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  1. Keep up the anti-science, anti-knowledge, anti-gay, anti-treating-others-well shtick. The 2020 election is going to be a bloodbath. As will 2022 and 2024.
  2. If not for the lead in paragraph, I would have read it. I will assume your idea in the rest of the post is asinine as well. Yours in Christ, Ex Republican
  3. Well, I'm anxiously looking forward to the Xbox Series X this November to replace my launch (Day 1) Xbox One from 2013. It's held strong, being used every single day for almost 7 years. I did have the external power supply fail early this year, but thankfully I was able to grab a cheapo $15 replacement off Amazon.
  4. Agree. Stay far, far away from time shares. There's a reason you hear radio ads offering help to get out from under time shares.
  5. Yep. It seems generally to have gotten worse with the release of every Fast and Furious movie. 20-somethings trying to pretend they're Vin F'n Diesel. Sure kid, if you close your eyes, and imagine really, really hard you too are driving a classic 454 and not that 2002 Toyota Corolla with fart can muffler.
  6. Most of the stuff announced is third party, so yeah they'll also get a PS4 release.
  7. There's a great story around this, which someone may have already brought up. Apologies if this has been discussed. This Trump ad buy is a counter to the few thousand dollars that Lincoln Project spent running ads in one zip code, 20006. Which has few residents, but includes the White House. Lincoln Project ran that "Mourning in America" ad at 10PM in zip code 20006, one station - Fox News, during the Hannity and Carlson hours. Donald Trump saw it, and immediately took to twitter that night to rage tweet about it. Thus getting the ad millions of views on YouTube. So now the Trump campaign are spending (millions?) running Trump ads in DC just so that Donald Trump thinks they're countering Lincoln project ads. Daily Beast on Trump Campaign Ad Buys in DC
  8. I chuckle every time I log into Fidelity and see my Cobalt and Neo Lithium shares.
  9. If we keep going down, I'm ready to throw more cash into Fidelity to buy more of the Todem long term holds.
  10. Pretty telling, no? I couldn't care less who the Dem nominee is, as long as Trump goes bye-bye. And I'm not the only one who thinks this.
  11. Regarding white privilege, imagine I was black and this was Minneapolis. Myself and two friends were hammered drunk on the way back from a late night Taco Bell run. I drove between a stop light and electrical box up on the curb just to see if my car would fit. Of course, this was right in front of a cop. We get pulled over a few blocks later by the one cop, and a few other units. My buddy in the passenger seat refused to exit the car nor put out his smoke. He got yanked out and thrown on the hood, resulting in just a black eye and lots of laughs from my other buddy. I was arrested for DUI, marijuana possession, possession of a dangerous weapon, open bottle. In court, all charges were dropped, except for the DUI. If we were black, and my buddy pulled that stunt, I guarantee they would have thrown his ### in the dirt. And I also guarantee, most of those charges on me would NOT have been dropped. White. Privilege.
  12. Yes! Just like he gave Mattis the nickname "Mad Dog" way back in the early 2000's.
  13. Yeah, in Minnesota, we don't register for parties. But I certainly was a GOP guy since my first vote (Bush Sr 1992). Voted against Obama in 2008 and 2012. 2016 I voted for Gary Johnson as a protest vote against Trumpism. While at the same time voted Republican down ballot. After a few years of the horrific turn the GOP took after Trump took office, I voted Democrat in 2018 and will do so from here on out until maybe someday the GOP can pull its head out of its ###.
  14. Ok, so web sites sell advertisements. They rely on unique users (every user has a public IP address) in order to determine how many individual people actually visit the site. That, in turn, can determine how much the advertiser pays to someone like, foxnews.com, in a given time. Me not giving yet another click to the ### clownery that is that company is my tiny way of doing something good in this case. So yeah, I'll let the dude who already gave them the "click" to go ahead and do it again since it essentially won't count, like my click would. tldr; stay in your lane
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