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  1. No offense, man, but this would have been my clue to question the tweet.
  2. Not a Jets fan, but as a skinny, gawky teenager growing up in California, Johnny Sample was one of my heroes. His Confessions Of A Dirty Ballplayer was my bible for awhile!
  3. I read on one of the threads today that you golf 6-7 months out of the year.  You're a Florida guy, aren't you?  I'm in Missouri, recently retired and moving to Arizona for year round golf, but I've always heard that golfing in Florida is awesome!

    Interesting Week 1, eh?  Take care.


    1. Ministry of Pain

      Ministry of Pain

      Thanks WB,

      I actually am more of a tennis player but yeah golf is pretty much everywhere here in Florida, especially South Florida and also the Central Florida region from Tampa to Orlando has a ton of courses. 

      My larger point was embracing the younger peeps and how they view the NFL. I've fought it and now I'm not fighting it as much. 


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