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  1. The one guy in particular that I saw on the news claims to live on the street and said there’s accidents all the time. Granted, I would imagine most of them are not single car accidents. Lack of skid marks does not mean lack of braking. In any case, you have a narrative that you feel comfortable sticking to and I doubt you are going to change your mind.
  2. You stated it is an “easy road”. I’m saying that other people are not agreeing with you. But apparently you seem to be the expert on what happened.
  3. People on the radio/news said that road has accidents all the time and when the sun comes up, you cant see anything.
  4. I live in MN where the opportunity for such a scenario to occur is high. I can assure, no one is ever fined. I'd liken it to people getting fined for not cutting grass. Can it happen? Sure. Does it...not really.
  5. How many episodes did you watch? I thought it was pretty funny myself. I think this is a case where if you like Kevin James, it’s the normal schtick. If you don’t like him, this will not change your mind.
  6. How would this be any different on any night where one loses an hour of sleep?
  7. I agree and the bolded is why I give credit to the Ds
  8. Thanks'. I would consider that blaming the nursing homes.
  9. Id be shocked if any criminal chargers were filed. That said, I'd love to see Chris interview him and bring out oversized handcuffs while the two enjoyed each other's company. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's top aide says the administration delayed the release of data on Covid-19 deaths of long-term care facility residents because of concerns about a potential federal investigation, a transcript of a call between the aide and state lawmakers shows. The now public data revealed thousands more confirmed and presumed Covid-19 deaths of long-term care facility residents than previously discl
  10. Correct me if my memory is off...I believe he at one point even blamed the nursing homes.
  11. Im kind of perplexed about all of this. Tons of people expressed outrage back when this happened and all the while, Cuomo was pedestalized for how great of a job he was doing. While waay to late for my liking, credit where credit is due, I firmly believe if this was a R governor, people on that side would be lining up to defend him.....I dont see that happening here. Yeah, yeah, if it was a R governor, it would have never happened. Thats not my point.
  12. I don’t understand how you make a mandate and not have it be deliberate? 6,326 COVID-positive residents were admitted to [nursing home] facilities" following Cuomo's mandate that nursing homes accept the readmission of Covid-positive patients from hospitals.
  13. In MN, you can register for the vaccine. It wont do anything for you other than you'll get notified when your turn is up. I cant for the life of me figure out why sexual orientation is one of the required fields?
  14. https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/706736-can-we-discuss-pet-peeves-here/?tab=comments#comment-16823737
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