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  1. The perception that there is a generational talent at QB coming into the draft is more common than you think. https://thespun.com/acc/clemson-tigers/mel-kiper-names-better-nfl-prospect-joe-burrow-or-trevor-lawrence Last year Kiper thought Burrow was a better prospect than "generational" prospect, Trevor Lawrence.
  2. Every year there are one or two QBs that some segment of the college fan base believes will become a stud. How many highly touted college QBs actually become elite NFL QBs? Is the hit rate even 50%? I think not. That's why Watson is the pick for me.
  3. Can’t see any legit argument for Foles over Wentz long term. “Good Foles” is really good and can win a Super bowl, but he has been around many years and “Bad Foles” is an endemic part of his game. We had Bad Foles earlier this year and he doesn’t even look like a solid backup. That is what Nick Foles is. You can gamble on him when you need to, but he can just as easily bury your season.
  4. I'm not excited about the Wentz matchup against the Cowboys defense. What they did to the Saints is troubling.
  5. Well, it's a bummer day for me as a dynasty owner of both Wentz and Watson. A little internet research pulled up this interesting tidbit: "However, because their performance is less tied to lower body speed and explosiveness, 12 out of the 13 of NFL quarterbacks studied after ACL surgeries were able to resume playing at pre-injury levels." https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/may/11/acl-injuries-sports-athletes-careers I'm keeping my fingers crossed both these guys can come back and resume blowtorching the league.
  6. I thought Watson was a sell high last week. Now I think he will just ride out all of the negative narratives to a forty TD season and then people will spend the entire offseason trying to figure out what happened.
  7. On pace for 38 TDs. He has 11 TDs in the last three games.
  8. I'm trying to temper my excitement, but it is hard not to see this guy as possibly elite in the coming years. It is still early and I supposed defenses might be able to find some weakness to exploit with more tape, but his skill set, intelligence, work ethic and demeanor really has me thinking he could be the next great QB (i.e., better than the guys drafted in 2015 and 2014). Imagine what he could be with a true WR1 talent catching his passes.
  9. Indicted. Could get up to a year in jail. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/15385945/johnny-manziel-indicted-alleged-attack-ex-girlfriend
  10. Martavis missed practice on Monday. I hope nothing is wrong, particularly of the suspension type. http://www.pennlive.com/steelers/index.ssf/2015/11/steeler_tomlin_martavis_bryant.html
  11. I don't know what you are talking about. I listen to 93.7 here in Pittsburgh, because I don't really listen to music, and it's the "best" sports talk station here. I didn't post anything yesterday, because I wasn't able to re-watch the game until yesterday afternoon, then I was watching MNF.I admitted that I under-estimated Bryant. After watching the Jets game again, yesterday, it became abundantly clear that he is (and probably will remain) a big part of the Steeler's plan in the RZ. That, coupled with his size/speed, will make him a valuable FF WR. When you combine that with the fact th
  12. I am not thinking of him as a WR1. If he is a WR2 as a breakout rookie, I am happy.
  13. I don't understand why people think Bryant will top off at around 5 targets a game. He has only played three NFL games in his career. The way I look at it, if Bryant had done this in weeks 1-3 people would look at his 150+ yards and 5 TDs and see tremendous upside.
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