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  1. Hilton is an UFA. It's an upgrade over Philly, but they don't have a ton of pass catching weapons either. If they're smart they'll take the air out of the ball with Taylor and their defense and not put a ton on Wentz's shoulders.
  2. Well sure, but that's a big "if". Wentz is broken right now, but going to a much better team, o-line, and coach will fix some of that right off the bat. If they can get him back to 2017 form it'll be a steal, if it's 2020 it'll be bad, so there's both upside and downside- that's what makes it "fair" IMO. The whole reason I started posting in here is because most of you guys were complaining that 2 2nd round picks was terrible value for Wentz and I disagreed. He was just traded for a 3rd and a conditional 2nd that could be a 1st in 2022, which is pretty equal to 2 2nds (could be more, c
  3. His contract is going to depend on how he does- if he plays like he did last year, it'll be awful for the Colts. If it's more like 2017, it'll be a steal. More than likely it'll be somewhere in the middle and relatively fair. I get it, and maybe it's easier for me since I'm not a Philly fan, but that's really a separate issue. Looking at this deal right now for this specific situation, he did pretty damn well. The fact that he screwed up before or may screw up the picks certainly should factor into your overall opinion, but not on this specific deal.
  4. And now supposedly the Bears never even made an offer. Getting a conditional 2nd that could turn into a 1 (fairly easily) is quite the haul for Wentz IMO considering Reich was bidding against himself it seems.
  5. I don't necessarily disagree with you that they botched the situation, but that's irrelevant to what he's worth right now. He was atrocious last year and comes with a hefty contract- his current trade value was no where near where most of you wanted it to be, that seemed very obvious and now we have confirmation. Even if he does go on to turn it around with the Colts that wouldn't mean he would have done so had he stayed in Philly, completely different situations (much better chance in Indy IMO). He pretty much had to be traded and I think you got a decent return.
  6. Like I said, you guys vastly overrated Wentz and his trade value. It's a fair deal all things considered, honestly you're lucky the one guy who wanted him needed a QB.
  7. Lol at you "tried to walk me through it". You still don't get it, the Lions got a higher return in the Stafford deal because they agreed to take back a similar QB with a similarly bad contract to Wentz in Goff. Also, Stafford is a better QB who wasn't coming of a horrendous season and his contract wasn't an albatross. For some reason you continue to ignore the financial component of this. The best comp really is Goff- similar talent and contract to Wentz, and the Rams paid extra to get rid of him. In any event, I'll bow out as there's no sense going around in circles. IMO you guys are vas
  8. I mean, we have a pretty good idea of how the rest of the NFL values Wentz right now and it's no where near what you want it to be. Once again you aren't reading the words that I'm writing- it's not believe he "can" be a top QB, it's believe he "is" a top QB. There's no doubt about it, if any teams thought he "was" a top QB, the offers would be multiple 1's plus. When they only think he "can" be top 10, but also "can" be bottom 10, his value is much lower. Again, I'm not moving any goalposts. You mentioned those other trades, I simply pointed out that they aren't good comps because t
  9. I'm not sure how else to say it- of course they look at the entire body of work, if they only looked at the last 12 games no one would take him for free. That's my point, 2 second rounders is already pricing in somewhere between awful (last year) and great (2017). Yes, his overall body of work points to a QB that has the potential to be a top 10 guy in the league, but it also points to a QB that has the potential to be one of the worst QBs in the league. His "value" is somewhere in between those two extremes. I'm not moving the goal posts one iota. You brought up a hypothetical, that if t
  10. He's a "buy low" from his peak but not from his current season. Giving up 2 2nd rounders plus paying him that contract already prices in a good amount of improvement as no one would pay anything for the QB who was on the field last year. How many of those guys were coming off a season of being (arguably) the worst QB in the NFL AND had a massive contract? If he sucked again and wanted out, he's not going to rework his deal to make things better for Philly. If the reports are true, he's worth 2 future 2nd's right now (and that's only to 1 team). If he stays in Philly and sucks again t
  11. I mean, he's been available for a while now, it's pretty clear that's what the market is. It's fine if you don't want to move on for that price, but it's not like there isn't downside to that as well (yes, it could get worse) I don't participate in salary cap leagues but if I did, you're damn right I would. Vastly overpaying for poor performance is a death knell. It's not "just cause", it's 'cause they'd get 2 2nd rounders back and a bunch of dead weight off their books in the future. Yes, he's shown talent, but he's also shown horrendous play, and that MVP like season was a long time
  12. I know you guys are passionate about your team and all, but I find it hard to believe that you really think 2 2nd rounders for a guy who was one of the worst QB's in the NFL last year and has an albatross of a contract is an awful offer. I mean, the market is what the market is, and there are reasons why no one is beating down your door for him. Honestly Reich seems to have a pretty big ego, I'd take advantage of it before someone talks some sense into him.
  13. I don't think the Ravens have any intent (or flexibility) to pay him as a LT, not with that huge deal they gave Stanley. 2021 is the last year of his deal unless they want to franchise tag him. You don't want to deal with disgruntled players, I think if they get something pretty good for him he's gone. Sucks because they need more not fewer O-linemen.
  14. I think it's premature to say that he's a legitimate back-up QB, time will tell. I agree that the culture change signaling is worth something, however it seems a bit contradictory to say that it's good that they are rewarding their players but then say they will use that 2nd year as leverage against him for a new contract if he does well next year (you didn't say that, and I don't think they would really use it anyway- if he blows up they'll be happy to give him a bigger deal IMO). This is pretty much moot now that the details are out, but the big difference obviously is the 2nd year.
  15. I know, it was too long then as well. It was a forgone conclusion that they would pass, it shouldn't take so long to get approval.
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