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  1. Some backstory... I semi-anonymously blog about how adult life is affected by being molested as a child. I don't publicize it or monetize it. I think it's helped some people. During the Kavanaugh confirmation, Joe reached out to me and asked if I could help make the Kavanaugh discussion less ugly. I told him I was the wrong person for the job, but he persisted. A lot of people were asking "why didn't Ford say anything 30-some years ago?", I knew how a sexual assault victim would likely answer that question. So I answered it. For the most part, the response here was wonderful. A few reached out with some heartfelt words, and I privately shared with them where I've discussed things like that in more detail. There were a few who used it to disqualify me from the discussion, that I was too emotional to speak impartially about the subject, but that was a small minority, and consistent with previous behavior like disqualifying others from discussion because they are posting at the wrong time of day, wrong day of the week, live in the wrong part of the world to participate in the discussion, don't have an important enough job, have an unrelated hobby worthy of derision, changing their avatar on multiple occasions to troll... petty stuff of a starter kit for doxxing. But overall the good outweighed the bad. Anyway, that quote you pulled recently showed up as a submitted comment to a blog post. It was written by someone here. Took a little detective work but wasn't too hard to figure it out. The list of people here who cheer on Trump's record of sexual assaults, have some history of using others' past history to derail discussion, and encourage use of the last word of that quote is pretty short.
  2. Thank you for your kind words. And yeah, my last season writing for FBG was back when Priest Holmes was a first-round fantasy pick. So it’s been a while, glad that got cleared up for you, and my departure was about other work clogging my fall Sundays and was an amicable split with Joe and David. Anyway, someone here decided a good thing to say was “After Trump wins the election he’s gonna #### the dyke out of your daughter, Sunshine”. So thanks for the heads-up, I guess. If I Reported that, what’s gonna happen? A week suspension then right back at it? Get put on blast again for being too sensitive about being called “Sunshine”? Apparently one of the problems here is there’s too few people who want to either say something like that or keep the company of someone who would. Too many people biased against people of that ilk. So it’s not a fight I’m willing to undertake. I hope the author of that statement feels remorse for saying it. And the people who keep his company tell him it’s wrong even if they think it’s funny and I had it coming.
  3. There is a lot in this post that isn’t true. All of which has previously been explained to you that it isn’t true and why it isn’t true. Yet you persist.
  4. The Constitution disagrees. “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.”
  5. I may not know the names of all of my wife’s siblings, but I can spot the Kamchatka peninsula on a map thanks to Risk.
  6. Forgot which page of the Steele dossier cited the night Trump hoovered shneef off an awake cow’s teat.
  7. Had the popular vote determined the winner of the Presidential election in 2016 and Hillary Clinton became President instead of Donald Trump... I’d put the probability of a Republican-controlled House impeaching Hillary Clinton at 99% and the probability of more than one Democratic Senator voting to remove Clinton from office at about 1%.
  8. In his closing last night, Schiff referenced Vindman saying “Here, right matters” during his testimony before the House. The context of that statement was Vindman talking to his father, who had fled the Ukraine and came to the United States, and had lived under a regime where people who told the truth sometimes got killed for doing so. House Republicans were quick to accuse Vindman of having dual loyalties for telling the truth.
  9. I wonder if the proper tactic is to claim the President is not receiving a fair trial because McConnell is refusing to allow witnesses that would exonerate Trump to come forward and testify. Claim McConnell is covering up truths that would set Trump free.
  10. I like Joe a lot. I enjoyed working for him when I wrote game recaps for FBG in the early days of the site. I think we all need to remember Joe isn’t in the discussion board moderation business. He’s in the premium fantasy football content business. One of my favorite parts about Joe is his heightened sense of empathy. He talks a big game about empathy, and I think he sincerely tries to walk it like he talks it. I think Joe gets it right a lot more often than he gets it wrong. Joe is misrepresenting what happened. He doesn’t seem interested in correcting that. I am not sure why, but he has made his choice and is not interested in changing his mind. FWIW, it wasn’t my intention to report another user for calling someone “Sunshine”. I didn’t think it was Inappropriate Content and I didn’t check that button. I don’t think that term is patently offensive and I didn’t think it was suspension-worthy. And yeah, Joe has singled me out in the past for using the term “snowflake” and says the biggest problem here is contempt for people, but now he’s going to shame people for being too sensitive. My intention was to alert the moderators, who say they see 1% or so of the content here, that there might be a problem brewing in a high-traffic, high-emotion thread, the way someone might alert others that a storm is approaching. The comment was made by a user who has a history of being more interested in picking fights than discussing the topic at hand, and as the day progressed there were multiple pleas from participants in the thread to stop replying to the guy because it was getting in the way of discussion. I reached out to Joe privately about this, explaining my intentions and apologizing for misunderstanding the purpose of the feature. As you can see from his followup posts, he has chosen to reject my explanation. I hope Joe’s decision to go the shaming route helps him sell more premium fantasy football content.
  11. Wow. Of all the great moments Schiff has had the past year or so, those eight minutes are the brightest.
  12. What are the top 2-3 examples of hypocrisy you would like to see the defense raise?
  13. BTW, Fox News is showing the video of the trial. But once Schiff finished his portion, Fox dropped the audio of it and has their studio heads running commentary. So people tuning in to Fox News to see the trial aren’t hearing it. ———— When Nadler fired up the video of Graham arguing a crime wasn’t necessary to warrant removal from office, Graham wasn’t in the room. He probably saw it coming. ETA: Nadler’s presentation also included quotes from Jonathan Turley and Allan Dershowitz circa 1998 arguing a crime wasn’t necessary to remove a President from office.
  14. In the future, I’ll edit a one-line post like the one you quoted to include the follow-up rather than make it a separate post. My mistake posting like that without considering people who are tracking the thread without also watching the trial.
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