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  1. Bob Condotta @bcondotta Seahawks have officially placed Russell Wilson and Chris Carson on Injured Reserve and activated CB Tre Brown and OL Ethan Pocic off of IR. 7:02 PM · Oct 15, 2021·Twitter Web App
  2. Of course some will be positive and some will be negative. What I and others in this thread are saying is that the ratio of negativity is far greater than is justified. Sure, if you want to discuss the last roster spot, knock yourself out. However, 4 guys posting about it, and multiple posts about if from you? Again, just seems way overboard, especially when so few people post in here in the first place. Your ratio of posts with negative comments is way higher than that, but I will say that now expecting a team who has way outperformed your expectations so far against very tough competition to come up short of their current pace when the competition is much less difficult the rest of the way may be the most optimistic thing I've read in here in a while. Good luck, there's a lot to look forward to with the team. Not so much in here unfortunately.
  3. I would think so, but don't know for sure. Surely decomp molecules would get into any soft surfaces carpet, headliner and seats. I'm sure how long it takes for a body to start smelling. Thanks for sending out the GG bat signal guys.
  4. I wouldn't call the brush very broad when it's only a handful of regular posters, but if you notice I'm only replying to you because you quoted me first, and I'm generally saying "you guys". You didn't complain about Linsley's salary, but the other guy did (we went back and forth), even went so far as to change the thread title. Don't really feel like rehashing all of this, but you've been wrong about more than that- you thought they may only be favored in 1 of their first 7 games, wouldn't be surprised if they started off 2-5, etc. IMO it's pretty safe to say paying Henry that money would have been a massive mistake. He's averaging $12.5 mil per year, which is tied for the 4th highest salary for a TE, and he's certainly not a top 5 TE. They're getting better production out of the Cook/Parham combo at a fraction of the cost- that's how you build a roster, not by overpaying mediocre players like Henry. Let's be real, if you were making the call you would have let Williams walk and signed Henry instead- how many games would that have cost the Chargers already this year? Again, not meant as a dig at you, just pointing out that the team got those calls right. It just seems so nitpicky. Multiple posts from multiple people expressing their dismay at releasing their ~#5 WR Tyron Johnson, an UDFA who was cut like 4 times prior to this and who has 1 catch for 6 yards this year on a team with much less competition for targets. Complaining about the kicking situation, even after they actually try to improve it by bringing in someone else. Complaining about not having enough depth when there are limited resources and they had a ton of work to do on the starting line-up first. Etc. I really don't think I'm blowing it out of proportion, there is no shortage of misery in here, and I'm not the only one saying it- heck, even some of the regulars admit that you guys are crazy pessimistic. It's just strange to me when I see far, far more reasons to be optimistic than pessimistic, and most of the criticisms are unrealistic. No one can upgrade every position on the field including back-ups, it's simply not possible. Again, if it was 80/20 positive (like it should be IMO) we wouldn't be having this conversation. It's skewed way more towards the negative, but I've said my piece and I'll let you get back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  5. Just being honest, but from reading the posts in here it isn't clear that you guys do understand it. Sure (again, just like every team in the NFL), and they also could have made some different decisions that would have been disastrous both short and long term, including several that you guys have talked about. You guys wanted to pay Henry way too much money, didn't want to pay Williams his money, thought they gave the best center in the league too much money, etc. I mean, how many times do you have to be wrong before reality sets in that this team is pretty good and may actually know what they're doing? The Chargers had a phenomenal offseason, made massive upgrades in coaching staff and offensive line, and the first two rounds of the draft couldn't have possibly gone better, yet you complain over and over about their 3rd round picks (which rarely hit for anyone). Complain about letting Tyron Johnson go. Complain that they didn't sign great back-up O-linemen. Complain about the kicker. Etc. Anyway, there's a reason there are so few "fans" posting in here. Who wants to wallow in this unjustified misery? It should be at least 80/20 on the positive side in here yet it's more like the opposite. Thank goodness you aren't a Lions, Jags, or Jets fan, I'd really be worried about your wellbeing. Carry on, I know you will...
  6. I wasn't being literal, you may want to relax a bit. That is the tone out of the two of you for the most part though. Of course there are opportunities for improvement. Every single team in the NFL has opportunities for improvement. The point is, there are constraints outside of "let's just go sign whoever we want". The salary cap is a huge deal in the NFL, you can't just go out and spend whatever someone asks for because it might improve your team a little. By the way, cap space rolls over, so any they don't use this year will be applied to the future- it isn't a "use it or lose it" situation. You also have other factors, like scheme fit, player desires, agent relationships, how they fit in the clubhouse, etc. You can criticize some of their draft picks if you like, but again, no one bats a thousand, including yourself- you've been wrong plenty of times in here. I don't say that to be critical, just to point out that it's a very inexact science with a fairly low hit rate. If your "bar" is perfection, well of course the Chargers came up short, just like everyone else on the planet. Obviously that's a completely unrealistic and absurd bar- by any reasonable measure, the Chargers had a fantastic offseason and are one of the best teams in the NFL right now with a phenom at QB. It's seems miserable to dwell on the negative when the vast majority is positive.
  7. Oh come on, there are plenty of organizations that have been worse than the Chargers over the years. The funny thing to me is how unrealistic most of you are- "it's a complete failure that we didn't add 4 more all-pro offensive linemen, and 3 stud DTs, and why on earth couldn't they get Justin Tucker?" The Chargers had a terrific offseason, one of if not the very best in the entire league. Enjoy it.
  8. Against the pass, yes. Against the run they were 25th last year and now are without Chubb. IMO their numbers this year against the run are a mirage, they blew out 3 of the worst teams in the NFL. Pittsburgh, who had the worst rushing offense in the NFL, just shredded that Denver run defense. That terrible rushing performance falls squarely on the shoulders of their washed up RB's (and Harbaugh for trotting them out there).
  9. Seems pretty likely that there is something (perhaps more than one thing) that they aren't enamored with. Like you said, it could very well be off the field as well. The reality is we may never know what it is as they tend to keep things in house. Harbaugh has a history of playing the less effective veteran RBs over the more effective but inexperienced ones. He played Le'Ron McClain and Willis McGahee (and their 3.9 ypc) over Rice his rookie year, even making Rice inactive for some games late in the season (Rice had a huge game at one point when McGahee was injured but it didn't matter, he went right back to 2nd/3rd fiddle after). He played Alex Collins (and his 3.6 ypc) over Edwards in his rookie year. Then he played a washed Ingram over Dobbins last year. In 2 out of 3 of those cases he saw the light approx. half way through the year and started playing the younger RBs more, so there's the possibility the same happens with Williams at some point this year. Time will tell.
  10. And as I already said, his ypc over the last 3 years is completely meaningless for how he looks and performs right now. I didn't quote you because you'll just move the goalposts yet again, but here you go, just a few times where you said he looks as good as he ever has. Can't wait until you say I'm misquoting or misrepresenting you again. This last post of yours is priceless. You've been wrong about almost everything you've posted in here, like almost a complete 180 from reality, and all you've done is troll. You traded the guy away in week 1, have said multiple times that you've said enough about Williams, yet you continue to come back into this thread and post the same incorrect crap over and over, like saying he got benched for missing a block that couldn't possibly have happened because it came on their last offensive play of the game. It's textbook trolling, and the lack of self awareness by you is off the charts. Sorry board, won't get sucked in again.
  11. I misrepresent nor misquote nothing. Can't have it both ways- either he's always been a plodder (the guy who ran a 4.38 at 223 lbs), or he isn't as good as he used to be (which everyone else on the planet can admit besides you). Have a nice day.
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