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  1. Reminds me of the time I won a ton by betting against my home team in the playoffs. I like to call it emotional risk management.
  2. Democrats heavily favored to ship the all 3 branches right now. A week or so before the elction I'm going to wager a irresponsible amount of money that they don't.
  3. You obviously have no understanding of their culture or people. I’d rather be American and have our COVID than Japanese and theirs. Would be nice to have the lower numbers but I wouldn’t change a thing. You can buy used panties in vending machines there. Don't you tell me we have more freedom.
  4. I wonder if a stock split is ever on the table for them. At 3K it’s already a prohibitive number for your average Joe buying stock. I read several years ago that Bezos isn't interested in splitting Amazon stock any more. Plus there are plenty of platforms these days where you can buy fractional shares.
  5. I think the problem here is Trump doesn’t know what retroactive means. Probably doesn't want to glow anymore than he already does.
  6. I have a good friend that suffers from Lupus. Her doctor called her today with instructions on how to stretch her hydroxychloroquine because supply is already stretched and he suspects it will be even more so after Trump's declaration. So people with a horrible disease that need this drug can't get it so people can take it as a placebo at best and death at the worst.
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