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  1. I'm out for the day but Not ignoring your question. Let's talk about this next time. I DO think it will be interesting to discuss (new platform...what it may be...good...bad...etc).
  2. No, I was not. to be perfectly honest, I am on EST, I have been posting tonight for 3-4 hours (which I sometimes do but not often..I am usually on one day every 3-5 days or so. I am not one that sits on here all day every day)....and I'm just ready to call it a day and the person I replied to...well, we don't usually break new topics. We just reply to one another. So, TL/DR: I was saying I don't agree and I don't think we need to expound on it anymore tonight.
  3. Heavy-handed =lots of emphasis about politics without a lot of mincing of words. I think it will have user-generated content because they are accepting beta testers with an avenue for input.
  4. or.....go back to the way it was a year ago, avoid the possible influx of unvaccinated people, do NOT invest ridiculous amounts of resources and supplies on people who have not went through the proper procedures to gain access to our country.
  5. I don't speak in codes. I said and meant I expect it to be about politics...quite a lot...because the person bringing it to you is a politician and initially most people who participate will want to connect the common ground of their political interests and what they know of him and his political history.
  6. I just can't bring myself to believe that that many people could possibly be so poor at judging other people's character and intentions. We all know character assassination in politics is one of the original tools in the satchel. There are very few, if any, universally loved politicians. It is everyone's right to assign it a series of words if they want but largely irrelevant. People use these labels because they know they emit an emotional reaction from those who will support them.
  7. sure. And I think we can all say we know the exact opposite is true also. For every Barry Sanders there seems to be a dozen Ocho Cincos. Probably the reason Tik Tok, Instagram, FB, Twitter is so popular. There just seems to be some unhealthy notion ingrained these days that everyone NEEDS to know what we are eating, what we think about everything....
  8. I didn't know you were running an anti-Shutout campaign wishing to silence my voice here. I guess I appreciate the level of enthrallment you have taken to me. Be mindful though, your opinion may not correlate with that of others...and that's ok.
  9. I think you misinterpret what I meant. I meant Trump's activities are centered around money making while Biden's activities are crushing the country. But to answer, Yeah, it will be heavy-handed about politics because that is the source and that is the audience. It would be like if Tim the tool man Taylor opened one of these. He would talk about tools and power and his audience would come expecting that.
  10. I think there is a kernel of truth in that. Not to the degree a lot of people will take it but, yeah, that's part of his personality, just like it is to most super successful people who make fortunes. They all, by and large, are going to have some of those tendencies. I don't like that we saw that side of things with him sometimes but I don't condemn him for it, either, because it exists among a lot of high achievers.
  11. I don't know why but every time one of you guys throw out 3-4 posts back at someone and then you just can't resist posting a one word, dismissive reply, I can't help but think of it as like when you're significant other is super mad but they got nothing so they just say "Fine!" or "Whatever!" or "nothing".
  12. Think of it as you will. I am sure there are many people out there that say everything the Biden administration rolls out on a daily basis is just their latest "scam". Guess we call it what we will but, just my opinion, if we could say both are true conditions, at least what Trump is doing is business making money and not politics ruining a country.
  13. And we are getting a little deep in the road on this topic but it fits- Let's be honest, a lot of those people you say hate Trump (and they do), is because they could never control him. Politics is all about power and control and is extremely important to democrats (not saying it isn't to Republicans but Democrats openly WANT more governmental control and influence over people). And the media has gotten used to believing they are in on that aspect of having hands on the levers of power in the way they have cozied up to the Obama and Biden administrations. So, they don't like it when they can't control the narrative. Enter Trump. Some people have "F you" money. Trump and some select few have "F ME" money. The first is a way to disregard what people say to them but they must always be considerate that they can be dragged down and hurt financially in the process if the fighting gets too intense. The latter, however, is a way some people can stand in what they believe in without any regard for what happens, knowing that even if the whole world is against them, they can stand by their principles and those opposers can NOT hurt them in any meaningful way. That is Donald Trump. These people are powerless (without shady maybe illegal means) to do anything that gets to him and they can't stand that. It infuriates them that they could never control him. And here's the kicker: Sadly, much like some of the people in these forums, Donal Trump will have free real estate in these people's heads for the rest of their lives. Think about it, there are some guys in these forums and around the country that are probably 40-55 years old that, 30 years from now, will STILL be harboring thoughts about Donald Trump. Still blaming him for something. Still "but Trump"-ing about something.
  14. There you go. Only talk about Trump in a thread about TRUTH. I like that. 😀
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