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  1. Going on my 4th hour. Do I call a doc or order room service and light up a smoke?
  2. We are faced with a dilemma. Belichick has delivered on his promise to make the Patriots great again, playing chess while most of his his adversaries play checkers. But, in doing so, he has clearly cut some corners and has demonstrated to be a bully from time to time. He is easy to not like, even with his success and promises kept. In our zeal to impeach him AND demonstrate our own superiority, are we allowed to cheat in greater proportion to that which he has offended us? And if we do, who is more guilty of abuse of power and obstruction of justice?
  3. Ha! There’s a growing pattern of third world sports infiltrating America.
  4. Can we actually trust the viewers to decide what’s best for themselves? Not only that, but perhaps we should pre-empt future decisions they might make?
  5. When that happens, and you are correct, do we double-down on stoopid or admit we were wrong?
  6. Ha! I think there's momentum already in this direction. Not just the sponsor lead-ins like your examples, but uniforms from all sports are slowly morphing into NASCAR jumpsuits with blanket coverage of sponsor patches. Even my precious golf, some of these guys polo's look like billboards.
  7. As a long time hockey fan, I didn't need it but thought the fire trail on slap shots was cool! They do a sort of similar thing in golf now. I'm going with side-line babes. They should all wear the Captain Obvious uniform when they waste our time with, "Coach says they need to tackle better." "Coach says they need to cut down on penalties." "Coach says so-and-so broke his arm and is doubtful to return." Yeah, I know, some of them are babes. But still . . . . .
  8. No surprise to read that Lamar will get pulled early tonight if the game is in hand. Anybody worried about a reduced role for Ingram?
  9. I lost by 5. Completing that TD pass would have been nice!
  10. Practiced Friday, not on the injury report. Good, now I can find something else to worry about in Round 1.
  11. I wish you had cleared up KC’s backfield for me in Week 1! 😉
  12. Similar spot here. Thinking of dropping Bo for a WW block, as I don’t think he’s startable for two weeks.
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