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  1. No matter what Mixon does, it is not a good trade. He may be the best of the group, but he is not perceived to have that value. You over paid.
  2. I believe the current president called it an "unjustifiable dereliction of duty".
  3. The deadline is the same for everyone. It is a federal requirement, not a state one.
  4. Thats terrible. MN was slow to adapt as well...or so I thought, but I got mine in 2019. Hopefully things will open in the next couple months or TSA will extend the deadline yet again.
  5. Herbert, Hurts and Chubb. Can you trade away the others for draft picks?
  6. Other side of the spectrum....just saw Akers traded straight up for Kamara.
  7. Anyone who thinks they had record turnout because of voting boxes is delusional
  8. A bit odd. The black man that was quoted for the story didnt mention any of that....I assume because he has no proof it actually happened. Im glad we have an insider here at the FBG!
  9. I get it...you are a fan of Headline News. I personally couldnt care less and was simply answering a question.
  10. Dropbox laws didnt exist at all until now. They could have simply went back to pre-pandemic voting.
  11. No. 2023 pick doesnt change much for me. Lots to like about McCaffrey if hes back to the old Christian, but not enough to give up what I would say is essentially 4 first round picks.
  12. Reducing the number of boxes and moving them indoors does make the more secure, whether you admit it or not.
  13. I dont want to speak for John123, but it seems like maybe this guy, who is a right wing lawyer. https://legalinsurrection.com/author/law-of-self-defense/
  14. Not sure of a benefit per se, but the explanation: Drop boxes allow voters to submit their ballots early into locked containers, rather than relying on sending them in via post or standing in long lines on election day. Democrats say the new law reduces the number of these boxes, making it harder to vote. There will be fewer in forthcoming elections, but this needs to be put in context. Prior to the 2020 election, drop boxes weren't used in Georgia. They were brought in as part of emergency Covid action. The new law does significantly reduce the number of drop boxes fr
  15. Thats it? It is a blatant attempt to suppress black votes because they cant hand out food and drinks? Thats quite a stretch. If you want to call out the law, cool. If you want to make it out to be racist, i need to see a bit more than food and drink. One of America's first Black CEOs slams 'bone-headed' Georgia law as blatant attempt to suppress Black vote In the interview, the former Time Warner and CBS CEO slammed the Georgia law as "bone-headed," a blatant attempt to suppress the Black vote and a "ruse" that pretends to be aimed at safeguarding elections. Parsons, wh
  16. Multiple teams inquired about him and two weeks later they release him? Seems odd
  17. In this particular case, it’s pretty simple. Just publicly state why the game couldn’t of been moved to Thursday.
  18. One side is an emotionally charged set of parents. The other side is supposed to be rational and reasonable adults. Of course, do you want both sides to be reasonable adults but I personally expect more from the board.
  19. Duh- tails? WTF is this now?
  20. Agree with Dez and Z. I would tell them to stop, but probably wouldnt even slow my pace. I dont need to explain anything to them at that point.
  21. The sad part is, its not just a tournament. Some kids actually get their college offers based on how they play this weekend.
  22. With Hermantown out, the Gentry-EGF game is for the title.
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