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  1. Hope they don't re-hack and demand more since their crypto took a dump overnight.
  2. Yep. At least this one has a P/E though!
  3. I'd take Harris. You said you really need a RB, and in a non-ppr I'd be mildly surprised if both Chase and Pitts go before RB#2. Worst case you get RB's 1 and 2, which isn't so bad in your situation.
  4. The point is, you're projecting- not a single person has said Henderson is going away as you claim, while others have said it's going to be a full on rbbc. Sure, which is why I put the disclaimer that nothing is guaranteed. However, Higbee had 3 1/2 seasons of nothing prior to that, and that good stretch came while Everett was injured. There were red flags all over that "surge".
  5. I don't see anyone saying that Henderson is going away, but I do see some suggesting a full on split, which you "liked". This is a high-powered offense that got better with Stafford, and 124 RB touches were freed up by not bring Brown back. The last 6 weeks showed a very clear trend, so while nothing is guaranteed, it certainly seems like Akers is poised to have a huge year as the lead RB even with Henderson getting his ~8-10 touches per game.
  6. That HUGE stinker came when he played with a high ankle sprain (the same injury that landed Henderson on IR). I think he deserves a pass on that one. When you see what happened the last ~6 weeks of their season it's hard to come away thinking anything but this is Akers' backfield. Henderson will have a role, but he'll be playing 2nd fiddle.
  7. Terrible jobs report sends Nasdaq 🚀.
  8. I'm assuming the pending approval of 12-15 year olds will help with that, at least temporarily. I've read that it's just a smaller dose using the same vials, is that accurate? Are you planning on administering to this age group in the very near future, or do you anticipate that being handled more by the mass vax sites in the beginning?
  9. I agree with the general theme of risk management, volatility, etc, but where I disagree is about this specific quarterly report. Yes, it was expected to be "soft", but clearly not this soft. It's not just "a penny or two" miss on the EPS either- they missed big time on revenues, and margins, orders/backlog, expenses, etc. were all worse than expected. I own the stock and I'm trying to find reasons to be positive as well, but man, I don't see how anyone can objectively think anything other than that was simply an awful report which was far worse than expected. Clearly the market is tellin
  10. Yep. I've mentioned this before but the moves in many of these names have been so extreme that some of them could get cut in half from here and still be a double or triple from pre-pandemic levels. I don't expect it to happen, but it's always a possibility if they fall completely out of favor. There's really no "valuation" to fall back on either. FSLY getting smoked after their earnings report.
  11. Yeah, I apologize if that seems snarky, not my intent. Like I said, it's just a pet peeve of mine. I value his opinion which is why I asked. FYI I own it and bought some more on the weakness, but I certainly didn't expect the quarter to be that bad (nor did the market obviously). It's not just this report either, the last one wasn't good and the stock's been in a clear downtrend for ~3 months now. I guess I was just hoping for something more substantial than "it was expected".
  12. Link to where they were warning about this for months? The pet peeve isn't small cap money losing companies being volatile lol, it's the "I knew it" or "this was expected" part. No, it wasn't expected to be this bad, if it was you wouldn't have been recommending people get and stay long at much higher levels than here. The stock certainly wouldn't have dropped 20% (and another 5-6% today) if it was "expected". Sure, it's possible this is just a temporary blip on the way to becoming a 10 bagger, but the quarter was a disaster, really no point in trying to put lipstick on a pig.
  13. Same here, but you and I both know nothing is changing on that front, so in the reality we're living in it would take months before a new vaccine was able to have an impact on any variants, which is a lot of pain, suffering, and death. Heck, by that time would could be dealing with yet another mutation- rinse, repeat. The longer a virus is around and the more cases there are the higher the chances of mutation. IMO the messaging shouldn't be "mutations are no big deal, we can knock them out in days" (particularly when it isn't true). I'm not saying we practice fear mongering, but something
  14. Development is only the first step- how long would it take to approve, manufacture, distribute, etc? It could be several months and lots more cases, sickness, and death- far from "no problem" IMO.
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