly white suburb at night? Or when they're at the department store being followed around by the sales clerk? Or when Ka
  11. Wife is getting the 1st Pfizer shot tomorrow. This should ease her worrying and allow her to go back to worrying about stupid mundane stuff that doesn't make a bit of difference and can't be fixed.
  12. Deal on Titleist balls - buy three dozen and get a dozen free with free personalization. Still wildly overpriced, and you will continue to find me on the banks of watery par 3s with my extender stick in hand, but ....
  13. A few years ago, I decided to focus on my wedge game as I realized that my practice (just hitting balls on the range and a few chips before my round) wasn't specific enough. My course is also 20 minutes away and we have school practice fields behind us, so I developed this practice game. Find a vacant playing field or end of the range, bring 1 wedge, and put down 2 or 3 buckets (I use old Costco laundry detergent buckets) in a triangle or makeshift pitch and putt course. Bring a rangefinder or step off precise distances (I usually start with half shots, then hit 3/4 shots in round 2, an
  14. You can't. Here in Idaho (reddest of the red states), if you don't have proof of identity, you can sign a sworn affidavit attesting to your identity and vote. Providing false information on that form is a felony. Idaho law is therefore consistent with HR 1. What you are advocating is something even more restrictive that the most restrictive laws in the land. What does requiring that person to go the bank, spend $25, and have their statement notarized possibly do? The guy is still swearing that he's Jesus Christ - he's just doing it in front of a nice lady who paid $50 for a stamp
  15. Prove a voter fraud problem with more than anecdotes and speculative theorizing before restricting such a fundamental right. This includes understanding the voting process in each jurisdiction, and those jurisdictional differences make it infinitely less possible for their to be "widespread voter fraud" as alleged by Trump's Big Lie. Until Republicans show their work and continue to trot out these vague and unfounded claims, their resistance to HR1, gerrymandering, and election "reforms" are just transparent efforts to retain power and disenfranchize voters. Who are the real "Communist
  16. First shot of Moderna gave me a sore arm and made me a little tired. The evening after second shot, I was fine, and then woke up in the am with what felt like a hangover - Headache and mild nausea that came in waves. Took some Tylenol late-morning and drank a lot of water and felt much better. Had a mild headache and felt a little weak for another 24 hours. All in all, it wasn't bad. My 82 yo mother got the Pfizer vaccine and had little if any side effects.
  17. I see less in these election fraud claims than in the payouts to Stormy Daniels or the insurance/tax fraud case(s), and that is probably because I became numb to Trump's daily diatribes and outrageous conduct. Georgia law is pretty broad though in that it prohibits anyone from "requesting" or "otherwise attempting" to encourage someone else to commit election fraud. No threat or coercion is required - the crime occurs when the request is made. To me, words matter, and I think the call to the Georgia Secretary of State contains enough evidence to charge Trump under the Georgia Code. Ask
  18. Get to know the guys/gals in the pro shop and be open to getting paired with other members (old crusties, ladies, whoever). Be friendly and accept invitations to have a beer or lunch after. These intros will lead to more intros and a more regular group that you are comfortable playing with. Tip the cart guys well (I tip $5 per round and they take really good care of me).
  19. More and more of what I want to watch is available by streaming. I'm having a hard time justifying any reason to keep Directv, even with some screaming deal they give me to stick with it..
  20. I heard Barry White sing Can't Get Enough of Your Love yesterday and it's been swirling around in my head ever since.
  21. Hope you had a great time. I have yet to ski the Sunrise area. It was closed early season, and I just haven't skied much this year.
  22. He has a mechanical engineering degree, but is working at a civil engineering firm doing software modeling for large infrastructure projects.
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