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  1. Raising taxes are only necessary when the budget on spending is increased past the point to pay and that is a significant historical issue regarding difference of philosophy between the two parties. Democrats will say as you did- we need to raise taxes to fix it while Republicans will say you fix it (begin to correct at this stage) by minimizing government spending in the beginning, not once it is broken. But that is a majorconflict becausedemocrats love to expand influence in government and spend and bring more citizens to the government teet while Republicans do not. You don't a dollar in taxes raised when you only spend .90. but the way all these programs are being offered up, giving money out everywhere then I do see why people think the only way out is to have more to pay. That's not surprising. Many people living in this country are poor financial stewards with their own money. It is not surprising that they would also be with other people's as well. I think a famous person already said this long ago but that's the basic problem/failure with socialism movements. Sooner or later, you run out of other people's money to spend.
  2. As someone who owns real estate in a college town, I disagree to an extent. There has long been supporting data behind the facts that students transitioning from highs school to university life, especially when they are coming form somewhere outside the local community, fare much better with their grades, finances, and live in a safer atmosphere, by and large, when they establish that first year on campus. Just to state the other side.
  3. This part is important and deserves more people paying attention to it. During the civil Rights pushes in the 60's one of the aspects that was highly emphasized BY MINORITIES was the need of more presence and diverse representation in police, fire, healthcare, local government, etc. Now, 60 years later, we are witnessing a systematic stripping down of all those layers built during the past 60 years. Seemingly, at every turn, the push by government is to make people more dependent on them while, at the same time, making as many sections of the national community more divisive than it has been in over a half century.
  4. I guess the other side of this chicken-or-the-egg position would say something like "we have to start somewhere" or "if the government wasn't so quick to create situations where people rely on the government, they wouldn't be SOL". It's not a political game. It is political/financial management. No action will almost certainly lead to a poorer situation. Action, while perhaps not popular, and while certainly more difficult, is a necessity. But it cannot be left ignored. And it should not be painted like the opposing party is being criminalized. That would be like criticizing them for the failure existing. Like saying " well, we let the kids play in the street and they are now in danger but if you don't go out there and kill the motorists to save them from running over them, then YOU are the bad guys." Both sides have skin in the game but it should not be presented like the only option to fix it is to let it go and there is only one course of action (letting it go).
  5. The statement makes sense but looking at it in detail we should be aware that we have the issue where, for the entirety of our lives, we have been free to do something. Then one group was very aggressive and vocal in trying to take that away. Then the second group responded in an aggressive and vocal way to restore it to the previous status. The governor of New York said as recently as today that communities have the right and obligation to self defense for their communities and their freedoms. I think we could reasonably say that both sides are exercising their perspective of that right and obligation.
  6. You miss the point of the statement when you bury the lead and ignore the actual point being made. Instead of drilling down on the example (I had already said I'm pretty sure we all know that all politicians say things most of us take a double take on), focus on the entirety of the situation and how it is not applied equally to all of those in office.
  7. The amount of irony in this is breathtaking but I bet there won't be an inkling of call for Biden to produce information for the American people the way they hunted Trump over his taxes.
  8. Hunter joined the board in 2014. Shokin investigated it in 2014. Joe Biden leveraged $1B against Ukraine in 2016. The case was settled in 2017. Think of it as you will. Many people see it for what it is.
  9. I get your statement but I will say I highly doubt many people who make a career in the health field are going to work day to day and not feel empathy for patients or others in general.
  10. I think the true irony here is that you emphatically state what you argue against. Read your own statement and apply it the other way. If an unvaccinated person comes to be treated then.....insert YOUR statement...it is their JOB is to provide treatment. That's it. Which extends to the unvaccinated person the same stipulations as the vaccinated. It is not the position of the treating person to pass judgment. It is simply their job to provide the service they trained to do, got a job to do, and, hopefully, said they WANT to do for people. So instead of passing judgment, how about just do your job. And if you're tired of doing the job, remove yourself and let someone else do it. There is no shame in being tired or frustrated but you're not improving the situation by criticizing people for their choices, whether you agree with them or not. I am sure there are many doctors out there that treat lung cancer patients and spend a lot of their time on them, yet they don't agree with the patient's choice to smoke. Heck, my mom's General Practitioner doctor smoked and died of cancer. People are human and things happen when they make choices. people are inhumane when they don't respect basic rights of others.
  11. Yes, they do but the difference is Shows like Hannity and Tucker clearly identify as opinion talk shows while CNN and MSNBC carry out the same tactics all day long but are under the guise of reporting and journalism. Like I said, CNN, for example, lists Don Lemon as a journalist who reports the day's top news stories. They do not list him as an opinion talk show host. There is a difference.
  12. Probably steering off course a bit so we don't have to open this up but to be fair on this, it is not so much that any politician embellishes, falsifies to a degree, etc. As sad as it is to say, I think the majority of people expect dishonesty from politicians fairly routinely. But the issue own it is how Trump was always crucified for it while Joe Biden is completely overlooked. We had a certain high-profile newspaper actually have a full-time, dedicated "fact checker" assigned to Trump and that paper went out of its way to go to technical extremes to callout Trump. For example, when he said we left $74B in military equipment in Afghanistan, they pounced and said "No! It wasn't $74B." Then, in the same "fact check" they admitted they didn't know how much it was.....but they were CERTAIN it wasn't whatever Trump said. Instead of fact checking their sitting president, they tried to get technical towards the previous president. Yet this exact same "fact checker", when Biden came to office said "we aren't even going to do that anymore." Why? because, according to them, Biden just gaffs.. It's just Joe, you know? No big deal. So what they made a living off of for 4 years goes to the trash when they don't have someone they want to trash. It's not the instance of what a person does, it is the overt hypocrisy and unequal application of the issue that is despicable. And considering this is a party that talks all day long about equality, it is all the worse.
  13. I wasn't looking at anyone in particular but I think Don Lemon would be an example. He is listed and credited as an American journalist and hosts a show that is listed in its descriptor as a 2 hour show each weekday night reporting on the day's biggest news stories. He clearly promotes "talking points" and has strong opinions vs. other news reporters who simply report the information.
  14. Biden brags that he got the highest profile Ukranian prosecutor to back off an investigation of his own son after threatening to withhold money. Trump asks the Ukranian president to look into it. That was bloody murder and an impeachment. Yet, when Biden tells the Afghanistan prez to explicitly do this and that and save face and make him (biden) look good....well that is clearly all above board. You guys should be on your knees praying to whatever gods you believe in every day thanking them you have the media working to save your politician's rears because they sure can't function effectively themselves. Things change though. We will see.
  15. In addition to that, it is pretty clear the number being reported as "detained" or "deported" is absolutely false also. Some good reporting today from Jorge Ventura today who is physically there on site and has been. He outlined very well that what the WH is reporting as being turned around is really just a lot of talk and the action is that they are being distributed out with requests (not orders) to appear later. Basically, just a fancy way to be able to say they are doing something but in reality just turning them lose and not be able to hold anyone accountable when the refugees don't appear. And to make it even better...these people coming in through Del Rio aren't Refugees who are fleeing Haiti due to earthquakes, etc. They are people who have been in South America (Chile, etc) and are funneling through. Ventura was showing on camera a littering of ID cards these people were throwing on the ground before crossing. Why? Because the cards were ID cards issued by South American countries acknowledging them as refugees. SO they apparently have been in these other countries long enough to be established and listed as refugees from a prior time but now they are ditching the cards because they can't come into this country with that ID on them (otherwise the United States SHOULD say "hey, you are already accepted by another country as a refugee...back you go").
  16. I can tell you where some of them are going...Florida. It's been reported all day locally that there is a swarm of people coming into some of the Haitian neighborhoods the past few days. So, I am sure the next step will be to blame DeSantis when Covid spikes there again in a few weeks, ignoring completely that the current administration failed to screen any of these "refugees" before planting them in Florida. Honestly, this is about 1 degree removed from when the US used to give native Americans blankets with smallpox in them. Different times, same tactic. Inexcusable. It is pretty clear that the "action" the administration is taking down at Del Rio in particular is not connected to solving a BIG issue at all. It is simply a way to mitigate an eye sore that is getting a lot of attention and, deservedly so, creating a lot of bad PR.
  17. An important aspect that should be realized is that Tucker Carlson is NOT a journalist. He is purely a talk show host with topics to discuss. A lot of "journalists" on the other hand are supposed to be reporting news, not manufacturing it, yet they push talking points and agendas and ignore comitting any acts of journalism.
  18. There seems to be a large number of democrats that have said they would rather have nothing than something if they can't get the 'human infrastructure' bill passed as well. When pressed by some media, they see, to be at a loss of actually explaining why they would take this stance; opting instead to push out word salads that attempt to blame others because they will NOT support the 3.5 T bill.
  19. Wrong and wrong. IF you watched it at all before commenting on it, you would see she clearly had said "thanks guys" and was leaving before the question was asked. Think what you will. Some would stop and acknowledge the question. Others, like her boss, would shuffle off and ignore it completely. But either way, she didn't storm off after the question. And what you call "stupid" is actually very much a topic of interest among a lot of people around the country, regardless of political alliance. Why? Because it is potentially extremely important to the integrity of our nation. But if you personally find it stupid and don't "care a whit" about it because you don't care to acknowledge or defend it, at least do us the courtesy of allow the rest of us discuss it in peace.
  20. If you truly believe that then you obviously aren't honestly looking at the information out there. Why must you guys be so adamant towards dying on your hills? Would it kill you to commit an act of common sense and say, "yeah, Hunter Biden. It is pretty obvious this guy didn't get anywhere in life off his own merit and, yeah, it's pretty obvious that his father had some level of influence in this which would be a huge conflict of interest to national security and interests, given his position."
  21. If all you got is a snide remark that has no connection to the items I listed in the answer to the question, then I will assume you have no criticism of the core values I listed. I would suggest if you want to discuss spending trillions of dollar, check with the Democrats. They are in the process of increasing the national debt more in 9 months than the previous 12 years combined.
  22. I thought I was the only one who noticed that. I was blown away when she actually offered him the stage and said "tell me why you're asking this question". Maybe you are on to something. There might be some strange sexual tension brewing here.
  23. Conservatives believe in the freedoms and liberties ingrained in our founding documents. We support the Constitution as it is written–to protect, among other things, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to petition the government and the right to keep and bear arms. We believe in limited government influence over citizens and taxation only where necessary. We do not consider redistribution of wealth a necessary cause for taxation and believe that people should only find it necessary to turn to the government for help under extreme circumstances.Taxes should only be appropriated to finance the limited responsibilities of the government.
  24. SO, is this disaster something that should be impacting Biden and his decisions or Harris because isn't she the one who is supposed to be working on this?
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