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  1. http://ceramicgrillworks.com/products-page/product-category/large-2-tier-adjustable-swing-rack-system/ Love this thing.
  2. Just turned 10lbs of pork belly into about 8lbs of bacon. Bliss. Freaking egg does it all.
  3. That's what I said too. Instant free TicketI talked with them for a while today. Called in and asked for retention. She said she could give ST MAX to me for 6 months at $45. I said no, can I get it for free. No. What kind of deal can I get? I got it down to $34 for 6 months. Not bad...but not happy. So I said, what if I want to disconnect. Then we have to send you to the disconnect desk.Another nice lady. She explained it to me. Since I'm still under contract till next year (I got two free HD DVR receivers last year), I don't have much bargaining room. She dropped the price to $34
  4. Tis is such a great story. I iwhs i knew more about him other than what I have read. How likely is it he rushes for 500+? Can he have seven tds on the ground? Hate the bockering, and it is hard to find the information. Make your case for him or move on,please.
  5. I think he has a career year, but not yet elite. I think I like Freeman more to make a bigger jump.
  6. I have a year remaining on my contract as I was a new customer last year. I called last week and did the following: Said my wife was told that Verizon was cheaper, ST was too much since we thought it was free for two years and found out it was only one year, and that Verizon would assume out termination fees. This coupled with the loss of the Viacom stations had me seriously considering canceling. Was there anything they could do? They offered the Sunday ticket $199 package for free but would not upgrade. I was nice, said great and hung up. I called today and did this: My wife reminded m
  7. Anyone have recommendations on gloves to use for grilling? I had a pair but lost them in the move to my place and they still go hot. I want really high temp gloves, if possible.
  8. With the end of my school year this weekend, time to start firing up the Big Green Egg and make ribs, brisket, pulled pork, etc
  9. So after all this bull####, did you decide on how to proceed?
  10. Community Supported Agriculture...code for a box of local produce you pay double to have brought to you directly because you are such a nature lover stuck in the big city. It's a way for yuppies to feel better about all the other crap they ingest. It's like those idiots that buy Vitamix machines and then just use them to make milkshakes once a week.
  11. Bacon Bash Food Festival this Saturday. As long as it's good weather, I am going to kill some time here, drink a lot, and then make bad decisions
  12. How dare you haggle for the cost of the Sunday Ticket?! What? You negotiated a new price for your car, too?? You're gaming the system! And you didn't negotiate at the flea market did you? Communist!
  13. Way too much work there. 70% of that doesn't make a damn bit of difference. Especially on an egg.Probably right, but I like the way they come out. It's not that hard, just seems like a lot of steps when written down.
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