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  1. Find any dirty underwear lately?

  2. 2nd favorite Dr Detroit alias.

  3. what makes you a psycho?

  4. The Ravens offense scored 17 points on a good Steelers defense. Flacco could have played better, but you can hardly pin this loss on him. He's the best quarterback the Ravens have ever had in their history; it would be foolish to make a change.
  5. My dog's name is Mario. In the dream he watched "Gone With the Wind" with you on TV.

  6. Just had an awesome dream about you and my dog.

  7. Happy new year, snuggles!

  8. Yes, but I have crabs, so.... caveat mutuor.

  9. Hey buddy. Do you mind if I borrow your swim trunks?

  10. There's no way to know until the Colts make their offseason moves. If they let Addai go, Brown could have serious value. If not, or if they bring someone else in, he won't.
  11. I think this may be Ward's last year. His knees aren't what they used to be, and with labor problems looming I see him retiring. Sanders and Wallace are both better than him at this point; better to bow out gracefully.
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