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  1. Sorry. example there. Didn't mean to cause any of your guy's future championship teams a heart attack.
  2. If you are interested, check out Media Research Center and dive in there and you can see some pretty compelling numbers for various media outlets and how much they lean one way or another. One of the things that makes it hard to have these discussions in this ways is because there are so few conservative leaning media networks that it always seems to come back to "Fox" and that in itself is a problem because it paints a HUGE target on their back because they are so dominating in ratings and there is very little other places to go to collaborate or support. And if the other side says "CNN" then
  3. In all honesty, it is silly for either side to ask for a link because, to my knowledge, there is not one, let alone 5-6, sources that everyone would generally agree is fair and square down the middle and could reliably have a conversation or 4 and routinely use to back them up. It's not like @Faust dropping a rotoworld link on us saying Patrick Mahomes has tweeted he is out due to covid.
  4. It is very telling, isn't it? The remark made this weekend that sums it up best is "If your city is boarding up your shops in anticipation of the election, you've been electing Democrats for a while." That says volumes for people who have paid attention and is pretty sad because it shows the degree of pre-planned uncivil response which should never be in play.
  5. Excellent point and example. Talk about nailing it. You're right, its not rocket science. Its actually very logical when you take time to flesh it out but so many people these days don't have or don't want the capacity to understand how several moving parts fit together to work together. I guess if it can't fit into a Twitter post, it becomes too complex to bother with.
  6. Yes, exactly this. I know tax and tax law and global economy isn't everyone's cup of tea but it is amazing to see how many people will just blanket response and not even be open to the idea of learning how they are literally hurting themselves and the country(and the world) by dying on this hill that they simply can't stand 4 more years of economic prosperity because...well, It's Trump. Yeah, nobody bothers to think about how this $5T-$7T shortage doesn't add up. We simply don't live in a world today where true journalism and fact-finding is a skill/desire/expectation. Your numbers are
  7. Funny you mention Sweden in your example. A country that has been notoriously high in taxes for half a century. When the effective tax rate of citizens is 60-80% at any given time, depending on Parliament, there is a lot of leeway in what they can do. Again, understand that these are not mirror image comparisons. We are different from most countries in the world in a myriad of ways.
  8. That is petty. That's analogous to you, in 2016, training to run a marathon. You do it and run a couple of good marathons. Then, in 2020, you are in an accident that shatters your back and I'm standing there 8 months later and all I can say to you is "C'mon, man! I thought you said you could run marathons." You try to explain to explain you broke your back but I cut you off and point to the finish line. Things happen that change the present but its no reason to disregard the accomplishments of the past or the potential of the future.
  9. Typical response of a person who either didn't really read and comprehend the article or doesn't understand the bigger picture. You see, we are the 3rd most populated country on the planet.https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/population-by-country/ We are also the largest economy on the planet. https://www.investopedia.com/insights/worlds-top-economies/ While most people readily understand that discussions about countries in the pandemic are not apples to apples for many reasons (The nature of freedom in how each country is governed is, in itself, a huge factor hard t
  10. Please research before you assume that. https://ourworldindata.org/covid-health-economy If you have traveled out of the country, you see it quite differently. If this were not an election year with a politicized virus, a lot of people might actually say aloud how fortunate we are here in America.
  11. In some ways, the luck was given a helping hand by the Dems. Harry Reid using the nuclear option on the filibuster for what was a minor, short-sighted victory set this entire scenario up but, in the specific case of RBG, you have to at least wonder out loud why a woman who was in her early 80's and had battled cancer for nearly a decade didn't consider retiring when Obama was president and the dems controlled the senate. They could have hand-picked anyone they wanted at that time and also avoided this particular scenario.
  12. This is truth. I see on Twitter all the time, people who are just Blasting trump and begging people to vote for Biden are consistently, actually, literally using hashtags to #settleforjoe. America has never "settled". That is why we are a great country. A business partner of mine recently came back from traveling the entire eastern side of the USA and he said "I can tell you who is going to win the election. 1. Trump 2. Yard sale 3. Biden Because everywhere I travel, I see Trump signs all over...followed by yard sale signs...and sometimes a Biden sign." I though
  13. The problem with QBs who tear an ACL in terms of getting back to pre-injury form is mental and not physical. Physically, these guys are pros that know how to be regimented and dedicated to do what it takes to recover. Their support system, especially for a QB is top notch. But it is that mental aspect of sticking that leading leg out there and planting it in a way it is exposed that seems to take QBs a while to get back. Long term, I know these guys will be fine. But I don't think it will come quickly. I think, realistically, you are looking at something like Week 4 or 5 before Wentz i
  14. I will begin my comment by saying I am sure you know much more about the Steelers than I do so I'll accept the response if you shoot it down but.. I'm having a hard time buying that the Steelers can't or won't win it all if Ben throw a lot. It seems they have been most dangerous/ successful when they do just that ( except against the Ravens and patriots who seem to know the formula). The problem I see with anyteam, with rare exception, to the present formula is it is rare you can give aRB that many touches every week and still have him running on a full tank of gas in January. Defenses
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