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  1. Huge fan of your mocks. Stars galore!

  2. Good stuff. Big fan.

  3. Wanna go halves on a bastard?

  4. So excited. Nipples rock hard.

  5. Only 4 stars? That's at least 2 stars too few!

  6. You're the hipple of PM's. Says I cannot respond to your message. :lol:

  7. No reason Harbaugh shouldn't roll with him for at least another week. And he looked fantastic vs. the Bears, not just with his rm but with his legs as well. If he's going to keep starting, he should be on your roster and possibly in your starting lineup.
  8. Helluva call in the pool. Impressive, sir.

  9. In the Niners/Lions game thread, several posters claimed Stafford was overrated. And they weren't just talking about his one game performance against a good defense but as a quarterback in general. He did have over 5,000 yards passing last year. 41 touchdowns vs. 16 interceptions. 5th best qb rating. That's pretty damned impressive. Only negatives I can even slightly come up with is the fact he lead the league in passing attempts, was 13th in ypa, and he throws the ball to Calvin (thus boosting his stats vs. those who have lesser weapons). ETA to add initial discussion from the game thread: S
  10. Not nearly the clever fisherman you think you are.

  11. Hey where are the white women at?

  12. Stay positive! Best of luck kicking ### in chemo!

  13. How's the mullet lookin' these days?

  14. hellow swc iam a big fan of your shtick and enjoy reading your posts you make me laugh because youre funny like joe pesci in home alone when he gets punched in balls im like lol wat that must hurt a lot like the time i steped on a nail with my foot and it went through and i was like lol ouw but it heeld up and my foot has a big scar that looks like a star and is rough when i touch it like a starfi

  15. Biggest pimp in the ffa.

  16. When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways--either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength.- Dalai Lama XIV Absolutely love this shtick.
  17. Hi, I'm here for the gangbang.

  18. Congratulations to you and the future Mrs. Probably time to change the "let her go slogan" in your picture.

  19. Big help. :starsinspades:

  20. Big fan of your Shark Pool work. Stars galore.

  21. Love your stories. :thumb:

  22. 7 stars for the musics.

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