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  1. I am sure there are many drafts that are wrapping up so it's fun to see which rookies people drafted. Time to show off your new rookie picks! 1.04 - Rashaad Penny 3.04 - Baker Mayfield 3.07 - DaeSean Hamilton 4.04 - Jordan Wilkins
  2. For context, before this trade, my RB1 is Gurley and Crowell at RB2 so needed some depth. As for WR, I am set with Julio, Tyreek, Marqise Lee and Fitzgerald. As for what the Person X got for 2.12: Person X actually traded my 2019 1st rounder and my 2.12, along with Sterling Shepard, and received Juju, 2018 4.01, 2018 6.01
  3. Bumping this trade as the draft is nearing its completion for more clarity on what was taken: Traded: 1.12 - became Christian Kirk 2.12 - owner traded away, became Josh Rosen 2019 1st - projected to be late (10th-12th pick) 2019 3rd - projected to be late (10th-12th pick) Will Fuller Received 1.04 - Rashaad Penny 3.04 - Baker Mayfield Alex Collins
  4. The guy is currently in a full-blown rebuild and doesn't feel like he can compete with Alex Collins so might as well get something for the RB. He is pretty weak at RBs but he doesn't think he's contending anytime soon and would rather build up picks and try to get a solid young team for the future.
  5. Traded: 2018 1.12 rookie pick + 2018 2.12 rookie pick + 2019 1st + 2019 3rd + Will Fuller Received: 2018 1.04 rookie pick + 2018 3.04 rookie pick + Alex Collins I currently am on the clock and decided to go with Penny over Chubb.
  6. The 1.11 pick doesn't hold as strong value for the guys owning those QBs as those teams view them as their starting QB. To your point, I could have traded that pick for a QB, but don't think many teams would have nibbled.
  7. Trade 1 - I felt like I had the luxury of trading away a player like Cobb, but you are right that maybe I could have gotten more for him. Trade 2 - this move was done to fill my RB depth and starting RB 2 or 3 potentially Trade 3 - I am kind of high on Watson and yes it was a reach at 1.10, but gave up players that are luxury to me like Cameron. Since I had the 1.11 and the 2.01 I knew i was going to land a RB and QB so I could have swapped 1.11 to get Perine and 2.01 for Watson. You're absolutely right, my trades might not be equal, but I felt I had a surplus of assets to move things around.
  8. 12-team IDP 0.5 PPR with KR/PR yards Dynasty League - made a few splashes in the trades during the first 2 rounds of my rookie draft Trade 1 Team 1 (me) traded away: Randall Cobb, Cameron Brate, 2017 2.10 Pick Team 2: 2.01 Pick - became Semaje Perine Trade 2 Team 1 (me) traded away: 2017 1.10 Pick - became Njoku Team 3: Isaiah Crowell Trade 3 Team 1 (me) traded away: Cameron Meredith, Oliver Vernon, Avery Williamson, 2017 4.10 Pick, 2018 2nd Round Pick Team 4: 2017 1.11 Pick - became Deshaun Watson I traded a lot of pieces, but for context my roster was: QB - Rivers/Bradford/Siemian/Glennon (now Watson) WR - Julio Jones/Dez Bryant/Larry Fitzgerald/Tyreek Hill/Quincy Enunwa/Will Fuller (traded away Randall Cobb and Cameron Meredith) TE - Gronk/Kelce (traded away brate)
  9. I am really high on Fleener and could have gotten more. I had the trade bug itching me and figured trading up was good. Definitely a trade i would consider taking back if I could.
  10. Made 3 trades in my 12-team IDP KR+PR Dynasty league Gave: Coby Fleener+ 2016 2.12 (I have Kelce and Gronk) Acquired: 2016 2.01 (Will Fuller) Gave: Brock Osweiler Acquired: 2016 3.02 (Myles Jack) Gave: TJ Yeldon+Chandler Jones+Jamie Collins+Morgan Burnett Acquired: Dez Bryant (I gave up my RB3 and have good IDP depth) to bolster my WR2-3 slots
  11. What I think the consensus is that the Ram organization has given him the time AND weapons this year. As cliche as it may be: this truly is his make/break season.
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