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  1. I can get this explanation if he was just being assertive. I've been to parties before, I get it. I've never held a woman down and covered her mouth when she tried to scream. That's not an "all guys" moment.
  2. I think we need a separate thread just to sort through all the sexual misconduct allegations.
  3. My 401K tanked during the dotcom crash. Where was Obama then??? Probably playing golf.
  4. Eventually it will fall to an accounting intern named Dave.
  5. How Putin's Oligarchs got inside the Trump team? They were invited.
  6. It's Qanon and all of his friends lying to the pollsters.
  7. From the linked article: Same thing was mentioned in Rebecca Traister's twitter feed (sent to the wrong line). So... human error or malicious illegal purging of the rolls?
  8. As Q himself continually says "these people are stupid".
  9. "Guys, these people on a forum are posting evidence of Q lying what do I do?" "Just ignore them and paste more Q posts"
  10. Tennessee is winnable. Texas will be interesting and close, forcing the GOP to dedicate money there they wouldn't normally have to, but everyone in this thread knows he is a longshot to win there despite future hot takes we will see later. Texas is sort of like Hillary going around PA trying to win over Republicans to run up the score and failing to secure the important states.
  11. One of the creepier elements to this movement are the people looking for evidence of child porn and sharing it with each other. Just let that sink in for a minute.
  12. Q accidentally, but totally on purpose, posts his password.
  13. Q posts a photoshopped document as proof.
  14. Any update on addressing those failed predictions that require no interpretations or decode help whatsoever?
  15. Before I clicked on the video, I was going to make a "imagine if they were BBQing while black" joke. Turns out I I didn't have to imagine that.
  16. Beto wants to tax away your BBQ and give it away for free in the form of Healthcare. That's Socialism.
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