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  1. Shane Baz making his MLB debut for the Rays tonight. To recap: Glasnow, Meadows, Baz all for Archer, who is currently on the Rays. This may go down as the worst trade ever.
  2. Watched a 2019 Museum Soccer break last night on the whatnot app. 3 spot hit draft @ $220/spot. one guy had two of the three spots and won the top two. two best cards in the box was a weston mckinnie 1/1 tri patch, and a haaland jumbo rpa /50. that's somewhere between $5k - $7k in cards he won for $440.
  3. The answer was "No. No one will try and you will coast through the season." @Capella @shuke @CakeKing4Life #blessed
  4. I'll tattoo Saban's face on my left ball if there's that many undefeated teams after 12 games.
  5. I used to get so wound up for opening weekend. Now, I don't even know what channel Auburn is on this weekend, and I'm not sure who they're playing. Plus with Gus gone, I don't have anything to ##### at. What am I supposed to do? Watch a mediocre team with severe talent issues, but the person responsible for this #### show isn't around to cuss? Me, Saturday night
  6. Future MVP Josh Jung will be in Arlington next spring, to right the ship.
  7. Congrats on beating a #### program run into the ground by a #### coach. Not sure what that has to do with games in the north, but you need a win so take this one.
  8. I'm a big fan of the narrative, "if those southern schools would come north in november, we'd finally beat them." Under 40 degrees and Saban/Dabo/Jimbo/etc forget how to coach. FOH
  9. I'm not trying to piss anyone off. My team is mediocre, I knew a rebuild was coming when I took it over. If people don't like the way I'm going about this, I can step away
  10. Callaghan's is legit, both the bar and burger. If you get a chance, try it.
  11. Should've clarified, it was a personal break. So my spot was $1100. Pretty pretty stupid on my part. But blind ### luck worked out.
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