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  1. Maybe not a “perfect” burger, but lately I’ve been keeping it simple: white onion, mustard, shredded lettuce, and thick-sliced dill pickles. Salty heaven on a bun.
  2. Can’t spell “monolith” without “mono”. Those guys are now patient zero for the 2021 pandemic. Suck it, China!
  3. 9 y/o TR junior has his own iPod and Bluetooth speaker... the kid loves music. Tonight I hear him in the shower, speaker blaring while he’s singing at the top of his lungs: “Space Truckin’” , followed by “New York Groove” I’m chalking it up as another dad win.
  4. I can’t believe nobody here has suggested Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Heard about it from a buddy when we were doing hard time together a Maine prison. Sounds nice...
  5. I get a flu shot every year. The last time I got the flu was about 10 years ago, and it was miserable. Although getting the shot is no guarantee to keeping the flu away, I liken it to having insurance: better to have it & not need it, than to need it & not have it. An ounce of prevention for me. I'll take a sore shoulder for a day, if it means I have a greater chance of not getting a crappy virus down the line.
  6. Tracking shows package delivered to @Mr. Ected’s address on 9/11 at 3:25pm. I’m unable to update the spreadsheet on my phone for some reason. Hope you enjoy 👍
  7. We were late to the game, but I just sent @Mr. Ected his swag bag. Hope it gets there safely... I'm curious to see if he digs it.
  8. Just read this thread for the first time and have a newfound renewed faith in y’all. What a fantastic idea for morale. I hate that I missed the deadline... (unless someone would like to add me now in a “supplemental draft, I can make the deadline.) I’ll look for the next thread and will gladly jump in . Cheers!
  9. MXC is available on Tubi TV. It's free to download, but likely already included on your device. I binged the first season one day with TR Jr and laughed until my face hurt. It holds up extremely well.
  10. Mars Needs Guitars is one of my favorite albums from my college days. Fun, fun album. Side note: In May, my son bought me a Cult “Sonic Temple” tshirt for my birthday. With the amount of compliments I’ve received from random people while wearing it, you’d think I was actually in the band.
  11. It’s July 4th. People shoot fireworks. Always have. It’s also in the middle of the most unique pandemic response any of us have ever lived through. Stay at home. Social distance. Kids out of school since Spring Break with a summer of no sleepovers or get togethers. Protests and riots. Oh, and fireworks shows everywhere get cancelled. Why some folks were so surprised/outraged by fireworks this year is beyond me. Blacks, whites, conservatives, liberals, poor, wealthy - everyone’s angry or offended, but every social circle loves to shoot off fireworks. We all buy them from the same tents on the side of the road, look at the demographics next time you’re buying some. They’re affordable for everyone, traditional for everyone, and fun as hell. And we all enjoy shooting the hell out of them on the same night. Yeah, some folks got crazy with the “just one night” thing, or started a week (or two) too early, happens every year. And I’ll agree, it was WAY more noticeable this year. But this year, can we really blame ourselves? Independence Day fireworks were one of the few “normal” things left to do in 2020 that didn’t have to follow its new rules and lifestyle changes. And I think a lot of people needed it.
  12. Y’all got a mattress? My dad had a ‘72 Dodge land boat, and I LOVED laying across the rear dash under the glass as we drove down the road. Mowing the yard at 10y/o, wearing flip flops, after pulling the starter cord with my foot on top of the mower. Jumping into my friend’s pool off the roof of his garage. We had to get a pretty good running start for that one. Buying a Rambo-style knife (with hollowed compass handle for storage) from the flea market, and then wearing it on my belt at the grocery store, mall, arcade, etc. Playing late night doorbell dash at random neighbors’ homes. No security cameras (but not many home invasions those days either.)
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