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  1. Idaho 61 with conditions and can't get it yet. I should be next month. State went from bottom ten to top 5 in the country for doses given last week. 40 percent over 65 have had a shot. Unemployment rate is lowest in the country Tax revenue surplus during the pandemic. People are still moving here in huge numbers. Sold my rental in 20 hours last night. . Listed at 385k. Sold for 455k.
  2. https://insiderfinancial.com/leronlimab-trial-results-all-but-certain-pointing-to-approval-for-cytodyn/181078/?fbclid=IwAR14rtp_eWMQLtADD4Tg5YupV8KQE_QW38aLYSUlNvnFEMB6qQNHOLeBBMA
  3. I see that on Fidelity also. But the graph price chart with the volume bar chart at the bottom on Fidelity adds up to 16.5
  4. 8.2 mil shares traded in the first 30 minutes. This type of whip saw action is usually a bottom. Almost 3x the amount of shares traded in any 30-minute period in the last month.
  5. LOL.. I was quoting a movie. I can picture the guy saying it, and can not remember the name of the movie.
  6. the kid that brought it to school got suspended. LOL
  7. Can't grade what I can't read. I can't get through something really long w/o losing my place.
  8. Your command of the English language is so much greater than mine. So I am honored by your acknowledgment here. My 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Brakesman (who appeared on Playboy the year before), would also be proud that I actually took something other than a woody away from her class.
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