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  1. Stuck in satan's Fourth of July weekend NH 94N traffic, I saw a boat with the name "Dirty Oar." ''Twas worth the traffic.
  2. My wife said she wanted pizza instead of quinoa salad for dinner tonight. I got an immediate boner. Is there anything wrong with that?
  3. Since these annual threads don't seem to get much traction - partly because I personally don't sustain them well as the OP - I figured we could go with an indefinite Pats thread. After speaking to other Pats fans, listening and reading reaction to the Pats season, the general consensus seems to be that the 2013 season was an overwhelming success. To think that they were one win away from making it to another Super Bowl with the team they had this year is really quite something. So, like 30 other teams have already begun, it's time to turn the page to 2014. I'm going to assemble some informat
  4. I didn't get to catch last week's game, so i was wondering what others thought of Hoyer. I have always been a big fan of him, and thought, given the right opportunity, he could make a pretty good starting QB - like a slightly watered-down Romo/Flacco mix. If provided a full offseason, I think he could build some good chemistry with Fitz - while not known for his deep ball, he makes pretty accurate moderate and short-length throws.
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