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  1. The fbg dynasty podcast started off this week on this very topic, talking about pitts value vs the top tight ends if you want their perspective
  2. The other day on the episode of on the the couch he said he had Pitts as his #1 overall player. Stock ppr sounded like the full list would be out soon
  3. I would pay that in a heartbeat. Maybe I’m naive to the whole situation, but is him not playing again even in the range of possible outcomes?
  4. This is where I think the voting will be all over the place in start 1 qb
  5. The positive spin some eagles fans in here are putting on this is honestly quite amusing. This was a horrible end result. Organizational failure and nothing is gonna change with howie and lurie at the helm. Sad sad day to be an eagles fan
  6. Robinson. Top 5 rb and went undrafted in most leagues
  7. I’m rolling with him. Seems like he was joking on Instagram. Fully expecting a donut
  8. I was recently offered Adams and a third rounder for dj moore, David Montgomery and Tyler higbee. I declined
  9. Metcalf side. I think that’s terrible. Three beat up nickels for a dollar. Depending how deep the league is, hines and the picks have value as well
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