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    I'm a hiking guide. Avid backpacker. Canyoneer. Caver. If you have any questions about gear and/or the National Parks in Colorado/Utah/Wyoming don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. I live in a condo, so I don't have anything. But I really appreciate the people who do. And do quite a few walks with the dog this time of year just to check out the lights that my neighbors set up. So your 15+ hours probably brings joy to a lot of people. There is this monstrous tree and back when I used to go to work I like to bike about an extra half mile or so a few days every week even in the cold just to check it out because it had lights all over it. Was probably 30 feet high.
  2. I know for me if I click the kind of half square looking thing to the left of the A (first column) it highlights the whole excel and lets you filter.
  3. As someone who has kept almost 100 lbs off for 7 or so years at this point. Try and clean up your diet somewhat. It doesn't have to be perfect. But add some more veggies, cut some junk food and do your best to keep portions reasonable. You don't have to be perfect with diet just better than you used to be. And add exercise. It doesn't have to be major either. A walk once a day doesn't sound like much but it's good for you and will make it harder to gain weight. Taking stairs/parking further from the store/going to the gym regularly/picking up an active hobby/getting a dog and walking w
  4. That's great. Seriously. In a normal year you'd probably be up 1-2 pounds at this point. If you're 50 pounds overweight and managed 8 pounds a year you'd be there in 6 years. I know that doesn't sound all that great that way, but it's a whole lot better than being 60 pounds overweight in 6 years.
  5. Yup but you lost 7 lbs in a month. If you kept losing half of that each month up for the rest of the year you'd start next year down 45.5 lbs. It's like the tortoise and the hare.
  6. I'm not sure myself how healthy Stevia is (although it's one of the ones that people seem to think isn't bad). I avoid artificial sweeteners myself mainly because artificial sweeteners seem to be a lot sweeter than things with Sugar and HFCS in them (both of which I try to limit). And I figure it's messing up my palate. Plus I already have a sweet tooth, making it worse seems like a bad idea.
  7. If you don't get bored of eating the same thing daily I'd try and add one of those 3 veggies at least once a day in a relatively good sized portion. I bet that would take care of the issue and keep it from coming back. It's not quite as healthy because there is a decent amount of butter added but these are delicious: http://www.ayearofslowcooking.com/2010/10/very-best-brussels-sprouts-ever-slow.html
  8. Honestly, just about everything you'd find in the produce section of your store that's not a potato and not a fruit only because those are higher calorie. I might be forgetting something. But squash, mostly anything green, peppers, eggplants, carrots, onions, radishes etc... etc... etc... I know squash isn't that low calorie either but it sure fills me up enough that it's hard to binge on it and mess up your day (assuming you're not adding sugar or oil or something else to it). That's just me though, different things work for everyone I know. But for me throwing in a big pile of veggies w
  9. Are you eating enough veggies? My rule of thumb when trying to lose weight is for the most part I don't count calories from veggies. The more the better. Keeps you more full and keeps things pushing through on a very regular no-strain schedule. Throwing cheese or oil or other high calorie additions on them changes the not counting calorie rule for me. But eating an extra 100 calories of green beans or kale. Who cares. I'm likely to eat a little less at dinner or at least feel more full and do better in the long run if I'm doing that anyway.
  10. So you're working 9 hours a day? Seems like you'd have time to workout an hour before work or get to work an hour early and take an hour lunch to workout. I may be misreading since I'm not factoring working from home before or after you are at work.
  11. The real trick to losing weight and keeping it off is making better choices forever. If you're eating just potatoes or 3 Quest bars a day. Well you almost certainly can't do that forever. And odds are when you start making different choices you will go back to your old choices. If you try and make dinner 4 slices of pizza instead of 6. Or a few less fries and a few more veggies. Well you can do that consistently. And you can keep doing that forever. It's the same with exercise. If you're sedentary in 2016 and say I'm going to go to boot camp class at my gym for an hour every day of 20
  12. I wait for them to get ripe, then spread them directly on toast. Very tasty. I do avocado & toast pretty often for breakfast or lunch at work. Assuming I have ripe avocados.
  13. I've put boneless skinless chicken, a bottle of the Louisiana style hot sauce and one of those dry packets of ranch dressing into a crockpot and it turns out pretty good.
  14. In November 2008 I topped out at ~265. I started eating 2000 calories/day and not deviating much (didn't have many days where I went much below and almost never went above). I kept that up for almost 1.5 years and at the end of things (April 2010) I was 185. When I started there really wasn't any exercise at all. By the end I had started hiking and that was about it. My point being if you have a lot of weight to lose you need to figure something out that you personally can keep up for a year or more. Which is why people say lifestyle changes. I've kept below 200 for the whole time and r
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