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  1. Between the above and this, this is starting to have the feel of a massive smoke screen by NY, with Russini the unwitting dupe.
  2. Just who in the Seven Hells is Nick Mullens? Even though it was against OAK, that was a pretty stellar start by a guy who I’ve never heard of before. Does this guy’s career have any legs? Who’s got the low down?
  3. Sounds like Masoli look might get a NFL before Manziel. Manziel isn’t good enough to get him off the field.
  4. It’s like he’s dedicated his life to being incredibly unlikable. I was listening to ESPN this morning and they are acting very excited for him and think he’ll do great in the CFL. Then you see this kind of stuff and wonder why they give him so much love. He still hasn’t grown up one iota.
  5. Say what ll? No question? Really? So put that last statement together with this one, and you get that Manziel has way more talent than all but a few of the Browns players over the last 20 years. In fact, according to you, there’s no question about it. Drinking early today or still drunk from last night? .
  6. So you think he told the Browns in predraft interviews that he wasn’t interested in film study, that he didn’t understand play scripting, that he was only interested in winging it playing QB, and that he wanted to party a lot more than he wanted to play pro football? The kid was a con man, plain and simple. And while he keeps saying it was his fault, when pressed he falls back to blaming CLE for his failure. This kid continues to not get it and has next to no awareness of how big a turd he is. Any NFL team would be nuts to extend themselves in any way to him. This is just more conn
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