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  1. Got a yellow for arguing about City's first goal where City player came from offsides position to steal ball from Mings, leading to goal. After he was shown yellow, Smith said the magic words and was shown red.
  2. I have reason for hope that government will become boring again. The last 4 years have been exhausting.
  3. "Dont believe for a second" seems to me to be jumping to conclusions as well. I'm in more of wait and see mode. Let the feds do their job, as there is no shortage of evidence to go through.
  4. Do you believe that any action should be taken against the POTUS, Representatives, and Senators for their roles in encouraging the storming of the Capital? If so, what is it, and can this point of mutual agreement be used as a starting point for nonpartisan discussions? If not, then perhaps I was just being naive.
  5. So did Custer. Sometimes, leadership involves more than just making a futile stand. I fully support impeachment, but there's no way Trump is convicted in the Senate. So why keep digging deeper trenches? There was an opportunity to engage with Republican leadership and come up with a bipartisan response to a critically serious episode in our history, and now it's gone, because the Democrats have decided to "lead" by themselves.
  6. I think an interesting tactic towards unification would be to ditch the Democratic-led impeachment proceedings and put the insurrection response in the Republican's hands. Ask them how they intend to address it. Tell them that they have full Democratic support, but only if they take real steps to hold their fellow members accountable in some meaningful way. I was impressed with many of the Republican comments made at last weeks hearings after the insurrection, and it seemed there was broad consensus at that moment. If a Republican led effort to censure, unseat, or even impeach ensues,
  7. This. I have no clue how these people have been disenfranchised. While they were storming the Capital, my thought was "over what?". They haven't lost anything tangible and their biggest beef is their objection to BLM, which concerns other people's rights. They aren't being asked to give up anything. They haven't been attacked. They haven't been killed by police - Heck, in many instances they were the police! Maybe I'm oversimplifying their noble and patriotic cause, but to me it just seems like their guy lost, and they are being manipulated by Trump's lying - that's it.
  8. I wonder if there will also be a pardon issued for all of the Patriots' cheating.
  9. Agreed. Trump likely retreated to his bunker as soon as the violence started. The video is valuable in that it supports the Trump crew's desire to incite the crowd to violence.
  10. Meh. Perhaps resisting and obstructing officers as well? Property damage? The Malheur Occupation would be a pretty good example, and how'd that go?
  11. Getting rid of the pandemic response team was just one dumb move in a series of hundreds, maybe thousands of really dumb decisions - from blaming China, claiming it would be over by Easter, advising us to drink bleach, putting Jared and Pence in charge, refusing to impose a national shut down, relying upon "guidelines" over mandatory health orders, refusing to wear masks, encouraging large scale gatherings, and on and on. It was a near complete abdication of federal responsibility. There have been so many mistakes, false promises, misinformation campaigns, and outright lies. The one
  12. Dude has been on fire the past 4 weeks. He's a must start against the Jets this week over guys with weak matchups like Cousins (NO) and Ryan (KC), right? A floor of 250 yards and 2 TDs would seem to be a virtual lock.
  13. Meh. I disagree and I'll believe it when I see it. The few cases we have deal with procedural issues like "delivering" of the pardon. If it was not properly delivered, it was invalid on procedural grounds. Once the pardon is effective, it's hard to reinstate because jeopardy has attached. I don't see Trump making a procedural mistake, and I'm sure they are doing all they can to make the pardons effective - excusing corrupt behavior is one of the few things this administration is good at. The Framers had faith that we would elect decent, law-abiding people to the Office and that they coul
  14. Trump can and will pardon whomever he wants and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Deal with it. This is what we get for electing him.
  15. The Jets played well, and good for them they won't be a winless team. That image of Frank Gore catching that last pass and falling on his rear end to ice the game is a classic Jets moment. As I said before, we can't develop a franchise QB, so why not roll with Darnold and build around him? He looked really good today, but his coaching has been horrendous (that 2 minute drill before the half. That 3 and out with 6 mins to go). Or trade for Matt Ryan. Or Wentz? Or even bring back Fitz - sorry, I kid. We are going to get a VERY good player at #2, and how does that make our team wors
  16. Another example of the federal government's response to the pandemic.
  17. I am a Jets fan. We can't develop QBs. It is proven. We got lucky with Namath for a couple of years and then he stunk. Here's the 1st/2nd rounders I can think of: Todd O'Brien Clemens Pennington Sanchez Nagle Geno Hackenberg Darnold That doesn't include all the failed mid-late QBs we've drafted. There is something about playing for this garbage franchise that causes it to ruin good QBs, or at least make them underperform. Maybe it's a dysfunctional organization. Or the NY media. Or fans who have grown to expect losing and demand gar
  18. I've known about Hunter Biden ever since the POTUS tried to bribe the Ukrainian President and I did some independent research. And yes, I came to the conclusion that Hunter Biden has been involved in some pretty sketchy stuff. Is it as illegal as a Presidential candidate paying off a porn star for her silence immediately before a Presidential election? Or a Playmate? Or stealing from a charity? Or accepting illegally hacked information used to discredit a political opponent? Or tax fraud? Or violating the Emoluments Clause? Of course not, but I want Hunter Biden brought to justice if
  19. Now that we have elected leaders actually calling for it, I think it's fair game to criticize those suggesting secession and I apologize to the OP for raising the "love it or leave it" angle, and he deserves credit for predicting where this was headed. It's gone far past sour grapes and we have a state majority party actively calling for secession. How in the world can we "heal", "build bridges", "move forward", or "show mutual respect" when we have this lunacy continuing? And why is it always the Democrats who have to work towards the middle and capitulate? Do people honestly think there
  20. This kind of smacks of the "If you don't love it, leave it" crowd wearing their flag doorags and 1/2 price MAGA hats. #Bothsides
  21. Thanks. That's why I used the term "often involve the mentally ill" and why there are exceptions in the policy.
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