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  1. There will be some leagues with stubborn (maybe rightfully so) Chubb owners, but many leagues will have a disappointed owner who likes a shiny new object at 1.7 - 1.12 in a rookie draft and will trade him for the pick. Happens frequently enough, that "highly doubting" is highly suspect.
  2. Based on everything I read, I see no reason he won't start week 1. Jordan Farmar (old Laker guard) once sprained an MCL (confirmed by MRI) and played in a game just days after the MRI. That said, I could see the Skins shutting Guice down for the rest of the preseason games (which is a bummer, because I want to see him play)
  3. Paying a top 3-4 rookie pick (1.2 even worse) was a big mistake for most that did. He won't help your team this year and you will be able to acquire him cheaper in the off-season next year (my guess is owners will be able to acquire him for a mid/late 1st.)
  4. RSJ - Will produce more than some TE's picked in the 8th round.
  5. One was an employee breaking the rules of employment multiple times, one was not an employee and hasnt broken a rule since being employed. If you are missing that crystal clear point, the dumb one is you. We all get punching a woman is worse than smoking weed. Why cant you understand the difference between breaking rules while employed versus being punished for something done years before employment?
  6. 12t ppr ffpc rules Trade happened during the draft after the players involved were drafted Team A traded D Cook, Perriman and 2018 2nd Team B traded L Miller and C Davis
  7. Same league Gurley and 3.12 was just traded for 1.2 Eta...same team that traded howard traded gurley
  8. 12t ppr qb rbrbwrwrwrte Not involved Team a gets 1.3 and 2.6 and 3.8 Team b gets j howard and 4.5
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