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  1. Do you really think anybody here thinks that their "anecdotal lack of interest matters in the slightest"? (Not that I even recall very many saying they "lack interest") Ok. What's the point? it just comes off as whining. Is there some productive aspect I don't understand? Is this some form of emotional release that the rest of the board is going to benefit from? to me, I think it's blatantly obvious the product is terrible ... it's just masked by fantasy football and the amazing athleticism of the players.. the actual game itself sucks at this point
  2. If you touch Drew Brees, except in the designated area, its roughing the passer. For Drew Brees, the designated area apparently is the size of a dime right in the middle of his chest. hah! no joke, the Drew Brees roughing the passer call was what made me come post this... the guy did absolutely nothing wrong
  3. How is that any different than soccer, basketball, or whatever sport you would watch instead of football? I guess it's not really... basketball has gone down this road as well... my two favorite sports are both borderline unbearable to watch now
  4. what is a catch? / what is pass interference? / what is roughing the passer? are these games even fun to watch anymore? I find myself getting upset and frustrated with all the calls and ultimately choppy flow of the game. if you weren't involved with fantasy/had a team to root for, would this be a good product to watch? I say no
  5. I know you guys don't like Spam, so no link included... had been building this list over the first few weeks of the season, here's my first set of ranked devy rankings... obviously there's some guys who are going pro this season, but figured I'd include them anyway shout out to twitter, which without the constant streamline of info, I wouldn't know who half these players were... if you're not on yet... you crazy foos QBs 1. Teddy Bridgewater Louisville JR 2.Jameis Winston Florida St Freshman 3. Marcus Mariota Oregon RS Soph 4. Christian Hackenberg Penn St Freshman 5. Brett Hundley UCLA Soph 6. Sean Mannion Oregon St JR 7. Johnny Manziel Texas A&M RS Soph 8. Ford Childress West Virginia Freshman 9. Bryce Petty Baylor JR 10. Kevin Hogan Stanford JR 11.Maxwell Smith Kentucky Sophomore 12. Jared Goff California Freshman RBs 1.Todd Gurley Georgia Soph 2.Melvin Gordon Wisconsin RS Soph 3.TJ Yeldon Alabama Soph 4.Alex Collins Arkansas Freshman 5.Mike Davis South Carolina Soph 6.Lache Seastrunk Baylor JR 7.Bishop Sankey Washington JR 8.Jeremy Hill LSU RS Soph 9.Ka'Deem Carey Arizona JR 10.Ameer Abdullah Nebraska JR 11.Jonathan Williams Arkansas Soph 12.Duke Johnson Miami Soph 13.Keith Marshall Georgia Soph 14.Romar Morris North Carolina RS Soph 15.Tre Madden USC Soph 16.Jamaal Williams BYU Soph 17.Paul James Rutgers JR WR 1. Sammy Watkins Clemson JR 2. Marqise Lee USC JR 3. Mike Evans Texas A&M RS Soph 4. Stefon Diggs Maryland Soph 5. Davante Adams Fresno State RS Soph 6. Amari Cooper Alabama Soph 7. Leonte Carroo Rutgers Soph 8. Nelson Agholor USC Soph 9. Laquon Treadwell Ole Miss Fresh 10. Dorial Green-Beckham Missouri Soph 11.Sean Price Apalachian State RS Soph 12. Allen Robinson Penn St JR 13. Odell Beckam LSU JR 14. Paul Richardson Colorado JR 15. Brandin Cooks Oregon St JR 16. Jarvis Landry LSU JR 17. Antwan Goodley Baylor JR 18. Chris Harper California Soph 19. Shaq Roland South Carolina Soph 20.Sammie Coates Auburn Soph 21. DaVante Parker Louisville JR 22. Devon Cajuste stanford JR 23. Rashad Greene Florida St JR TE 1. Eric Ebron North Carolina JR 2. Devin Funchess Michigan Soph 3. Austin Seferian-Jenkins Washington JR 4. Jace Amaro Texas Tech JR 5. Colt Lyerla Oregon JR
  6. True, but he was also hurt by the fact that he played on one of the worst passing teams in the country. Almost everyone MSU played sold out to stop the run.he sucks- A biased wisconsin fan LOL(perhaps I'm just bitter over the heartbreaking losses the past few years)
  7. Sounds like you're describing Eddie Lacy. Except he's 5 foot 11, 231. And faster. Bell seems sluggish to me. It's entirely possible you also have Lacy ranked over Bell, I'm just comparing them. yea, Lacey seems like a rich mans version of Bell, who actually has the potential to be a feature back
  8. Doesn't look like anything special to me. powerful, but honestly, hes just slow... and struggled against all good comp. his stats were inflated by the amount of carries he had and good games against teams like indianaThink so? I think he could be an effective hammer on a team like Tennessee. Short-term burst is something that can be improved upon with lower-body workouts, no? Any way he runs under a 4.5 forty?I think a niche like goaline/power back for a team like Tenn would probably be a good idea. dude can def move the pile, just not sure he can be anything more than that
  9. Doesn't look like anything special to me. powerful, but honestly, hes just slow... and struggled against all good comp. his stats were inflated by the amount of carries he had and good games against teams like indiana
  10. I like Miller, I think he has the potential to be a feature back, but I just don't see it in Miami for 2013. Even if Bush leaves, Thomas seemingly has a role. Perhaps an injury opens Miller up to a feature role(ala Spiller), but barring that it looks like a RBBC.Stranger things have happened and I have nothing against people being optimistic on Miller, but I don't share the same POV on 2013
  11. I actually do see differences in the guys at the top and I felt there is enough difference that the tiers were deserved.as it goes 1. calvin 2. green. 3. Julio 4. Dez 5. Demaryius I would not trade any of the former for the latter I.E. calvin for green, green for julio, julio for dez, dez for demaryius.I'm sure some have different opinions but the top WRs are coming in loud and clear for me this time around.hmmm, Mendenhall is an interesting one, I think hes a solid talent but I'm not sure where he goes and what type of role he will be in.You think hes for sure a feature back with his new team? seems more like a two down back with the way they used him in Pitt.
  12. Hmm, I have McCoy ranked #4 in my newest update.but either way, I think it's a big jumbled mess at the top. I kept 1-7 all one tier because their are so many variables heading into next year for all of them. I wouldn't question someone if they completely switched them going #7 to #1. Its preference IMO and largely dependent on how your building your team. I like Martin but I don't think hes the talent that any of the guys I ranked ahead of him are and I'm also worried about the long term sustainability of that Tampa Bay offense. There has been talk of them wanting to move on without Freeman and a big change like that could have negative affects on 2013 and beyond for Martin.
  13. The difference between Cobb and Nelson is the biggest thing that stuck out to me.I'm not against Nelson, I think teams had a better gameplan for the Packers deep ball this year and that is a big part of Nelson's game. I still think he is a good WR, just not what his stats were in 2011.I think Cobb has more opportunity for catches and yards in the way the offense is set up now.Just some stats to keep in mind. Nelson was injured very early in the 8th game. In the first 7 games, Nelson had produced: 40 receptions, 532 yards, 5 TDs.Prorated over 16 games, that gives: 91 receptions, 1216 yards, 11 TDs.He was producing 17.88 PPG in PPR leagues, which would prorate out to 286 points for the year. In 2011, he has 284 points. His prorated stats this year would have put him as the 8th highest scoring WR (9th in PPG).Even without the deep-ball as he has in 2011, he was doing very well -- and significantly better than Cobb.Interesting stats, good stuff.Again, I like Jordy, I don't think WR25 is an insult, when I put it all together though, I think Cobb simply has more value when you consider age and just how many things he is capable of doing on the field. Hes certainly not Percy Harvin, but hes in the ballpark. Cobb also gets some distance because he is 5 years younger. I think Cobb is special after the catch and through 2 years has shown immense progression, I'm not totally sure where his ceiling is but I'm not gonna be late to the party. As I mentioned in the first post of the update, when it was finally set and Cobb was #9 I didn't feel good about it, but I wouldn't trade anyone ranked lower than him straight up.
  14. Thanks man Wasn't the biggest fan of James game translating to the pros but he has looked pretty good late in the season and in the playoffs. Time will tell, I think Gore still has a year or two left and I'm still not sold on what exactly James role will be in the future. If he turns out to be a Darren Sproles type then top 10 isn't out of the question, I'm keeping him below the rest of the handcuffs until I get a better feel.
  15. The difference between Cobb and Nelson is the biggest thing that stuck out to me.I'm not against Nelson, I think teams had a better gameplan for the Packers deep ball this year and that is a big part of Nelson's game. I still think he is a good WR, just not what his stats were in 2011.I think Cobb has more opportunity for catches and yards in the way the offense is set up now.
  16. I'm giving Fleener a mulligan for 2012. I believe in his talent and I certainly believe in Luck's talent. It looks like the Colts offense is heading towards being a juggernaut in a few years and I would rather be early to the party than late. It seems logical to me to take the risk on Coby rather than take on all the already known's like Daniels, Miller, Pettigrew, Etc.I think the ceiling here is borderline elite, probably not on the Gronk or Graham level, but pretty close. I think Allen is a nice piece but not a huge threat to Fleener's role, he translated better to year 1 because he was already a good blocker, I think the long term will favor Fleener.
  17. 1/26/13http://fantasy-footballu.com/russell-clay-rankings/A lot has changed... Most notably for me is that I'm finally over my Brandon Lloyd stage, it feels good to be free lolThe RB position is really interesting to look at, a lot of turnover and I expect free agency and the draft to deeply affect RB13-30.Some Notable rankings:RG3 - QB9 I need to see him play again, if I see he can come back from this (mentally and physically) then I will move him back to QB2...Randall Cobb - WR9 ... I didn't want to put him there,It felt forced, but there really isn't much young competition for him other than the elite talentsDavid Wilson- RB13Russell Wilson -QB6Cecil Shorts- WR29Brandon Lloyd- WR49!!
  18. I realize he didn't play well this year... but his passing stats aren't that bad 64.1 completion % 3,600 yards(ehhh but I didn't want to be biased so I put it up anyway) 26 passing TDs 15 INTs QB rating 88.6 You really have to take into account who he was throwing to and how horrible his offensive line is. This team has imploded around him in recent years. Since week 9, when he got a competent weapon (Danario Alexander) weeks 9-17: Passing yards: 1960 completion %: 63.7% TDs: 16 Ints: 6 QB rating: 93.9 He also didn't throw a INT the last 4 weeks of the year 3 of those games against good pass Ds(Jets,Steelers and Panthers) Obviously the bigger issue is the fumbles... 7 fumbles lost this year? has that ever happened before? that is miserable and i have no reasoning to say that will change. All I am saying is the passing has gotten better and hes started to look like his old self again. In 2013 he should have Vincent Brown back, along with Danario again, giving him still below average receivers... but solid enough to help him out. They still need to address the line and TE along with WR but with a new GM and HC coming in , I'd imagine a lot of turnover from now to 2013
  19. Hey guys, I think it's time to start admitting Russell Wilson is and should be considered for ROY. He is straight ballin... we've never seen a rookie year like this before.
  20. Looks more like Arian Foster to meFoster? Nah. He is a smaller, quicker guy. Listed at about 200 pounds.He looks like more of a power guy than a speed/quicknss guy. I think he can add 10 lbs to that frame. No way hes gonna make it as a speed back in the NFL. To me it looks like his decision making and the way he can cut through blocks so smoothly is what sets him apart.
  21. Changed my mind. Just saw Wilson get ahead of the play and lead block for Lynch on a TD run... Russell Wilson could be ROY
  22. clean house folks... get him off your roster it feels phenomenal ... traded him before the trade deadline in 2 leagues... I suggest doing the same. I will always root for him, but hes not worth the hassle
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