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  1. I already pointed out why that's irrelevant- yes, things can change quickly if you go from one of the worst to one of the best QBs in the NFL in the offseason. That's not even a possibility for Arizona so it's moot. Yes, Murray can play better next year (or not), but it's simply not possible for him to go from 2019 Winston levels to 2020 Brady levels. You also mentioned that you'd trust Watt's opinion, but has he even come out and said that he thinks the Cardinals give him the best chance to win? Even if he does it has to be taken with a huge grain of salt considering what else is he goin
  2. Yes, obviously that's what I said. Just refuting your terrible comparison.
  3. True, we can't "know" that, but your examples aren't good comparisons at all IMO. The Bucs replaced a terrible QB with the GOAT, and Miami replaced a horrid coaching staff and added 3 1st round picks (and still didn't even make the playoffs). The Cards won't be doing either of those, and signing Watt may mean they can't sign Reddick and/or Peterson, so even their pass rush/defense may not be an improvement over last year. They also have the most roster spots to fill in the NFL and not a lot of money to do it with. It would be shocking IMO if they were serious contenders for a championship
  4. Who said he should have? People are just pointing out, rightly so IMO, that he didn't go to a team that would have given him the best chance at winning. so it certainly doesn't seem like that was at the top of his list.
  5. They're in the link. Just recently GME ~doubled when the borrow cost was much lower than this and tanked ~40% when it was slightly higher. A 9% (now 4.8% btw) fee isn't propelling the stock higher. More than we'll ever know IMO.
  6. I have to hand it to the FDA advisory committee, they somehow managed to ONCE AGAIN nail the exact date and time that they would finish analyzing the data to be able to recommend approval of another vaccine. Uncanny.
  7. I get it, you desperately want it to be true. The numbers don't really support it though (back to 450K available btw).
  8. Look at what the rate was on the 24th, when GME skyrocketed, or Friday a.m., when it dropped from ~$140 to ~$86.
  9. Yeah, it's only up 400% over the last year!
  10. Hilton is an UFA. It's an upgrade over Philly, but they don't have a ton of pass catching weapons either. If they're smart they'll take the air out of the ball with Taylor and their defense and not put a ton on Wentz's shoulders.
  11. Well sure, but that's a big "if". Wentz is broken right now, but going to a much better team, o-line, and coach will fix some of that right off the bat. If they can get him back to 2017 form it'll be a steal, if it's 2020 it'll be bad, so there's both upside and downside- that's what makes it "fair" IMO. The whole reason I started posting in here is because most of you guys were complaining that 2 2nd round picks was terrible value for Wentz and I disagreed. He was just traded for a 3rd and a conditional 2nd that could be a 1st in 2022, which is pretty equal to 2 2nds (could be more, c
  12. His contract is going to depend on how he does- if he plays like he did last year, it'll be awful for the Colts. If it's more like 2017, it'll be a steal. More than likely it'll be somewhere in the middle and relatively fair. I get it, and maybe it's easier for me since I'm not a Philly fan, but that's really a separate issue. Looking at this deal right now for this specific situation, he did pretty damn well. The fact that he screwed up before or may screw up the picks certainly should factor into your overall opinion, but not on this specific deal.
  13. And now supposedly the Bears never even made an offer. Getting a conditional 2nd that could turn into a 1 (fairly easily) is quite the haul for Wentz IMO considering Reich was bidding against himself it seems.
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