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  1. Conner looked completely cooked to me last year. I think it may start off a 60/40 split favoring Edmunds, with edmunds increasing his advantage as season progresses. Can Edmunds hold up? Probably not, but that’s the question to me
  2. I just wanted to let everyone know, I hate fantasy football
  3. Started Saturday https://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=33237&O=17
  4. From what I remember, Conner looked completely shot to me last year
  5. I do understand why ESPN covers Tebow. I do not understand why this thread would be on the main page of a fantasy football forum
  6. Apparently we had a mystery $35 left over in our leaguesafe account that we can kick in to discount the entry fee the first year if that sweetens the pot
  7. I get the feeling that even with a good season where hurts shows promise, the eagles will address the quarterback position next offseason. He’ll pretty much have to take the league by storm to avoid being replaced, and given the eagles roster I just don’t see that happening. I would sell if I could get anything of value
  8. My rookie drafts so far certainly wouldn’t say that
  9. I kinda lean towards that being a good thing
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