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  1. So had a weird thing happen today late in the afternoon. Had my medical office call me to give me some follow up instructions because my monthly reading for warfarin level was too high this month. At the end, I ask her if I can get the vaccine. (I'm 61.5 w/heart issue). She says no, but has heard that Walmart Pharmacy is taking everyone. (State of Idaho says my group will be in next batch to be approved). So I call the Walmart Phramacy, and my wife, son and I are getting the Pfizer dose Monday at 9:15am. My son (almost 24) has had heart issues his entire life. I get the both of
  2. gally is like almost always on. and these things take like 14 months to complete. Bizarre even thinking about skipping him.
  3. Ryan Mura@RyanMura 6h fans attending sabres games can choose to have their vaccine shot during intermission. for an additional cost you can also be euthanized
  4. There's been solid support on just about every dip for a month now.
  5. Idaho 61 with conditions and can't get it yet. I should be next month. State went from bottom ten to top 5 in the country for doses given last week. 40 percent over 65 have had a shot. Unemployment rate is lowest in the country Tax revenue surplus during the pandemic. People are still moving here in huge numbers. Sold my rental in 20 hours last night. . Listed at 385k. Sold for 455k.
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