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  1. The team really slumped not long ago but they're hot once more and within striking distance of the Rangers. If only the pitching would continue getting its act together this team could really go on a tear. And wish they could move past Sogard already. Nice guy and all but let's upgrade. No clue who that could be though. Maybe Grant will be ready this year.
  2. He should get together with the PT so he can work on getting in shape and boost his confidence levels.
  3. Can't imagine Russell will open with the club even if he blows up this spring, but it may indicate they're willing to call him up this year. More competition for 2nd is good. Hope someone earns it and not by default. I worry about the defense though. Pennington couldn't hit but that glove really helped the pitchers.Choice is apparently going to play out his career in triple a.
  4. Huge fan of your mocks. Stars galore!

  5. Marie has come a long wayholy crap.and she's hot.:lmao:Great tannershtick.
  6. I held onto this guy way too long last year waiting for his babip to start going up. Per Buster Olney, had the Justin Upton deal gone through to Seattle, John Jaso would have been moved to Oakland. Looks like Beane really wanted this guy.
  7. Fantastic posting, GPJ. Agree with you this was a strong offseason. I think Weeks will beat out Sizemore, but as long as one of them can actually hit this season we'll all be ecstatic. Definitely one of the biggest question marks this year. If Jemile will stop trying to hit home runs I could see him easily becoming a 270+ hitter. Thankfully there are a lot more right handed pitchers than southpaws. If Cespedes were okay with it I'd DH him most of the time. But I doubt he'd be cool with that. Smith will be pinched for playing time but injuries will surely happen and it's amazing to have that kind of bat just waiting to get plugged into the lineup.This team should definitely be a playoff contender.
  8. he may be overvalued in drafts next year. He has a low floor but they wont pass enough for him to be a stud fantasy qbHe was actually quite consistent as a fantasy producer in the games that he started. In my league with td passes worth 3 points, his lowest output was 18 points and his highest was 25. Certainly qualifies him to be a good low end QB1 option. I would agree that he's likely going to be overvalued in redraft next season but as a dynasty prospect the sky's the limit right now.I dont know imagine him with a full off-season and a training camp to be the #1 from the get go.Why would they limit his passing? kids got a cannon. The coaches need to get V.Davis involved all season long too. So where would you rank him today for 2013, as well as for dynasty purposes? I'd image we'd all agree he's a top 10-12 dynasty QB, but likely closer to the bottom of that list than the top. He won this game without running all over the place and with only 1 TD he's credited with, shows he can have off fantasy games.I'd rank Kaepernick in the top 10 for dynasty purposes. Arguably in the top 5 depending on your league scoring. Rushing yards from a qb are HUGE.
  9. Speaking of which, what are you weighing in at these days, gb?
  10. Those are fantasy football rankings. He finished the season sixth in my league and it's a ppr league. I actually traded Morris away this offseason (for Fitzgerald and a second rounder), but people need to stop dismissing him without really assessing his game and his situation. I still think people are spooked by his draft status and false perceptions about Shanahan, and they really shouldn't be.It's mind boggling to think some people are still hating this kid. To be fair, I jumped aboard the wagon almost immediately after he was named the starter so I am biased. But there's no reason I can see to think he's a fluke or won't repeat a strong performance. The touchdowns might be lower but he looks fantastic and Shanahan really has been pretty straightforward with his rb's - when a guy has been healthy and productive, he's gone with him long as possible.
  11. A's acquire John Jaso in a 3 team deal, giving up AJ Cole. A timely fangraphs article on Jaso, even saying "In many ways, Jaso is Scott Hatteberg reborn."
  12. Any word if Storen is going to be traded? That's an incredible 7-8-9 setup if you don't make a move.
  13. There isn't. Nor could Alex Smith play any stretch of games good enough to convince drummer otherwise.That said, he had the balls to call his shot early on, stood by his arguments, researched the stats to back it up, and generally (so far) has been right. You don't have to be a fan of the delivery, but the content's been pretty pointed.drummer could be a pretty good poster if he weren't always looking to pick fights and could learn to be respectful. He's been right on a lot. And wrong on a lot. Like most of the SF regulars who post around these parts.
  14. -MlbtraderumorsGlad to see him extended. Hoping they'll work out a deal for Parker soon enough.
  15. I imagine he's referring to the baseball team. They're both based in San Francisco. The Giants won the World Series.
  16. Good stuff. Big fan.

  17. Wanna go halves on a bastard?

  18. x 1 f##king MILLION! Wish other companies would stop trying to copy Old Spice shtick. Also, the commercial where the guy has his girlfriend play a bunch of computers at once and he's singing/playing instruments to propose to her. Not sure what it is but I really, really want to punch him in the nuts.
  19. I watched very little of that game, but from what I did see he looked like a viable option behind center. But it's possible I watched his few good plays and everything else stunk.
  20. 13/28, 150 yards, 2 touchdowns. 9 rushes for 49 yards and 1 touchdown.
  21. Today he set a NFL record for single season pass attempts. 685 attempts. 4,695 yards. 60% completion. 17 touchdowns. 16 interceptions. 4 fumbles. 6.85 ypa 79.2 qb rating
  22. I'm watching bits of this game and the kid is looking like an actual quarterback. Curious to hear from anyone making this their primary game today.
  23. Did you see Contact? I saw the religious angle kind of like how it was in that movie. Events causing a non-religious person to appreciate some aspects of religion. So it didn't bother me.It could have been better but I liked it. I saw and liked Contact. I've no issue with a religious angle in movies. That angle can lead to some incredibly powerful performances and it's an area chock full of emotion. This was just...stupid. Seems like they spent the entire length of the movie having no clue what type of movie it wanted to be and then they realized they were nearing the end so they called for the character to act in a way they hadn't really built up. The ending rang extremely hollow. The redhead relationship had gobs of potential but seemed to serve no actual purpose. I get what they were trying to do with those two but they didn't really explore it. They touched on it in a half assed manner a few times then wandered onto some other path.They could have taken it in many different directions and any of them would have been fantastic. Instead we got this mess of a flick which seems nothing more than a crappy airline commercial and some blatant pandering for some awards (look, it's Denzel overcoming emotional adversity!!). It's not a horrible movie if you go in with zero expectations. When I see a cast of Cheadle, Denzel, and Goodman, I expect a lot more than what I got.
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