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  1. A flat breaking ball that just spins and never actually breaks
  2. Anyone (not @shuke obvs, lol) going to even try to beat @Capella & I, or should we go ahead and declare a winner?
  3. Hey, earlier this spring did anyone tell you Burnes was better than Woodruff? That'd be wild, if it happened.
  4. Just ban jokes. Then when that doesn't work, you can ban the next thing you look down on. Don't give up, don't ever give up.
  5. Burnes & Berrios both have one going through 6.
  6. I'm liking where this thread is going. I won't like it when it's abandoned by 4/10/21
  7. it's a delusional thread, but it's a thread
  8. Any of you nerds a Houston Rockets or Brooklyn Nets fan and want a Harden /10? GIVE ME YOUR MONEY.
  9. Can you imagine being the dummy who accidentally let his mlb.tv subscription renew at full price?
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