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  1. Was able to move half of my position of BTC at $65,000. Looking to move into ETH now.
  2. 2nd QB spot. Mac Jones vs. Heinike Yardage is key metric.
  3. 12 team re-draft. I'll be dropping him tonight so I can keep either the Dallas D or Bass.
  4. COIN This is 7% of my IRA - holding for loooong term.
  5. I am. I need to hold long term. I got in way too high and will just hold.
  6. https://open.spotify.com/track/4e23vKHDVQXHvoqzXiYqUm?si=FEqM9ERxQ0CDyGGO_m6GRA
  7. I bought a few of these because I like the art.’ https://opensea.io/Oxygens?tab=created
  8. https://twitter.com/RaoulGMI/status/1449032246149722119?s=20
  9. Yes..OpenSea. I see the transaction in metamask, but it's not translating to anything showing in Opensea.
  10. So I got the ETH in my metamask and I made a small purchase yesterday just to test the process and now I can't find the ####### NFT that I bought.
  11. Good to know where this team is. Lot's to do in the off season. At least a lot of young guys got some good experience. Not going to beat this team with walks and pitching from behind in the count. LaRussa making questionable calls as well. Bring back Ozzie.
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