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  1. I'll be really ####### disappointed if @Binky The Doormat isn't there to be part of the acceptance speech in some way.
  2. https://yourlocalepidemiologist.substack.com/p/acip-meeting-for-the-pfizer-adolescent? Bottom Line: Things are looking good. Well, not just good, they are looking great. This trial was as clean as it can get. There is nothing (big) we didn't expect. This vaccine is incredibly safe. And works incredibly well. I strongly support the use of this vaccine among those aged 12+. And this is urgent. If I had an adolescent, I would get them the vaccine as soon as possible......
  3. Think of all the millions you would have saved doing this before you got married....
  4. Terry actually progressed quite a bit the last 6 weeks. He's gone from one good game out of every six games earlier in the year to about four out of five at the end. Comtois, Terry, Lundestrom all progressed nicely this year. Max Jones did a little bit and is going to be a solid 3rd/4th liner. Silfverburg, Heinen, Steel did very little all year. Silf they are saying was playing hurt from last year. They made great trades for A.Volkov (TB) and H.Fleury (CAR) at the deadline. Volkov can skate, score and play D. They stole him from TB for nothing, Fleury was solid every game he play
  5. Are you Cav drunk? Zegras is Kariya with Teemu's personality. Drysdale's skating..... I don't want to compare it to Scotty just yet... The vision each has for the game is off the charts. We get pick #1-4. Wonder who we will get.
  6. Why make them wait? Just let CAL/VAN play at the same time. They aren't in the playoffs, but should play so lottery is worked out correctly.
  7. After story one, karma had a good day. How do you say that to an 8 year old.
  8. I don't recall ever seeing so much about Willie's BDay in the news as I have for this BDay. Maybe because he turned 90. Glad to see it all. My dad passed away 15 years ago. He shared the same BDay as Willie, but was four years older. So as a kid of 8, always had a fondness for Willie because of this, and Mick as we share the same BDay. 1968 was kinda late in each of their careers, so I didn't get the full effect like Wikkid did for sure. My son, who graduated from Boise St yesterday, was given a Willie Mays autographed ball when he was four by a good friend/customer when we went to
  9. Wait until you've been there two years if you can to avoid paying taxes on that gain.
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