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  1. I would not want a limit. HOWEVER, since this is an existing league, I wouldnt have an issue having a limit for say, the next two years. If it was a new draft, I would feel differently.
  2. Even if I chose to call them undocumented, that does not change the statement. Their entire existence here is illegal
  3. Who is talking about additional crimes? The fact that they are here means they are committing a crime. It doesn’t matter how you try to bend it or sugarcoat it or how much of a benefit you think they are to society. Their entire existence here is illegal.
  4. The part that you fail to acknowledge or seem to gloss over is, it isn’t a one and done crime. They are committing crime the entire duration of their stay here. your argument of dehumanizing them makes no sense. We give groups of people names in nearly every capacity. It doesn’t dehumanize them. It puts them into a group.
  5. And more importantly, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.
  6. Well, only one team per league can pick up the player you cherry picked. Looking at actual data, 80% of teams that simply drafted Dalvin Cook made the playoffs.
  7. That’s not data, but I’m not going to change your mind. I’ve seen plenty of guys roll up with their “expert consensus rankings”, draft accordingly and have no problem rolling into the playoffs. They were successful simply by drafting the players rated highest and not running into injuries. No matter what you or I think, @matuskiis correct. For the most part, everyone has the same information which was not true 15-20 years ago. It’s much easier today for someone with zero knowledge to draft a winning team.
  8. Needless to say, you have zero data to support this theory
  9. I am the kind of owner that would like people removed from dynasty leagues who don’t show up for 75 days and ignore trade offers. I get that there’s different levels of interest and priority, but I can’t stand playing in leagues with guys like that. As for analysis of players, I think @massraidercovered many of my thoughts pretty well.
  10. Suggesting Pitts will be drafted on a mediocre to bad team is nonsense. One, we have no idea where he will land. Two, if we are to speculate, most have him going to Atlanta, who was fifth in the league in passing yards a game. How good a team is doesnt always matter in FF. In fact, many times it is helpful if the team is bad/playing from behind. No, Pitts will likely not match Kelce, but Im not sure why that matters much? We dont even know the starting requirements for the OPs league.
  11. It used to be 99.8%. Now its getting to the point of about 50%. The rest dont remember a damn thing.
  12. "a big disparity in their premarital assets" doesnt really mean much without context. Is your friend a millionaire or does he think having a new truck and a 30K boat compared to her 2010 Honda Civic is a big disparity? Bottom line for me is, unless you have something that really needs protecting, Im against it. *I have no issue having one if it involves a family owned business or something along those lines.
  13. Based on his criminal record the presumptive time is 12 1/2 years for second-degree murder. I would imagine the judge is feeling a lot of pressure to go above that time
  14. I think she said she had to circle back. I kid, I kid. I don’t recall the exact wording, but something to the effect of Maxine Waters clarified it herself
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