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  1. 1st Pfizer just injected. Had never been more excited to visit a WalMart.
  2. Thanks. Single shot is certainly easier, and the time span is between 5:00 pm on Tuesday vs 8 am Thursday. Hmmm...
  3. I become eligible next Tuesday and had signed up for a Pfizer shot at WalMart that day. Last night, I was helping someone else get an appointment and a bunch of J&J shots opened up at a different WalMart two days later. I grabbed one with the intention of canceling my Tuesday appointment, but now I'm hedging given that Pfizer is more effective. Can anyone chime in on which appointment they would keep?
  4. Son and I visited Macalester last week on our midwest college road trip and it came off really well - felt like an almost ideal location in St Paul. However, he's pretty much decided that a small LAC most likely isn't for him. In context though, both of us strongly preferred Mac to Carleton, where he didn't really like the campus or the "feel" and had a very negative reaction to Northfield. It's gonna be interesting to see if his thoughts on LACs change when he visits Middlebury, which is isolated like Carleton but I'm guessing has a totally different campus vibe than both Minnesota schools
  5. At least in MD, I think politics could be playing a role, but not for the reasons Mrs. Z thinks. Obviously the below is anecdotal, so take it with a whole heaping pile of salt if you want. My father lives in a verrrry rural part of Maryland. As someone over 75, he was in group 1B, and registered for the vaccine immediately. Got in no sweat - and there wasn't much of a crowd for either of his appointments. Of the dozen or so of his close friends and siblings who are 1B or 1C, only four have signed up for the shot. With one exception, the only discernable difference between the two gro
  6. Not typically one to talk about my health on the internet but figured this could actually help a fellow FBG one day. TL; DR: If you have calf pain and have been on a longish flight or car ride, don't screw around: get to the doctor. And even if you haven't flown, be aware of the signs. DVTs kill up to 100,000 Americans per year. https://www.stoptheclot.org/learn_more/signs-and-symptoms-of-blood-clots/ About 4 years ago, maybe a week after getting back from vacation in the Caribbean, I started having pretty significant tightness in my left calf and just assumed it was over-exe
  7. Really stoked that things worked out so perfectly for floppinho. My wife and I were public school people too and had never even thought about other options. My son (8th grader at the time) totally drove the bus - not because the local public was poor but because he found a private school on his own that he believed would be a better fit. None of us have regretted the decision for even a second.
  8. Hmmm. I've been trying, and it's certainly better than Heaven... and Teeth Dreams, but I just like the songs on Thrashing better. My continued reaction seems to be that it all just sounds so adult. Worst of all, the second Unpleasant Breakfast came on, I sat up and took notice. But as I was telling @JZillayesterday, that ridiculous "woooo" in the chorus kills a great song. Regardless, I keep listening and hoping it clicks. And as much as I would like to, I'll refrain from asking about the "woooo" next time I get tickets for a soundcheck/Q&A.
  9. Ha, I'm the guy giving dirty looks now (though I definitely never let my kid or dogs play in the road). These days, it's usually at the amazon delivery drivers who are hitting 40 mph on our 25 mph neighborhood streets. I know what you mean about the loud engine though - my wife has a really loud sports car and she sometimes gets the disapproving head shake even when she's going below the speed limit - that extra engine roar when she downshifts from third to second seems to really freak out pedestrians.
  10. So much this. And the fallout from not shoveling brings up another annoyance. When people in our neighborhood don't shovel their sidewalks, everyone has to walk their dogs in the street. Luckily, the primary road has bike lanes (and no one is riding their bikes in the snow) so you don't actually have to walk in traffic. But: When on a road, walk facing traffic!!! Almost every day, I feel like I'm playing chicken with people walking with their backs to traffic who expect me to move out of their way. Unless it's someone with a little kid or someone really old, at this point, I
  11. It's the thing I've missed most. This time last year, I was in Athens, GA for 3 nights of Drive-By Truckers annual homecoming shows. Nothing since. I hope the guy who puts on the living room shows where we saw Archers of Loaf singer has a banner schedule planned for late 2021 and 2022.
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