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  1. Follow up: Who the hell uses a mustard bottle as a flask? Not like you're going to purge that bottle of all it's mustard flavor.
  2. Who the hell brings a mustard bottle to a game???? Honestly, the highlight of the day.
  3. I'm extremely worried we only have about 3 more months of 1980 jokes about UGA. Going to be a sad day.
  4. UGA OU Penn St Cincinnati UGA vs Penn St in the Championship UGA wins their two games by a combined score of 3497237 - 2
  5. Shouldn't rank them behind Iowa. 1. UGA 2. Bama 3 - 130. Irrelevant Nothing has changed
  6. I've been unemployed for about 3 months, and start a new job Monday. New job is in an office. This is the first time I haven't worked from home since April 2008. This is going to eat liquid ###.
  7. Brian Harsin now has more wins in Baton Rouge, Athens, or Tuscaloosa than Malzahn ever did. Harsin 1-0 against those 3 away from Auburn. Malzahn was 0-14.
  8. I suggested this exact thing, except best of 7, to some friends today. It's a pointless ### season at this point. All I have to root for is UGA to not win a national title, so I can continue to make 1980 jokes.
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