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  1. At least we should auto-qualify as the primary host in 2026, right? Hope I'm still alive then.
  2. Where did you see DBT? Went to their Baltimore show weekend-before last with a few other long-lost FBGs and FBgals. They were the last show I saw pre-pandemic and the first I've been to since. And you convinced me. Gonna order paramount plus instead of watching on Telemundo just for the studio show.
  3. Pretty good seats, at least for one half of the action. The crowd that's here is great, but not a ton of us. Lower bowl looks like it's gonna be filled. They only sold tix on one side of the middle and upper tiers, and those seats are maybe half full. https://imgur.com/a/gkt1iKz
  4. Let's hope not. But thanks for reminding me to check the door camera.
  5. Getting ready to board the flight to Nashville. Never been nervous about flying, so not sure if the unsettled feeling is due to COVID fears heading into bachelorette central or lingering memories of the last qualifier I attended in person (CR in north Jersey).
  6. Man, I get tons of flak from IRL folks for hating on DC too much, but it was already starting to turn by the end of the 90s, and now it's just completely soulless. [Note: I had typed out a long rant about why I abhor the new DC so much, but thought the better of it.] I did like Lucky Bar, and had been to the Big Hunt once or twice, but when I was in town for work, my hangout was the original Stoney's on 13th and L. It was one of the last real dives in NW DC - a place where other patrons first question to you wasn't "Where do you work?" followed by "What's your grade?" Stoney's had great comfort food before comfort food became a thing (meatloaf, hot turkey sandwiches, grilled cheese), cheap beer, and clientele of cops, reporters, drunks, derelicts, and pimps. The working girls from the stroll (back when DC had a stroll) would come in to use the facilities and buy smokes. All were welcome. Sadly, the landlord sold the building to go condo and the new Stoney's moved to P Street across from the Whole Foods and just wasn't the same. Back in the early-mid 90s, we would drive to DC during the summer or over winter break to hit up the kind of freak scenes that didn't exist on the eastern shore of Maryland. Tracks down on Half Street (which had one straight night per week); Nation also on Half Street; Asylum in Exile on U Street; the Insect Club on E Street; and Club Heaven and Hell in Adams Morgan (for an amazing 80s-alternative night). Man, despite the fact that I was completely broke back then, I miss still those times.
  7. I'm sure they changed it at some point. I just know the misplaced hyphen was there one night in the summer of 2005 when I was down in DC for work and met @Ramsay Hunt Experienceat the only bar I liked near DuPont Circle.
  8. Hilarious - it was Lucky Bar (which I realize was way more than a "Burger Bar.")
  9. So much to dissect here. I miss my roach coach outside our Philly office so much - probably the bacon/egg/crystal hot sauce on a long roll that I would allow myself every Friday morning even more than the water dogs. My Baltimore office is in the burbs, so ended up trading dog carts for free parking. Whenever I'm visiting our DC building, I grab a half-smoke from the truck the next block over. The prices seem to be all over the place, depending on whether you're perceived as a Fed or a tourist (we're near Air and Space). Sometimes my half-smoke, chips, and can of soda is <$4 and other times it's like $8.50. At this point, I just fork over whatever the lady tells me. One malaprop comes to mind. Years ago, I was at a burger place that advertised as "Home of the Big ###-Burger." I thought about telling the bartender about the misplaced hyphen and what it meant about their ground meat, but then figured he had heard it a zillion times already. And this is really just idiocy instead of a malaprop - the pizza place where I worked for many summers in OCMD had a big marquee out on Coastal Highway, and on Sunday nights, the owner usually asked me to change out the letters to a new message. It required standing on a tall ladder near whizzing traffic and using a pole with suction cups to make the words from lettered plastic slats, invariably dropping a bunch onto the parking lot or sidewalk below as the suction lost grip, thus leading to frequent trips up and down the ladder and dinged up or broken slats. I hated this. One Sunday night late in the summer, meaning we were running low on letters since so many had been ruined over the previous months, the boss decided he wanted to advertise our homemade pies and cheesecakes by putting "Desserts, Desserts" on both sides of the marquee. Not only was it a stupid message, but we had no commas (I don't think we ever did) and only 5 "S' tiles. I told him we couldn't do it because we didn't have the right letters, and he told me to just use one "S" in dessert. I tried to refuse. He insisted. So I climbed up the ladder, took down the old message, and put up "Desert Desert." I'm already mortified, only for things to be made worse by the countless cars driving by yelling things like "You spelled 'Dessert" wrong you idiot!" Good times...
  10. The core runs on a hardwired older PC. The interface is either on a mini Samsung tablet or my phone.
  11. I love Roon - can't recommend it highly enough. I have a Devialet integrated in the basement that's Roon Ready and everything is completely seamless. My primary system is analog but I bought an Arcam streamer that's Roon Ready for when I'm listening to digital upstairs. I also have a couple of portable Bluesound speakers that are Roon Ready too. Perfect for a party where all four zones can run off of the Roon app.
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