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  1. Agreed. It’s tough to call guys week to week though. The end result of blooms recommended starts were probably better when viewed at an end of season lense last year. Not long ago I valued his opinions more than anyone on this site by a decent margin. Lately things have been different for whatever reason. I do hope he gets back to this for this season. It’s nice to see the paid football guys actually participating in the forum. That’s what it made it great years ago.
  2. i was woth them for about ten years and they didn’t do anything to keep me either lol. I’ve been doing the redzone thing for about three years now. I miss watching the actual games I want to see though I’ll tell you that. Hard to root for a specific team not seeing how they played the whole game and also very hard to analyze the rookies only catching glimpse of them on redzone. It was a lot of loot but I def miss it.
  3. I did almost the same exact thing in may. I was able to keep the third though!
  4. I offered my late ish 23’ 1st for Robinson straight up and was rejected with no counter.
  5. Redraft I’d have him at five. Dynasty startup id probably only take Kittle ahead of him
  6. I would for sure take sermon n Williams over vets in round five and beyond. I would only take pitts and Harris over them as far as rookies go. But that’s personal preference but some would consider it a reach anyway.
  7. My reply was based on dynasty startup drafts.
  8. In Dyno I’d be reaching for javonte and sermon in every draft. I’d also have lots of rookie and second year wrs by the end of the draft.
  9. Seeing the replies on shenault he seems to be a definite hold. I actually think this regime is better for him than the last. We’ll see if the production happens. No way I’m trading for a third rounded. If i could’ve had waddle or Marshall’s draft slot for him this year I would of sent em packing but outside of sermon who sometimes falls I don’t see anyone else I’d rather have that badly.
  10. Don’t push it bud take it and let him take pitts
  11. Yea I’m not sure either. Top qbs demand lots of value in any league I’ve ever been in. The Tannehills and goffs are only backups so they’ll never have high value in 1qb or even in a sf or 6pt league which I think is on par. IMO there’s No way guys like that should ever be more valuable than top 15-20 skill position players. If scoring dictates that as acceptable it’s only because the scoring devalues other positions.
  12. All my leagues are 4pt passing td one qb. Qbs always dominate the top ten in scoring.
  13. That would make them right up there with the top wrs for me. I’d draft a te every year.
  14. I picked him up. There was flashes last season. I’m not super optimistic but I’ll be patient with him to see how he fares.
  15. I have tier 1 stopping at pick for tier ends at pick 7 pick 8 starts a very long and unorganized third tier for me at this point.
  16. I think Hopkins and the seven pick is a legit offer for najee. In comparison i was offered the one pick for my aiyuk diontae and the ten pick. I don’t have much depth at wr besides those two and mclaurin and Dj Moore. We Start two to four wrs also. So makes it hard for me to pull the trigger since I won’t be picking again until pick thirty.
  17. Kudos to you for starting these threads. 2020 will be a tough year for evaluating rookies and shark pool has needed something like this for a while now.
  18. I agree. 100%. He was the number one an in my league. By a decent margin. Just figured I’d throw it out there since everyone thought burrow was the second coming and figured those feeling my still be present with big al. I know I’m burrow owner in a league and while I have lofty expectations I’d be happy as a hog rolling in crap to package him to get Herbert.
  19. Fwiw I was just offer burrow and tee Higgins for my josh Allen 1,3,4, and 5 and scoffed at it when I seen it. Not sure if that helps you put a value on burrow or not but it’s all I have to offer.
  20. I seem to be remembering Akers as having excellent efficiency and a lousy oline. I could be mistaken. But I do know for sure Akers made a lot of nothing more times then he ran through open lanes.
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